What Happens If You Get Caught On Camera Shoplifting?

What Happens If You Get Caught On Camera Shoplifting?

What Happens If You Get Caught On Camera Shoplifting?

How Serious Of A Crime Is Shoplifting?

Shoplifting is among the most frequently committed crimes in the United States. Everyone of all age groups, genders, economic backgrounds, educational backgrounds, and cultures can be guilty of this crime. Although shoplifting is typically called a “victimless” crime, it can have a significant impact on consumers, employees, as well as the economy, and businesses. Most retailers have extensive cameras that are uniformed and non-uniformed security personnel and technologies that allow them to detect shoplifting easily. If you are confronted with a misdemeanor or even felony shoplifting charges, it is essential to seek legal counsel.

What Is Shoplifting?

Shoplifting refers to getting an item without having to pay for it. The adolescent population is the most likely to steal items and be in trouble. They are most likely to shoplift small-value goods. Adults can also be caught shoplifting. A mature person is likelier to employ the most creative strategies, and they could shoplift several times before being found guilty. A common example of shoplifting is changing the price sticker on items. Another example is using the self-checkout feature and scanning an item of the low-value item and then bagging a more valuable item instead.

What Could Happen If You’re Caught Shoplifting From A Store?

What Could Happen If You're Caught Shoplifting From A Store?

If you’re caught shoplifting in any store, the retailer could notify the police. The police could detain you or issue a summons to appear in court. It could be based on your age and the worth of the items. It is possible to be charged with an infraction that carries the possibility of a penalty and probation. If you are being charged with a misdemeanor, you could be subject to fines of up to $1000 and up to six months in prison. Grand theft or felony charges for shoplifting carry higher penalties and longer prison or jail time. The charges will remain on your report. If you’re caught shoplifting, it is important to seek out an attorney as fast as you can.

If you’re facing any type of criminal charge that involves shoplifting, you should consult an attorney to help you understand your rights. We provide legal consultation and representation to those who face charges of shoplifting. If you’re a parent or the guardian of a child that has been accused of shoplifting, we’re ready to help you as well as your family with legal advice. To learn more or arrange a consultation, call our office via Abt Law Firm, LLC, at any time.

Know Your Rights

  • Be aware of your rights as a consumer. If you’ve found shopping with a knife, you must seek out a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Along with keeping your name out of jail, the attorney can provide you with the specifics of what the shop will make of the footage on video and how it could be applied for your benefit in the event of a case.
  • Think about taking legal action against the store if they release your address and name to the police following a find you taking items from the store. The store is likely to seek to collect the information in the shortest time possible, but it’s in its right not to make this request without warrants or authorization from the judge. This only applies to the case if they’ve caught your face in a camera. This isn’t often the case that cameras aren’t designed for security reasons.
  • If you’ve been charged with shoplifting and you have a lawyer, talk to him about filing a motion to the suppression or the exclusion of evidence before trial. In several states, they are granted automatically if an individual has been arrested for shoplifting off-camera. The evidence will no longer be admissible in court, and the charges you face could be dismissed or reduced.
  • If you are able, snap an image of yourself while you are stealing things from the store, and then delete it when you’ve taken it. This will demonstrate that you did not know of being recorded during the moment of your arrest, which could be used to undermine your credibility later when this case could be ever used as evidence. It is a good idea to copy the footage. It is a great method to prove your innocence and that you’re not the one who committed the offense.
  • Don’t make any statements to the store or police staff unless you’ve been directed to make such statements by your lawyer or defense attorney since they can become evidence against you at trial. If you are charged with shoplifting in a camera and are questioned, don’t talk about your location during the incident unless instructed by your lawyer to make such a statement.
  • If you can, get the details of each incident from security cameras present at the place you stole from, and snap photos of them. Then, delete the photos immediately after you have taken photographs. This will establish that you didn’t commit the crime even though there isn’t any evidence of it in their systems.
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Understand Shoplifting Penalties

