Can You Bring Food To Dollywood?

Can You Bring Food To Dollywood?

Can You Bring Food To Dollywood?

Dollywood is a well-known amusement park that is located at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, known for its friendly and family-friendly atmosphere as well as fun roller coasters and other rides, as well as award-winning entertainment. I’ve been there for a while since the time it was Silver Dollar City, and I’ve learned a few things about the park since.

Although there are some restrictions on the kinds of food and drinks allowed to be brought into parks, There are many options available for those looking to bring a picnic lunch, which we will discover in this post.

Visitors can also enjoy meals in the restaurants of the park that serve a wide selection of Southern dishes.

Can I Bring Food Into Dollywood?

It is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Dollywood is a fantastic theme park with plenty to provide visitors. There are some points you’ll need to consider while planning your visit.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that you can’t bring food or beverages to Dollywood. This applies to coolers and other drinks or food items outside.

You’ll need to buy your food at one of the numerous food outlets in the park. This could be The Dollywood Dining Room and the bluegrass grill, as well as The Whole Hog Cafe, among other options.

Along with beverages and food in addition, you may need to think about bringing a refillable water bottle along to take along. This will ensure that you keep hydrated as you explore the park and will ensure that you won’t be dehydrated on your journey.

Another thing you must take into consideration is a purse or backpack. You’ll need a space for your possessions to be stored while you travel to Dollywood.

To ensure that your bag will not become too big to hold your items, You should carry a purse or backpack that has a zipper closure as well as a strap. A zippered bag can help to stop your possessions from falling out of the bag and falling onto the ground while you ride the ride.

The great thing about these bags is that they are affordable to purchase and will aid in saving money when you go to Dollywood. They are also light and simple to transport around.

What Are Dining Options Available Within Dollywood?

What Are Dining Options Available Within Dollywood?

Dollywood has a broad selection of dining options for those who want to fuel up before or after a long day of roller coasters and top-quality shows. From the most popular theme park dishes to unique options, Dollywood’s menus offer the best traditional southern and delicious, innovative dishes.

If you’re in the mood for an authentic flavor of home, go to the Hatfield & McCoy’s Dinner Feud for an immersive dining experience where the chefs prepare traditional Southern dishes while enjoying live entertainment. You can also try Granny Ogle’s Ham ‘n’ Beans for tender beef that’s been spiced to perfection by soaking potatoes in gravy as well as a sprinkle of coleslaw.

The most recent addition to the theme park includes Till & Harvest, located in the Wildwood Grove section of the park. There is a variety of Smoky Mountain Nachos at this restaurant is a must-try for people seeking Mexican food without the excitement that comes with theme parks.

There are also a few fast-service locations around the park for snacks like pork rinds as well as dippin’ dots along with kettle corn. There’s also a full-service restaurant, Front Porch Cafe, which serves Dolly’s favorite food items.

Cinnamon bread is an absolute must-try at Dollywood which is why you must get one at the park! There are several locations within Dollywood. However, the Dream more Resort’s Pantry is the most convenient spot to buy a box that contains cinnamon rolls or slices of the mondo apple pie.

Are Backpacks Allowed At Dollywood?

Dollywood is among the most visited tourist attractions in the nation and is situated in the town of mountain resorts in Pigeon Forge. The park hosts many attractions, rides, and other attractions for visitors of all age groups.

Apart from the rides, the park also offers a selection of dining options to guests. From traditional country cuisine to mouthwatering BBQ, Dollywood has something for all!

The primary concern of most visitors who visit Dollywood is whether they are allowed to take their food items and drinks inside the park. Additionally, there are specific restrictions that must be followed.

Backpacks are accepted at Dollywood. However, they must not be bigger than 20” x 15” x 8”. Additionally, they must not have metal frames or pockets. All backpacks are checked for security before admission to the park.

If you’re bringing bags or large purses to the park, you should leave them in your hotel. There are lockers available for most rides. However, you’ll have to store your bags on the shelf during the ride.

Another great idea is to take a refillable water bottle to the park. It will help you save money and is a fantastic option for staying hydrated all day.

In the end, it’s recommended to plan your visit to Dollywood far in advance. This will help ensure that you will have an enjoyable time.

