What Happens If You Enter a Stargate The Wrong Way?

What Happens If You Enter a Stargate The Wrong Way?

What Happens If You Enter a Stargate The Wrong Way?

Stargates are sophisticated technology capable of sending humans and other objects thousands of miles at a time. The Ancients developed it millennia ago using an interstellar cable known as the wormhole to link two remote locations.

The dialing mechanism on the Stargate uses at least six non-repeating symbols to choose a location. When “dialing” them in the proper order, users pick a 3D place in the vastness of space.

What Happens If You Enter A Stargate The Wrong Way?

Stargates are gateways into other universes, permitting people to journey to different star systems. Numerous civilizations have constructed these, including Ori, the Tollan, and the Ori.

A typical stargate is comprised of several portals that are linked through a set of cables which are referred to as bridges. The bridge allows travelers to move between gates and the next without needing to leave the gate that was originally opened.

If you open an open stargate, the name of the destination you’d like to go will be displayed on the console as well as a circular grid of icons and buttons that you can press. The numbers within the circle are called “chevrons,” They flash brightly (‘lock’) when you press a symbol on the grid.

The chevrons are broken down into nine or seven combinations of symbols. They are selected from an alphabet comprising 36 symbols to make it easier. Each symbol is a dimension, a place within that dimension, and the ability to resolve to a level at which you can connect, allowing the user to connect to multiple stargates in one chunk.

Stargates can also serve as a time portal, allowing you to return to the past. This requires additional energy, and the required volume is contingent on the kind of time travel you wish to achieve.

There are several methods to accomplish this; however, the most popular method is dialing the device’s last symbol to figure out the direction you’d like to travel. In numerous episodes, it’s been demonstrated that this represents what is known as the “home location” symbol for the galaxy in which it is located. However, it’s not always clear if the symbol must match the current location of the galaxy or only the planet that is home to it.

This is a smart method to prevent having your gate shut you out should you make a mistake in dialing. This can be especially helpful for those who are part of an extensive fleet and are being pursued by a person wearing a cloak because they must wait until the gate is closed before moving.

It is also recommended to stay clear of going through a gate of the system that has been removed from the system. This is because you’ll be required to enter the system again. If you fail to take this step, your vessel can’t hold a cloak long enough to align or even orbit around the gate.

What Happens If You Enter A Stargate On The Wrong Side?What Happens If You Enter A Stargate On The Wrong Side?

When the Stargate is opened, matter or energy can pass through it only in one direction. Therefore, when the door is opened improperly, the energy or matter will be thrown out into space with no result.

There are numerous reasons one could dial an entry point incorrectly; however, the most frequent is a lack of understanding of how it operates. This could be because the team wasn’t aware of how to operate the dialing device or simply because they didn’t carry an interpreter. Additionally, there are various things that could be wrong with Stargate that isn’t portrayed in the series.

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For instance, there’s much speculation on what the dialing device must do to know where it is before it opens the gate. The answer is that it’s an infallible device since it ensures a connection is constructed correctly and does not let the wormhole drift away into space.

Another thing that could be a problem when using the Stargate is when someone attempts to enter it incorrectly or attempts to open it while trying to open it. This can happen by trying to dial the number even though the connection is open and/or breaking the security gate as it’s open.

If you open a gate and break it in the process of opening it and the resultant explosion could result in a huge amount of damage. It will destroy everything in the area around the break. This is due to the energy of a wormhole can be extremely high, and when a connection gets ruptured, it releases massive amounts of it.

It’s not a problem if you enter through the gates from the front. But what happens if you want to access the gate from behind?

In certain shows, Stargates depicted only have the number of chevrons eight instead of nine. Fans have debated on through the Stargate Wiki, and some believe this is an error by the SFX team; however, others believe it’s true from the Stargate universe is concerned.

What Happens If You Enter A Stargate In The Wrong Direction?

If you go through the Stargate incorrectly and are not careful, it could result in several problems. For instance, it can result in you being trapped inside the gate or, in some instances, getting removed from the other side of the gate. It could also alter the way you travel.

In normal circumstances, people enter the front of the Stargate, which is the place where the energy blasts once it’s activated. This is also where they normally encounter the DHD. However, some characters from the show have said that they’ve jumped over the back of the Stargate as well.

It might seem odd; however, it’s not. The reason is that the destination of a gate isn’t fixed, as a stargate may connect to any gate on the network.

The correct seven characters must be typed in to dial for a Stargate. Additionally, the address chevrons must be matched to each other in order. They are called “addresses,” and the first six are known as “coordinates.”

A small number of stargates utilize this format, such as Abydos, which was found on the remains of an Ancient vessel that comprised a mission to discover the universe. This was the first address system discovered. However, it was later discovered that other addresses were available.

According to the addresses system, 7 to 9 characters are used to determine the destination. They are assigned to the nine chevrons in the outer Stargate’s ring.

Address symbols can be laid out over the rings and are in an orderly sequence that includes a “home symbol” corresponding to the coordinates of each galaxy. Like other addresses, it is necessary to adjust to account for the effects of stellar drift, which is a result of millions of years of stellar drift.

It’s unknown what the “home symbol is” for each address, but certain episodes have indicated that it’s a particular symbol that must be first dialed to start the Stargate. In certain episodes, It’s further stated that the address needs to be dialed before a wormhole is opened.

