How Far Is Gatwick Airport From Downtown London?

How Far Is Gatwick Airport From Downtown London?

How Far Is Gatwick Airport From Downtown London?

Gatwick Airport is a large and well-known airport for travelers who wish to travel to London. Transferring from Gatwick Airport to central London is easy, with various options for passengers.

Trains have become the sought-after and efficient method of travel from Gatwick Airport and central London. Trains operate from all major stations within London, and you can travel around all hours of the day.

Different Modes Of TransportDifferent Modes Of Transport


The journey to and getting to Gatwick Airport can be a difficult task for those who do not have the proper transport. There are a variety of alternatives for getting to and from Gatwick Airport. The best choice will depend on your style of travel and requirements.

Gatwick Express train is one of the most popular methods for getting to central London and is one of the most efficient. However, it’s not the only option to consider. There are plenty of other train options to pick from too.

Some buses go between the Airport and its terminals, but they don’t have a direct connection to the city center. The most convenient method for getting into and out of the Airport is via train since you’ll not have the stress of dealing with traffic.

Trains that go to London from Gatwick are available at peak times throughout the day, making it crucial to plan your journey if you wish to ensure that you get there in time. The trip takes around 30 minutes, and you can board the train at one of the two airport terminals.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are a variety of bus routes connecting London to Gatwick. However, these routes may be difficult and unreliable. The buses don’t connect to most of the top tourist destinations in London and may not be the best option for those on a budget.

Another option is to utilize the Visitor Oyster card alternatively. It is a type of pass available from the city you live in. It’s an excellent option to save money on travel. The Oyster card is available on the internet and at stations. It provides access to public transportation within London for a set duration.

It is also possible to book private transfers to and from Gatwick Airport, which can be an excellent option to travel between the two airports fast and conveniently. Transfers can be scheduled ahead of time and simplify the whole process, particularly when traveling with your family or friends.

There are a variety of taxi services that offer an array of vehicles that can meet your needs. It’s a great idea to investigate these before leaving the Airport. Taxis are the best way to be sure that you get to your destination in time and at a reasonable cost.


If you’re seeking the most efficient method of getting around across Gatwick Airport and downtown London, There are plenty of choices available. The most common method is to travel by train.

Gatwick Express Gatwick Express, operated by Thameslink and Southern Southern and Thameslink, is a non-stop service that runs between Gatwick Airport in London and Victoria Station in central London. The trip takes around one hour and a half.

Another option is to travel by coach. While it’s less efficient than a train, it’s more practical for those with a limited budget. There are a variety of companies that provide buses that connect Gatwick Airport and central London and including National Express.

You should check the timetables and tickets before you get on the bus because different bus companies operate at different times. Tickets cost to vary. However, you should expect to be charged between PS6 and PS20 one-way.

Numerous bus services run between Gatwick Airport and central London and central London, all of which are less expensive than trains. They include EasyBus, Megabus, and National Express.

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It is also possible to take public transport using the London Transport Pass. Tickets are available to purchase on the internet and at airports.

A bus ride from Gatwick to central London is about an hour and a quarter, depending on the traffic conditions and the time of day. It is essential to ensure you have a ticket before you take the bus. You’ll have to purchase one beforehand to ensure the most affordable cost.

The most commonly used method of public transportation is via train. However, there are shuttle buses that run from Gatwick up to London. These typically cost less expensive than taxis, and they are great for travel with luggage.

You can also employ a shuttle service to transport passengers from airports to their accommodations or hotel in central London. This is probably the best choice for those traveling with a group and needing luggage.

You can arrange an individual transfer with myDriver, among the most cost-effective private transfers available in London. It’s an easy and comfortable way to travel from your airport apartment or hotel in central London. Instead of taxis and a taxi, you’ll be chauffeured by a professional driver in a luxurious black car to ensure an easy and comfortable journey into the capital’s bustling streets.


Gatwick airport is located approximately 47km (29 miles) southwest of central London. Gatwick airport doesn’t have an underground station; therefore, traveling to Gatwick towards central London requires various types of public transportation.

There are many options to travel from Gatwick to London, with various train and bus services that operate all hours of the day. They comprise National Express and easyBus, along with a variety of private bus routes that connect Gatwick with the remaining parts of the capital.

Bus travel is a fantastic option for people seeking a low-cost method of getting from Gatwick to central London. There are a variety of routes that connect with the Airport, and it is possible to get fares as low as PS10 when you make reservations in advance.

There are a variety of coach operators operating between and to Gatwick and usually provide fares less than half the cost of taxis. The only drawback is that you must ensure you get to the bus stop in time to get an express bus to the destination.

Another option for getting to London via Gatwick Airport is the Thameslink train, which connects to St Pancras International and King’s Cross St Pancras stations in central London. This is a fantastic method to reach the heart of London, and it is also less expensive than Gatwick Express, but it may take a little longer.

If you’re looking for a less comfortable means of getting to Gatwick towards central London, You might want to think about hiring the service of a van shuttle instead. The vans can be booked online and at the station, and their rates are usually less than what you’d spend on taxis.

The trip will generally take between 60 and 75 minutes, based on travel time and the destination. Be sure to look into the weather conditions and other aspects before choosing because weather conditions can cause the journey to be more challenging.

If you’re traveling with large numbers of people, It may be better to employ a VTC service, like Uber, rather than taxis. It’s usually cheaper to save money by booking group fares and dividing the cost among several people.

Private Transfer

If you’re looking to cut down on time and expense, it’s best to arrange the transport from Gatwick Airport to central London before your departure. This is the best method to ensure you arrive on time and safely.