Do You Know If Dollywood Permits Refillable Bottles Of Water?

Dollywood is a renowned theme park located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The park is famous for its thrilling rides as well as delicious food, and energetic events. But it is costly to go there.

There are plenty of ways to cut costs on a Dollywood trip. For starters, consider visiting during off-peak times. This can reduce the number of visitors and give you a chance to have an unhurried experience.

Another method to cut costs is making yourself food items and beverages to enjoy the entire day. This is especially important for those living on a tight budget or traveling with kids.

There are plenty of restaurants within Dollywood that provide surprisingly inexpensive choices for those with a limited budget. For example, Grist Mill, for instance. Grist Mill is among the most affordable restaurants in the entire park.

If you’re in the market for something more substantial, Aunt Granny’s Restaurant provides an all-you-can-eat buffet that’s an absolute bargain. The menu offers a wide variety of tasty dishes at affordable costs.

It is also possible to save money by taking your refillable water bottles to your park. This is particularly helpful when you spend a lot of time in the sun’s heat. You’ll be able to fill up your drink at numerous fountains in the park and aid in staying hydrated without spending a lot of cash.

How Much Drink At Dollywood?

How Much Drink At Dollywood?

Dollywood is among the most loved family theme parks around the globe. It is located at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; the park has a wide range of rides and attractions suitable for children of all ages.

A day spent at Dollywood isn’t cheap, particularly if you spend long hours at the rides and other attractions. The best way to prevent this is to plan your trip and have enough cash to pay for meals and beverages.

One of the most effective methods of saving cash is drinking water for free at refreshment stations in parks. You can utilize these fountain soda machines and refilling stations that are touch-free to receive no-cost ice water all day. It’s an incredible saving over purchasing bottles of water.

Another method you can save cash is purchasing refillable cups. You can purchase a commemorative cup for $3.99. It will also provide you with refills for free all day long.

Suppose you’re planning to drink lots of soda while at Dollywood, then this is the best option for you. If you’re a fan of hot drinks or water, it might not be the ideal option for you.

Dollywood is an extremely enjoyable theme park, and the folks who run Dollywood are willing to ensure that they have everything in place for visitors. These hacks and tricks can aid you in making more of your visit to Dollywood, regardless of the circumstances.

Five Ways To Be Entertained At The Dollywood

  1. The Thrill Rides: Dollywood offers a range of thrilling and high-speed roller coasters, including The Tennessee Tornado and Lightning Rod. They provide an adrenaline rush as well as an opportunity to feel the thrill that is the theme park.
  2. Live entertainment: Dollywood is well-known for its live entertainment, featuring magicians, musical shows, and Acrobatics. The park has a variety of shows that have many shows for everyone.
  3. Crafts and demonstrations: It also highlights the finest examples of Southern Appalachian culture, with artisans and craftspeople demonstrating traditional skills, such as blacksmithing, woodworking, and quilting.
  4. Fantastic Food: Dollywood provides a wide selection of dining options which include traditional food options from theme parks, Southern specialties, and healthy choices. With plenty of options, you’re bound to discover something that will suit your taste.
  5. Shopping: Dollywood has a range of shops, from souvenir stores to boutiques offering handmade products. With the variety of options available, you will likely find the perfect souvenir or present to take with you home after a day at Dollywood.

What Should You Bring To Dollywood?

You’ll need to ensure you have everything you require to visit Dollywood. For one thing, the experience of spending the day in Dollywood, the Smokies’ largest and most captivating theme park, is unforgettable.

Dollywood is full of activities, including entertainment, shops, and attractions, with a range of unique souvenirs for all children. There are handmade items, Smoky Mountain trinkets and clothes, Southern sweets, and much more.

To ensure you don’t waste time and cash, you should play and shop before you go to the dining and rides. So, you’ll have an opportunity to search for your most loved items and keep a record of your time at Dollywood for many years to follow!

To eat, you’ll need to pack several various snacks. Famous for its southern-inspired dishes, Dollywood offers a variety of choices, such as funnel cakes and chicken-fried steak. You can also find more substantial meals, such as the BBQ served at Hickory House or Country Cookers.