Understand Shoplifting Penalties

  1. This will ensure that the store will not have a photocopy of your face that can be used against you or possibly be able to identify your face in court.
  2. If you’re caught shoplifting in front of a camera, and you’re not sure if you have given any evidence of guilt, call your lawyer and inform them about what transpired. This will allow them to get an arrest warrant that can be used to get the footage from the security cameras of the store in the event that they have one.
  3. Whatever you do, regardless of the steps you take, you mustn’t communicate with anyone in the shop after you have been found shoplifting in the camera. Not only is this going to make it harder for them to establish whether there’s a connection between your behavior and the actions of another person however, but it can also increase the chance of being found to be an accomplice in the commission of a crime, or even as an accessory in fact in certain states. This helps to show that you didn’t plan to steal anything and that you simply misplaced your purse or wallet and tried to get it back.
  4. If you’ve been charged with shoplifting in public, Do not let your attorney advise you on what to speak about during the trial. Your lawyer may think that it’s beneficial for you to plead guilty. However, it may not be the right option for you if your evidence is solid enough.
  5. If the shop is willing to offer a plea bargain as a condition of a guilty plea, consider accepting the deal regardless of whether you took something from them. Most stores will offer a plea deal if they believe they can prevail against you, and there’s no reason to try to fight it when they have the advantage. This is a great way to show that you did not catch on camera taking the merchandise, which can prove to be an effective defense in the courtroom.
  6. If you’re captured on camera shoplifting, be sure to stay at peace and calm. You must ensure that you don’t perform anything that could cause the security guard at the store to believe that you’re trying to steal again from them. While you may make yourself appear guilty, this could result in more serious consequences for you and your situation.

Shoplifting Criminal Charges

  1. If you’re not sure what to steal and what amount to consider, ask a person you know or a family member to give you advice before going in. It’s difficult to figure out what items are worthy of stealing, particularly if they’re new and valuable, and that’s why having someone with expertise in this area will be a great help.
  2. Also, it is perfectly acceptable to make a return if you aren’t satisfied with it or if it is too expensive. There is no need for any receipt or other proof to return the item. The only thing needed is that the item is in its original packaging and sealed at the time of purchase.
  3. If you can, make an appointment with the store worker before entering and asking about their security measures and whether there are cameras in the store even when you’ve never been found shoplifting in the past. Some stores have anti-shoplifting rules, and others don’t be concerned in any way about someone copying it. They will possess video footage but will not be able to establish an identity to you in the manner of the culprit.
  4. If you’re caught on camera shoplifting, Don’t try to escape from the shop or resist the police’s request to arrest you. The police will have no option other than to use force against you if you violate this rule and result in injury or death to yourself.
  5. Be aware that if you’re accused of shoplifting and fail to follow the above guidelines, it could be more serious than that described here. If you’re unsure how to deal with your case, Contact an attorney as soon as possible so they can assist you in this challenging circumstance.
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Loss Prevention Measure

  • If the store is caught taking a selfie and you’ve taken a photo of you taking money at their expense, then they could use it as proof that you were taking money.
  • Make an effort to contact the owner or manager of the store when you’re caught in the act of shoplifting and are caught on camera. This is a good opportunity to use as opportunity to explain what you did and request an explanation if recorded on camera. If they’re willing to listen, they might be willing to lower their charges against you if they believe that your actions weren’t intentionally or maliciously done.
  • Find assistance from a local legal assistance group, if possible; however, be aware that this isn’t always feasible in every state. This is particularly true when the retailer will not provide your name or address for an attorney that can represent you in court and ensure you are protected in court following a conviction for the crime.
  • If you are caught on camera shoplifting, it is imperative to immediately notify your attorney about the incident. The earlier they are informed and informed, the greater chance they can have a case in place before the trial date or the hearing.
  • If you’ve been caught shoplifting in the news and arrested, do not give any information to the police unless they specifically request them. Police will likely create a false story about the incident if you refuse to cooperate. Therefore, it’s best to be quiet until you can talk again and provide your incident.
  • If you’ve found shoplifting in the camera, and you know someone who works in a place frequented by theft, be sure to inform them of this incident while walking out of the store after committing an offense there. If they can identify your name from the video footage and then report the incident to their employer, the employer can decide to take action against the employees who are involved in criminal activity, too.

Can You Get Arrested For Shoplifting After Getting Caught?

Can You Get Arrested For Shoplifting After Getting Caught?

Imagine that you go to the store, steal a couple of items, and then leave the store and are not arrested. Could you be charged with shoplifting? The simple answer is yes!

Shoplifting Situation

In most cases, businesses wait until the person who was shoplifting has left the entrance door(s) before attempting to approach them. This shows staff that the person who was stealing intended to steal and then carried out the intention of taking. If someone was to purchase an item and cover it up, only to pay for it after leaving the store, this would not be considered a crime of theft. It’s an illegal shopping practice that is resented by business owners.