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Many private transfers take you to London at Gatwick airport, and they will direct you to the hotel. This will ensure that you don’t have to wait for hours in traffic or spend time trying to locate a taxi, and they give you a greater feeling of security knowing you will have your chauffeur waiting to greet you upon your arrival at the terminal.

The driver will pick you up at the Airport with your bags and take you to a luxurious chauffeur-driven vehicle. Your driver will provide you with directions to your destination and offer suggestions about how you can enjoy your London excursion.

The trip between Gatwick Airport and central London is not expected to take longer than 60 minutes with low traffic, and you should expect your journey to be relaxing and easy. Your driver can provide suggestions on what to do and see in the vicinity and will be delighted to recommend an excellent restaurant for dinner.

Taxis between Gatwick into central London are among the most well-known methods of getting to and from the Airport; however, they can be costly. Taxis typically charge per mile, so it is essential to choose an agency with a strong experience before making the trip.

Another way to get to central London From Gatwick Airport is via bus. EasyBus provides a regular minibus that can take passengers directly from your Airport Earls Court, West Brompton, and even London Waterloo. It’s not as easy as a taxi ride or train, but it’s the most affordable alternative.

The train from Gatwick Airport through central London is another great option and could be cheaper than hiring a car. The journey typically takes approximately 48 minutes, although the fastest trains only last 28 minutes. Trains depart from the Airport twenty minutes in peak hours. Also, you can purchase tickets for the whole journey online.

How Much Will It Cost To Travel Gatwick Airport From Downtown London?How Much Will It Cost To Travel Gatwick Airport From Downtown London?

If you plan to travel from central London up to Gatwick Airport, you have various transportation options. The cost of your travel will vary based on the method of transport you select in addition to other elements like the time of day and time of the week. We’ll look at the most popular ways to get from the city of London up to Gatwick Airport and provide you with an estimate of the price.

By Train

The most sought-after method of getting from central London to Gatwick Airport is the train. Gatwick Express Gatwick Express is a non-stop train that runs from London Victoria Station, and Gatwick Airport Trains depart at 15 mins during busy times. The travel time is around 30 minutes. The cost for one-way tickets is about PS19.90 for adults and PS10 for children aged 5-15.

Another option is to use an alternative route, the Southern Railway train service, which runs from London Victoria and Gatwick Airport. The journey will be slightly more than the Gatwick Express, at around 35-40 minutes. However, the cost of a single-way ticket is cheaper, with approximately PS15 per adult and PS7.50 for children aged between 5 and 15.

By Bus

If you’re seeking an economical option, traveling to Gatwick Airport by bus is an excellent option. It’s the National Express and easyBus are two of the most well-known bus companies operating routes from London and Gatwick Airport. The duration of the journey can differ according to traffic conditions; however, generally, it will take between 60 to 90 minutes.

National Express tickets start at about PS6 for a one-way journey, while EasyBus tickets begin at about PS2. Both companies have online booking options, and you can purchase tickets from the baggage claim at airports or on the buses.

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By Taxi

The taxi service is the most convenient alternative since it allows the passenger to be picked up from your residence and transferred right to the Airport. However, it’s the most expensive choice. The price of taxis from the city of London from the city center to Gatwick Airport will depend on the distance along with traffic conditions as well as the timing of the day.

A typical trip between Central London to Gatwick Airport by taxi can cost between PS60 to PS100 Based on these elements. It’s important to remember that certain taxi firms charge additional fees for airport pickups. So ensure you confirm your total costs with the driver prior to when you begin your journey.

By Private Transfer

If you’re traveling as an entire group or carrying lots of luggage, A private transfer could be the best option. Private transfer services provide drivers and a car that will take you directly from your home up to Gatwick Airport with no delays or shared transportation.

The price of private transfers will vary in part on how far and how big the car is as well as the timing of the day. Prices generally start at approximately PS50 for a one-way ride in a sedan of basic size, with more luxurious vehicles and options for an additional fee.


In the end, it is clear that the cost of traveling from central London up to Gatwick Airport will depend on the type of transportation you select. Gatwick Express train service is the most efficient option, but it is also the most costly. Its Southern Railway train service is somewhat slower but is cheaper. Its National Express and easyBus bus services are among the most affordable choices. Transfers and Taxis give the greatest convenience. However, they can also be expensive. Whatever you decide to go with, ensure you prepare your budget in advance and plan in advance to ensure a smooth journey to the Airport.


How far is Gatwick Airport from the heart of London?

Gatwick Airport is about 28 miles (45 kilometres) south of downtown London.

What is the shortest route from Gatwick Airport to central London?

The Gatwick Express train, which takes around 30 minutes to reach Victoria Station in central London, is the quickest method to go from Gatwick Airport to downtown London.

Is there a direct bus or coach service from Gatwick Airport to central London?

Indeed, various bus and coach companies, including National Express, easyBus, and the Gatwick Express bus service, provide direct trips from Gatwick Airport to central London.

How long does it take to go from Gatwick Airport to the heart of London?

The time it takes to drive or take a cab from Gatwick Airport to central London varies on traffic, but it normally takes between 1-2 hours.

Is it possible to ride the London Underground from Gatwick Airport to central London?

There is no direct London Underground service from Gatwick Airport to central London, but you may take the Thameslink train to London Bridge, Blackfriars, or St Pancras to connect to the Tube network.

Is it preferable to stay close to Gatwick Airport or in the heart of London?

It is determined by your travel plans and interests. Staying near Gatwick Airport may be more convenient if you have an early flight or arrive late at night. Staying in central London, on the other hand, may be a better alternative if you want to enjoy London’s attractions and nightlife.