If you’re planning to travel with children, You’ll want to pack snacks that are convenient to carry around. This will keep the hands of your kid active and let them take a break from worrying about losing something at the park!

It’s also essential to bring shoes that are light and comfortable. The sandals you choose to be strapped between the front and back of your foot are the best choice. It keeps your feet dry and helps prevent blisters from developing on the way to and from rides.

Are There Any Other Ways To Save Money On Food While Visiting Dollywood?

Yes! Here are some additional fantastic ideas:

Place Your Food Items In An Air-Tight Container And Place Food In The Car

After leaving the park, you’ll be able to have your hand stamped. Go to the tram and picnic in your car at the lot. It will cost you quite a lot of money to park in the lot, so unless you have an annual pass with free parking, I don’t recommend going to a restaurant elsewhere (it might be a good idea to use the $20 for food at the park, at that price! ).

Ride The Pigeon Forge Trolley To Eat

The trolley is quite affordable, and you can park it for free in Patriot Park and save 20 or so dollars for parking at Dollywood! Most of the time, you will need to drive a long distance to catch the Dollywood trams, So why not take your Pigeon Forge Trolley instead?

If you decide to go this route, be sure you’re aware of the schedule for the trolley. Even parking at Dollywood. However, you can spend a few dollars to take a ride up to Pigeon Forge and eat somewhere other (they offer almost every eatery you can think of) and then take the trolley back to Dollywood to have even more excitement!

If You Plan To Visit Frequently, You Should Become Season Pass Holders By Purchasing The Gold Pass Or Diamond Pass

These are the most cost-effective options to get to the park, along with free parking and discounted food. We usually buy Dad his Gold Pass (this year, they upgraded to a Diamond Pass) so that we will get free parking, the refillable mug, and a 20 discount on food items.

We recently received Silver Passes, and we always insist on the food! LOL, We’re not sure if the Diamond Pass isn’t available later in the year (we purchased ours in November of the year before). However, it is available at all times. Gold Pass is always available, and it is possible to get 15% off food items in the gift shop. So you’ll save money on Dollywood tickets as well as food if you choose this option; however, it’s only a great bargain if you’ll spend five or more days over a year.

How Long Will It Take To Go Through All The Attractions At Dollywood?

Answering this query will depend heavily on your priorities and the time you go. If you desire to visit all the attractions at Dollywood and experience the thrill, then you’ll need to reserve several days. This is particularly true during the summer when wait times for rides are long. Season passes and tickets for multiple days are offered to those who wish to visit again at a lower cost. If you’re only allowed to spend a day in the park, you’ll need to choose between different attractions and shows. Arriving early will make it simpler to ride the top roller coasters before lines become too long, thus reducing the time you spend on the rides.

Ultimately, Dollywood’s guidelines and rules are designed to create more welcoming to all visitors. If you can plan it with an abundance of enthusiasm, your family members can enjoy an unforgettable time at the must-see attraction.


Are backpacks allowed at Dollywood?

Yes! You are allowed to bring a backpack into the park, but they will examine it at the entrance. While certain rides allow purses, I would not recommend it for the majority of them unless you wear a fanny pack. Some of the rides have lockers you can use, but the most have a shelf you can set your belongings on while you ride.

Can you bring a water bottle into Splash Country?

Outside food and beverages are not allowed at the park due to health and safety concerns. There are many choices, including anything from salads and sandwiches to hamburgers and sweets.

Can I bring my own snacks Dollywood?

Dollywood does not allow guests to bring in food or drinks, although tourists are able to leave the park, dine elsewhere, and then come back the same day. Otherwise, there are many fantastic alternatives for food and refreshments on-site.

How much do drinks cost at Dollywood?

Including VAT, the All-season Mug costs $29.99. For $14.99, you may purchase a Daily Souvenir Mug that entitles you to fountain drink refills for $0.99 plus tax and frozen or hot drinks for $1.99 plus tax for the duration of the 2021 operating season.

Does Dollywood allow reusable water bottles?

You can fill up your own water bottle without standing in line at a restaurant thanks to the water bottle refill stations we’ve placed all across the park.