This is an odd plot device because it suggests it is a fact that the “home symbol” is not dependent on the position in the Stargate. This is in complete contradiction to the storyline of the episode, in which Carter and O’Neill attempt to dial Earth but fail.

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What Happens If You Enter A Stargate At The Wrong Time?What Happens If You Enter A Stargate At The Wrong Time?

You could have negative consequences if you go through a stargate at the wrong moment and are not careful. This is particularly true when you travel through a unidirectional wormhole. Wormholes can be closed and opened on different dates. Also, it depends on the direction in which the wormhole is traveling. If it is headed to a different universe region, it could be longer than if you are traversing space.

If a person enters a wormhole at the wrong moment the wormhole may not be able to reach where they’re traveling at the speed they would like. So, for instance, if they go through a wormhole on Earth and it is opened in the middle of the night, they might not be able to reach where they’re supposed to be.

Another issue if you open a stargate when you are not at the right time is that it may get unstable and eventually break. This is particularly true when the wormhole is near closing or is not working. This is because it takes lots of energy to open and close it.

It also can release a significant amount of energy in waves that can be used to construct something else on another side. This is possible because the Stargate can copy material into energy.

Stargates can copy energy because they utilize superconductors to keep it in storage for a long duration. A range of energy sources like electricity also powers it.

This could be risky as it permits an attacker to generate lots and energy within a brief period of time. It’s also possible that the gate could be controlled and used to create weapons, such as an explosive.

Going through a wormhole in the wrong place could be difficult to come out of. Furthermore, locating an exit could be extremely difficult since you’ll need to traverse an unexplored space area, which could result in grave injury and possibly death.

One way to be attempted is to use a puddle jumper to smash the gate closed and smash it. However, this is extremely risky as you will require plenty of energy. It is also costly to accomplish this because it consumes much power.

What Happens If You Go Through The Stargate Backward?

The Stargate franchise, which comprises Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe, is a cult science-fiction series that includes the only method of transportation across space and time, known as the Stargate. The Stargate is an oblong device that allows rapid travel between places in the universe. What happens if you use the Stargate reversed? This is what we are aware of.

How The Stargate Works

Before discussing what will happen if you traverse the Stargate in reverse, it is important to know how it functions. This Stargate is a sophisticated device that makes the tunnel between two Stargates at different places. It creates a solid Einstein-Rosen bridge. It is a mathematical concept that connects two locations in spacetime.

It is believed that the Stargate can be activated by dialing a series of symbols that represent an exact location within the universe. When the right sequence of symbols is dialed, the Stargate opens a wormhole, allowing instantaneous travel across the Stargates.

What Happens When You Go Through the Stargate Forward

If a person passes through this Stargate to the left, they can enter the wormhole and are taken to the final destination Stargate within minutes. The procedure is similar to falling down a tunnel at high speed.

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Although the experience may be a bit disorienting The person who goes via the Stargate forward will arrive at their location without harm. This Stargate was designed to safeguard passengers from physical strains caused by traveling through the wormhole, including high speeds and pressure.

What Happens When You Go Through the Stargate Backwards

Moving through the Stargate in reverse is not recommended because it’s extremely dangerous. The Stargate universe it’s commonly called “reversing the polarity” of the Stargate.

If a person enters the Stargate in reverse, then they enter the wormhole and are taken to their destination Stargate, however, in reverse. This means they are returning in the time since they are retracing the exact route they took to arrive at the current location.

The experience of traveling through the Stargate in reverse is described as extremely uncomfortable and disorienting. In addition, the physical stress of traveling through the wormhole reverse could cause harm to the body, which includes organs and tissues.

In the Stargate universe, using the Stargate backward is usually utilized as a last resort in situations of emergency where there is no other choice. The risks involved in the procedure make it a risky and uncertain method of travel.


In the end, using the Stargate in reverse is a risky method. Although the Stargate is intended to shield users from physical strains that come with traversing through the wormhole going through the Stargate reversed can cause injury to the body, and is not advised.

In the Stargate universe, traveling through the Stargate reversed is typically described as an option of last resort or an emergency plan. Although it’s possible to traverse the Stargate backward, the risk that comes with it creates a risky and risky method of travel. It is best to utilize the Stargate according to its intended purpose, which is by moving it forward and using its remarkable capacity to transport people and teams across time and space immediately.


What happens if you go through a Stargate backwards?

Transit is strictly one-way, and attempts to go “backwards” result in the traveller being obliterated, as the show makes plain.

What happens if you walk into an incoming Stargate?

Wormholes are one-way only, with the exception of some types of energy, such as radio waves, so if an object or someone enters through the inbound wormhole, they will be destroyed, pulled back, or their event horizon will resemble a wall.

Can a Stargate be destroyed?

Affiliation. A Stargate from another world can be destroyed by a device made by the Ancients known as a Stargate destroyer. It operates by sending massive quantities of energy through one Stargate to another, overloading and exploding the gate on the other side from absorbing more energy than it can hold.

Where do Stargates get their power?

a cylindrical ancient power source with energy inside that is consistent with ancient technology, including the Stargates. A Z.P.M. has a potential lifespan of many millions of years and gets its enormous power from vacuum energy, which is derived from a self-contained region of subspace time.

What are Stargates made of?

The Stargate is a sizable, ring-shaped structure with an interior track that features 39 symbols for different star constellations. The gate, which the Ancients built thousands of years ago, weighs about 64,000 pounds and is composed of the alien mineral naquadah.