How Far Is Cancun Airport To Riviera Maya?

How Far Is Cancun Airport To Riviera Maya?

How Far Is Cancun Airport To Riviera Maya?

If you’re staying in an all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya, they likely provide transfer services from Cancun Airport to your resort. But, it is typically an enormous bus that could be uncomfortable and take a long time.

The most comfortable choice is to make a reservation for an individual transfer. You won’t be obligated to take taxis or walk to the hotel. It can also be more affordable!

Modes of transportation to be used

Private Shuttles

If you’re heading to the Riviera Maya from Cancun airport, there are numerous alternatives to transport that you can pick from. One alternative is a private shuttle which will transport you straight to your resort or hotel within the region.

This kind of service is great for people who want to avoid the hassles associated with taxis and public transportation. The use of public buses can be tedious and time-consuming, particularly for large groups. Additionally, buses typically take a long time to leave before they’re fully occupied and could make stops on the way to pick up or pick up passengers.

Another option is a private taxi which you can reserve before time by registering online. These are the fastest and most secure ways to travel from the Cancun Airport to your chosen hotel or destination.

They’re available in a variety of sizes and models that range from a cozy shared van that can accommodate two or more passengers to huge luxury SUVs. There are also specially designed vehicles that can accommodate handicapped users or scooters.

The greatest benefit of this kind of service is the ability to modify your ride to meet your preferences. For instance, you could ask for a TV screen and DVD player for marathon movies or complimentary WiFi to stream games and music while traveling.

Certain companies also offer a VIP experience for guests who want more privacy and luxury. There’s also a wide range of vehicles to accommodate different size groups, such as SUVs to Cadillacs.

If traveling with an organization of 10 or more, you should consider hiring an exclusive shuttle. These shuttles will transport the passengers from your location in a comfortable vehicle that can accommodate all passengers and luggage.

They also provide small conveniences that aren’t available in a rideshare service. This includes a television screen, DVD player, and restrooms onboard.

For large parties or large groups, a shuttle service is the best option to travel the group from Cancun to the airport Riviera Maya. It’s also an excellent option for teams of athletes and government groups.

There are a variety of airport shuttles that you can pick from, which is why it’s essential to choose the best one that meets your needs. Some are more affordable than others, which is why it’s best to look at them all and choose one that is within your budget.

Rent a CarRent a Car

If you’re planning to visit the Riviera Maya, one of the best choices is to rent a car. It will make your trip quicker, safer, and more relaxing, as you can get directly from the airport to your hotel without stopping along the route.

Another benefit that is renting a car to Cancun could be the fact that this permits travelers to explore other locations in the city as well as the surrounding regions. There are places to visit, such as Cozumel, Akumal and Playa del Carmen, and more, all just a few miles from the airport.

It is also possible to visit many archaeological sites in the region. There include Tulum, Coba, Chichen Itza, and La Ruta de Los Cenotes, and they could otherwise cost a bit more in the event of an excursion.

Another benefit of renting a vehicle in Cancun is that you’ll enjoy more freedom and autonomy since you can travel to these places quickly. Also, you’ll save money since you don’t need to take taxis.

If you are looking to rent an automobile in Cancun, There are a variety of organizations that provide this service. For instance, Avis is an American firm that offers a wide variety of cars and affordable pricing in their offerings.

Based on the number of people in your party, it’s possible to select either a minivan or an SUV. It is also crucial to consider your budget before deciding on the right rental.

It is also important to ensure that your chosen firm has insurance coverage for your vehicle. This will assist you in the event of accidents or other unforeseeable circumstances.

Before you embark on your trip, It is crucial to understand all laws and regulations that regulate travel in Cancun. This will save you from costly fees and penalties.

To locate the most reliable car rental company, You should search for reviews on online platforms. Reviews will reveal which companies offer the most competitive rates and vehicles.

