How far is Negril from the airport?

How far is Negril from the airport?

How far is Negril from the airport?

Long Guide to Negril, Jamaica

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Montego Bay

Montego Bay is one of the top tourist destinations in Jamaica. It also serves as the site for Sangster International Airport, one of three major airports in Jamaica.

There are numerous options to get out of the airport and to Negril, which include sharing shuttles and bus services. However, if you’d like to get rid of the hassle of hailing taxis from Montego Bay, it is ideal to book the private transfer service.

If you’re traveling alone or with your entire family, hiring a private driver can be a fantastic method to eliminate the stress of locating taxis to Montego Bay. These services are typically affordable and reliable and are designed to provide you with the most personalized experience.

You can get drivers to drive passengers from airports to hotels at Montego Bay or Negril for an affordable price. They will be acquainted with the road conditions that connect both places and ensure you get there on time.

Another popular option is to charter the catamaran. It is an excellent method to explore the attractions along the coastline and is a relaxed alternative to taking taxis or buses.

The trip between Montego Bay to Negril takes approximately two hours. However, it may vary depending on the traffic conditions. If you plan to travel via car, be aware that there’s a lot of road construction along the road, and it’s best to be patient and make frequent breaks or rest stops.

Alongside in addition to Seven Mile Beach, Negril is renowned for its cliffs, as well as numerous other natural tourist attractions. One of them is The Roaring River Park and Cave, which is situated on the site of an old sugar plantation and has an underground cave that offers refreshing mineral water baths.

If you’re looking to experience greater excitement and entertainment, Dolphin Cove is a must-see. The town on the coast is home to several thrilling things to do, and it’s simple to access by car from Montego Bay. It is possible to swim with dolphins and engage in a game with sea lions and visit the ruins of the former sugar plantation.

Tinson Pen Aerodrome

Negril is a beachfront resort that is well-loved by travelers who love white sand, blue waters, and a sense of relaxation. It’s also known as the perfect place to indulge in water sports. There are plenty of spots where to go on adventures and nature excursions when you’re in Jamaica.

One of the most efficient methods to travel to Negril is to fly to Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. The airport is a contemporary well-maintained facility just a short drive from Negril. However, it is packed and more expensive than other alternatives.

Another alternative can be Norman Manley International Airport, situated in Kingston. It’s approximately 2 hours from Negril and is an ideal choice for people looking to get a better understanding of Jamaica. It’s also one of the two main airports, which means it will be easier when flying into the airport if you plan to spend a significant amount of time in Jamaica.

Both airports are striving to reduce their carbon footprint using solar at-gate technology, which aids in reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions. Both airports are host to several airlines that provide green options for flights as well as the ability to monitor the prices of NEG-KTP tickets using Skyscanner’s Price alert feature.

To find the cheapest NEG-KTP flights, research timings and dates that meet your travel requirements. Create a Price Alert to receive an email when ticket prices drop or rise. Skyscanner’s “Whole Month” tool to locate the most affordable price on NEG-KTP tickets at Negril!

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Norman Manley International Airport

If you’re planning your trip to Jamaica, It is essential to determine where you’ll be staying before your visit. There are a variety of accommodations to choose from throughout Jamaica, and each one offers a distinctive experience. It is important to pick the one that best suits your preferences and budget.

If you’re seeking a peaceful and tranquil beach, Negril is an ideal choice. It’s a stunning Caribbean island with lots of activities to enjoy, like snorkeling and diving. The beaches are clean, and the hotels are lavish.

If you’re trying to get the most out of your visit to Jamaica, it is recommended to make time for Kingston. Kingston is the capital city of the country and also the biggest city in the country. It is renowned for its rich history and culture and is a wonderful starting point for your first trip to Jamaica.

One of the best ways to get across the town is by taking public transport. Many bus routes depart at the airport, and which takes around 30 minutes to reach the city center.

Another method of getting around is via taxi. The trip is typically cheaper than a public bus, and you can save money by booking your taxi in advance.

If you’re planning a trip with your family members, there are a variety of hotels that you can choose from within Kingston and surrounding Kingston. They include The Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall, Holiday Inn Mobay, Sun Set Beach Resort, and Spa, as well as Secrets St. James.

The city also has a variety of bars, restaurants, and shops accessible 24 hours a day. If you want to experience a culturally rich experience, visit the National Gallery of Jamaica. It’s a museum open to the public which hosts both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

It is situated in the southern part of the country, only 19 kilometers from New Kingston. Norman Manley International Airport is one of the most popular airports in Jamaica and has more than 130 flights every week that depart.

“EZ Check-in” is a brand-new self-service check-in option in the Norman Manley International Airport that will cut down on the time you spend waiting in lines for airport staff. All you have to do is select some simple options from the screen.


Negril is among the top resort destinations in Jamaica, With a variety of high-rated hotels located along the famed Seven Mile Beach. The area is laid back, with a more youthful crowd than other areas of Jamaica. It’s also famous for its stunning beaches and world-renowned water activities.

If you’re planning on driving toward Negril at the terminal, then you’ll require plenty of time. Based on traffic conditions and the weather, it can take two or more hours to reach Negril.

To make for a more convenient and enjoyable trip, think about making a reservation for a private transfer for your trip from your airport. Transfers are safe and inexpensive.

They’re also a good alternative if you wish to travel peacefully and not be worried about getting scammed by taxi drivers.

In addition to beaches, Negril has plenty of activities to discover. The town’s beaches are beautiful and peaceful and have crystal clear water, perfect for snorkeling. Horseback riding tours and cliff jump adventures are accessible.