Another scenario could be that one conceals an item with the intention of stealing. However, they lose their confidence and return the item before leaving the shop. While they might have had the intention to steal but the actual act of theft occurred in the absence of any evidence. Employees must be cautious when approaching a suspect shoplifter as blaming someone else for something wrong can result in uncomfortable for both the employee and the person.

If you’re leaving at a retail store, look over the cart from both sides and out to be sure everything is on the counter to be purchased. It’s a common mistake to miss an item that is on the lower part of the cart. Still, many businesses will continue to pursue shoplifting, even if it’s a legitimate error and you offer to buy the item.

Leaving The Store Without Being Caught 

Even if you manage to shoplift and leave the store without being arrested, You could still be charged. If there’s a shortage of inventory or something that is distinctively removed from the shelves, businesses can look at security footage. If they spot the portion of footage that shows the time that happened during the theft, they’ll call the authorities. After that, police can take still pictures from the video and then issue an appeal to all the people in the area for help, and “do you recognize this person?” If enough evidence has been gathered, the police can decide to take action.

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Social Media To The Rescue 

A lot of businesses are using the power of social media to catch shoplifters. The posting of a video or photo of a shoplifter on social networks has led to numerous convictions. It surprises the people who will sometimes drop an ounce on their ex-partner or the person who stole it.

Facial Recognition Technology For Shoplifting

Facial Recognition Technology For Shoplifting

If a shop feels that they are observing someone who is suspicious or recognizes the person in previous instances where it was an issue, the store might consider looking at the security footage. If they find evidence of theft, they may employ the software for facial recognition to identify the individual in the footage. It is also normal for stores to provide information on shoplifters by sharing images and the identities of known theft suspects.

Charges For Shoplifting In Minnesota

A misdemeanor of petty theft The lowest level of crime in Minnesota occurs when the worth of the property stolen is lower than $500. The punishment is the possibility of a fine up to $1,000 or as long as 90 days in prison.

Other Theft Penalties 

The property is valued between $500 and $1,000 and could be subject to up to $3,000 in fines and a one-year sentence in jail.

  • The property, valued between $1,000 and $5,000, could be subject to penalties of up to $10,000 and a maximum of five years in prison.
  • A property worth over $5,000 could be subject to a fine of up to $20,000 or 10 years in prison.
  • If your property is worth greater than $35,000, you may be subject to an amount of up to $100,000 in fines and up to 20 years in prison.

The time limit for a misdemeanor offense in Minnesota can be three years. If a shop has recorded evidence of someone taking something and has identified them in surveillance footage and also has their name on it, they can bring charges for weeks, months, and even three years after for an offense that was not prior to the time of the crime.

Worried About Punishment? Talk With A Lawyer. 

If you believe you could be being accused of theft-related crimes, you should contact an attorney for criminal defense immediately. A seasoned attorney has dealt with various shoplifting cases and can strategically bargain to have the charges dismissed or reduced. Get a free consultation now for a discussion about your situation.


What are the consequences of getting caught shoplifting on camera?

Depending on the seriousness of the offence and the region where it was committed, there may be different repercussions for being caught on camera stealing. Generally speaking, the repercussions might be anything from fines to jail time to a criminal record.

Can you be charged with shoplifting even if you didn’t leave the store with the stolen item?

Yes, even if you did not take the stolen item with you when you left the business, you may still face charges of stealing. To be charged with shoplifting, one need just attempt to conceal or take an item.

What evidence is needed to prosecute a shoplifter caught on camera?

The prosecution normally has to demonstrate that the person stole the item with the intent to take it and that they did not pay for it in order to prosecute a shoplifter who was caught on video. Typically, the security camera video is utilized as evidence in court.

What happens if a minor is caught shoplifting on camera?

If a youngster is caught on video shoplifting, they may be charged as a juvenile and may suffer penalties including community service, probation, or even juvenile imprisonment. In some circumstances, the minor’s parents could also be responsible for their child’s behaviour.

Can you contest a shoplifting charge if you were caught on camera?

If you were caught on video shoplifting, you may be able to fight the charges. To refute the allegations, it’s critical to have a strong defence strategy in place and to engage with a seasoned criminal defence lawyer.