It’s recommended to buy TPL/PLI insurance from the rental company before when you take possession of your car because it ensures that you don’t have to pay for additional insurance charges in the case the car is involved in an accident. Also, you should carry your driver’s license to pick up the vehicle to verify that you possess the correct documentation.

Private Transfers

The easiest method to get the distance from Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya is to arrange an exclusive transfer. If you choose this option, you’ll be picked up just outside the airport and taken to an SUV, van, or limo to transfer you directly to the Hotel in Tulum.

Private shuttles are an excellent way to begin your trip. It’s easy to schedule and is very cost-effective. It can help you save time and effort since you won’t have to fret about how to transfer directly from your airport to the hotel.

You can also pre-arrange snacks and drinks for the journey! What a wonderful opportunity to start your trip with a refreshing, chilled drink and tasty street food!

Based on the type of transport you select, You can anticipate an hour-long drive from Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya. This time frame can change according to weather and traffic conditions.

If you book a private transfer, you’ll be picked up at the airport in a comfortable vehicle, SUV, or limousine that will transport you to your hotel in Tulum. The driver will meet you at the arrivals area, assist with luggage, and then take you on a comfortable journey towards your accommodation!

Your driver is also capable of providing you with all the information you require during your stay in Tulum. If you’re seeking information on where to shop, the best places to buy some seafood, or tips on how to get the most out of your stay in Tulum and the Riviera Maya, Your driver can give you the details you require!

The drivers who provided the service were extremely courteous and professional and made us feel at ease and secure. They were also extremely knowledgeable about where to go for the best food and stores in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and more!

Another advantage of hiring a private transfer from Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya via the Colectivo or ADO bus is the possibility to stop on the way to shop or get some street food! This is a very well-known thing to do in the Riviera Maya area, and it’s not difficult to understand the reason.

All-Inclusive Hotel Transportation

Transfer to and from Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya without compromising the comfort or elegance of this fantastic-value shuttle service. You can enjoy the security and safety of a professional driver with the most modern vehicles that give you a luxurious feeling. An emergency number that is accessible 24 hours throughout the year to guarantee security.

This convenient shared shuttle service is great for a couple of passengers or a few others. The driver will meet passengers at airports, display your name on a sign, and will take you directly toward your destination. You can choose between round-trip and one-way choices.

If you’re traveling alone or with a group, This shuttle is the perfect alternative to get you to your holiday destination. The driver will meet passengers at airports with the name of your flight and take them to their destination in a spacious and comfortable minivan that can accommodate up to seven persons.

The minivan is equipped with seating that reclines, drinks for free, and onboard WiFi to ensure peace of mind throughout your journey. There’s also a cooler on board with sodas, bottles of water, and snacks to help if you’re hungry or thirsty, as well as flight tracking to ensure that your driver is on time for you when you arrive.

If you’re a couple or have a whole family, this exclusive transfer is a great option for a relaxing beginning for your Riviera Maya vacation. Your driver will provide you with an alcoholic drink upon arrival, and there’s plenty of space for you and your guests.

This shuttle will have an operator who speaks two languages to ensure you arrive at your hotel on time. The journey takes approximately one hour, based on the traffic and weather conditions.

Your driver will offer water upon arrival and then take you to the hotel or rental, dependent on the kind of lodging you’re staying in. You can also arrange an excursion to several of the fascinating places in the region, like the archaeological ruins and cenotes.

Transferring to your resort at the airport can be difficult and stressful following long flights. This transfer service is available for up to seven persons for a set price, and the driver will be waiting to greet you upon arrival and when you depart. It’s a secure and reliable option to avoid the stress of using the public transport system, timeshare vendors, and unsafe applications by yourself.

How Far Is Riviera Maya From The Airport?How Far Is Riviera Maya From The Airport?