Additionally, there are a variety of top eateries. Rick’s Cafe is a popular bar on the cliffs with excellent food and amazing sea panoramas.

If you are in Negril, It is also advisable to go to close by Half Moon Beach, a beautiful spot that is crystal clear to enjoy watersports. It is also possible to take the glass-bottomed cruise boat tour around the beaches around, and a 20-minute boat ride to Floyd’s Pelican bar for freshly caught seafood, cold beverages, and more.

A must-do when visiting Negril is to take a trip at sunset at Rick’s Cafe, where you can relax with guests and enjoy the stunning ocean views. The restaurant on the cliff is an ideal spot to enjoy the stunning sunsets Negril is famous for.

If you’re a golfer, you should check out Montego Bay, located just north of Negril. It is home to a variety of golf courses that, include White Witch Golf Course and Tryall Club Golf Course.

If you’re planning on visiting Negril for the first time, it might be difficult to determine which direction to take. It’s good news that Trippy allows you to organize your trip in great detail, from transportation to hotels.

Tips for visiting Negril.Tips for visiting Negril.

Negril is a beautiful resort town in the western part of Jamaica is famous for its white beaches, turquoise water, and stunning sunsets. It’s the ideal destination for those seeking an easy, relaxing vacation. If you’re considering a trip to Negril, Here are some guidelines to help you make sure you get the best out of your trip.

The best moment to go to Negril

Negril is a destination open all year with mild temperatures and sun-filled days throughout the year. But the ideal moment to go to Negril is during the winter months, which run from December through March, during which the weather is cool and pleasant. Summer months, from June through September, can be hot and humid, with occasional rainy days.

How to get to Negril

Negril is easily accessible via plane and by land. The nearest Airport is Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. It is 90 minutes away from Negril. At the Sangster International Airport, visitors can take taxis, ride the shuttle bus, or even rent an automobile to travel to Negril. If traveling to Montego Bay, take the A1 highway west until Negril.

Where can you stay in Negril?

Negril provides a variety of lodging options, ranging from luxury resorts and guesthouses that are budget-friendly. The most popular hotels that are located in Negril comprise Sandals Negril, Couples Negril as well as The Rockhouse Hotel. If you’re looking for an economical option, look into some of the Negril Treehouse Resort, Beachcomber Club, or Tensing Pen.

What to do in Negril

Negril offers a variety of activities for all visitors. The most popular activities that you could do while within Negril include:

  • Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach: Negril is one of the top beaches in Jamaica, such as Seven Mile Beach and Bloody Bay. Enjoy your time on the beach and swimming in the clear waters and basking in the sunshine.
  • Snorkeling or diving: Negril offers one of the most popular snorkeling and diving places in Jamaica, with vibrant coral reefs and an array of marine species. Some of the most sought-after places include Booby Cay as well as The Throne Room along with Shark’s Reef.
  • Sunset watching: Negril is famous for its stunning sunsets, which can be seen from a variety of spots along the coastline. Visit Rick’s Cafe, an acclaimed bar on the cliffs, for a few drinks, live music, drinks, and breathtaking sunset views.
  • Aquatic sports: Negril provides a wide range of water sports, like kayaking, parasailing, and paddleboarding. It is also possible to take an excursion on a catamaran along the coast or take a deep-sea fishing trip.
  • Explore the country: Explore the Jamaican countryside, and stop by local towns and tourist attractions. Visit The Appleton Estate, where Jamaica’s famous rum is made, or visit some of the YS Falls, a series of cascading waterfalls, as well as natural pools.

Where to eat in Negril

Negril has a wide range of choices for dining, ranging from street food eateries to fine dining establishments. Some of the most sought-after restaurants in Negril include:

  • Sweet Spice Restaurant: This local restaurant serves a wide variety varieties of Jamaican and international dishes, including curry, jerk chicken goat, and seafood.
  • Rick’s Cafe: In addition to the breathtaking view of the sunset, Rick’s Cafe also offers an array of eating options, such as hamburgers, seafood, and sandwiches.
  • Kool Vybes Bar and Jerk Centre: The casual restaurant provides some of the best Jamaican jerk food, including pork and chicken Negril and other Jamaican cuisines.
  • The Lobster House: If you’re looking for a good time, then this is the place to go.


Which area of Jamaica is the best to stay?

Beach resorts in Jamaica, such Negril and Montego Bay, are well-liked by both tourists and locals. Port Antonio or Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, are unbeatable choices for a busy city. Also, there is a tonne lot do in Ocho Rios, which is a terrific option for cruise ports.

Is it better to stay in Negril or Montego Bay?

Due to its availability of more family-friendly sights and activities, Montego Bay is often a good choice for families. Couples, especially those who enjoy relaxing together, do better in Negril. Both places are ideal for first-time tourists due to their tourist-friendly attitude.

Is Negril or Ocho Rios closer to the airport?

If you want to go somewhere close to the airport, Ocho Rios is your best bet. Ocho Rios is only a short drive from Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport. Negril is a preferable option for passengers arriving at Kingston’s Norman Manley International Airport.

How long is the transfer from Montego Bay airport to Negril?

The Knutsford Express typically takes 1.5 hours to travel from Montego Bay to Negril.

How much is a taxi from Jamaica airport to Negril?

The cost of a taxi to Negril is approximately $150 (€133) and there are several taxi companies accessible at the Montego Bay airport.

Is Negril or Montego Bay closer to the airport?

Sangster International Airport, one of Jamaica’s three primary airports, is located in Montego Bay, which is the city that is closest to the airport. Due of this, Montego Bay is the ideal option if you wish to travel quickly to and from your resort. The drive to Negril from the Montego Bay airport takes around an hour and a half.