Is the Riviera Maya region one of the most well-known vacation spots in Mexico that is famous for its stunning beaches, clear water, as well as historical landmarks? It is located across the Caribbean coastline and the Yucatan Peninsula and includes several places and towns like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum. If you’re contemplating a trip toward the Riviera Maya, one of the most important things you’ll need to be aware of is the distance away from the airport. In this article, we’ll look at the various airports serving the Riviera Maya and their distance from major destinations.

Cancun International Airport

  • Cancun International Airport is the principal airport serving Cancun International Airport, which is located on the Riviera Maya. It is situated inside the City of Cancun, approximately 22 miles (35 km) north of the hotel zone. Distance from Cancun International Airport to Playa del Carmen is around 40 miles (64 kilometers) and takes around 45 minutes in a car. From Cancun International Airport to Tulum is about 75 miles (120 kilometers) and takes approximately 90 minutes in a car. However, the time to travel can vary based on traffic and road conditions.

Cozumel International Airport

  • Cozumel International Airport can be found on Cozumel, which is 12 miles (20 km) east of the mainland. To access Cozumel’s Riviera Maya region from Cozumel International Airport, You have to catch a ferry ride from Cozumel up to Playa del Carmen. The trip takes approximately 45 minutes. The distance from the station at Playa del Carmen to Tulum is around 45 miles (72 km) and takes approximately an hour in a car.

Tulum Airport

  • Tulum Airport is a smaller airport that serves the city of Tulum and the surrounding region. It is situated about 4 miles (7 kilometers) to the west of Tulum town’s center. The distance between Tulum Airport from the airport to Tulum Hotel Zone is about two millimeters (3 kilometers) and takes around 10 minutes in a car. From Tulum Airport to Playa del Carmen is around 40 miles (64 kilometers) and takes approximately 45 minutes in a car. The distance from Tulum Airport to Cancun International Airport is about 75 miles (120 km), and it takes around 90 minutes to drive.

Playa del Carmen Airport

  • Playa del Carmen Airport is an airport of a smaller size that serves people living in Playa del Carmen and the surrounding region. It is situated about 3 miles (5 kilometers) from the Playa del Carmen town center. The distance between Playa del Carmen Airport to the Playa del Carmen hotel zone is around three millimeters (5 kilometers), and it takes around 10 minutes to drive. From Playa del Carmen Airport to Tulum is about 45 miles (72 kilometers) and will take about one hour in a car. From Playa del Carmen Airport to Cancun International Airport is approximately 34 miles (55 km) and will take approximately 45 minutes in a car.

In the end, the distance between the airport to Riviera Maya will depend on which airport you fly into, as well as the town or tourist attraction you plan to visit. The primary airport serving the region can be found at Cancun International Airport, which is located approximately 22 miles (35 km) north of the hotel zone. Cozumel International Airport is another alternative, but you’ll have to travel via ferry to get to the mainland. Tulum Airport and Playa del Carmen Airport are both smaller airports, both of which serve their respective cities and the surrounding area.


What is the distance between Cancun Airport and Riviera Maya?

Cancun Airport and Riviera Maya are roughly 50 kilometres or 31 miles apart.

How long does it take to travel from Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya?

Traveling from Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya might take anything from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the form of transportation you pick.

What are the transportation options available to get from Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya?

Taxis, private transfers, public buses, and rental automobiles are all choices for getting from Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya.

Can I rent a car at Cancun Airport and drive to Riviera Maya?

Sure, you may hire a car from Cancun Airport and drive to Riviera Maya. The airport has various vehicle rental firms, and the travel to Riviera Maya takes roughly 45 minutes.

Is there a shuttle service from Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya?

Absolutely, there are various shuttle services that provide transportation to the Riviera Maya from Cancun Airport. These shuttle services normally run on a set schedule and may need previous reservations.

How much does it cost to get from Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya using public transportation?

The cost of public transportation from Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya varies by method of conveyance. A one-way bus ticket costs about $4 USD per passenger, whereas a cab fare costs between $60 and $80 USD. Private transfer and shuttle services may be more expensive, depending on the operator and the degree of service.