What Happens If Sunlight Touches The Wall Titan?

What Happens If Sunlight Touches The Wall Titan?

What Happens If Sunlight Touches The Wall Titan?

The Wall Titans are massive humanoid creatures that are featured in the manga and anime show “Attack on Titan” created by Hajime Isayama. The titans believe in forming the origin for the wall that protects humans’ last civilization, shielding their inhabitants from Titans roaming outside.

What Happens When Wall Titans See Sunlight?


When sunlight strikes the Titan, a wall that is exposed to sunlight causes the Titan to change to its Titan form. In the animated series, it is evident as the Armored Titan grabs Eren Jaeger and Ymir and then slides across the wall, as the Colossal Titan grasps Christa.

However, it’s not seen in the manga yet. Contrary to Colossal Titan Colossal Titan, which needs sunlight to survive, Wall titans cannot absorb sunlight and remain stationary within their walls.

It is not clear what it takes for the Titan to capture sunlight, but it is possible to utilize the body to store and capture the energy they require. They may also be capable of forming hard skin to shield themselves from sunlight.

Additionally, they’re not required to breathe, as was shown in Season 3, Episode 7, when Rod Reiss is trying to convince Historia why it’s important to consume Eren. There is also no evidence that water can cause harm to Titans by any means; in fact, scientists have proven that Colossal Titans can swim across the ocean.

Therefore, if the Titan can perceive sunlight and see the sun, it will be compelled to change its shape, and the wall surrounding it will crumble. It will then trigger an unintended chain reaction, releasing all the titans in the wall.

The same thing occurred in the case of Annie Leonhart when she was trapped inside the wall and broke off a portion of it. As a result, the wall’s head appeared within the hole she had created.

These are the first instances we’ve learned the details of Wall Titans, and they haven’t been featured in either manga or anime. So we don’t know much about their origins, but we can affirm that they come from Ymir Fritz. Fritz was the creator of the Wall Cult, who created the first Titan.

When King Fritz left Eldia King Fritz, he pleaded with Ymir to build hundreds of millions of Wall Titans. The Wall Titans created three concentric walls that protected the Eldians of Paradis Island from attack.

If they’re not protecting the wall from Titans, The Titans are in the forests and the ocean. They are the strongest and largest creatures on earth. They’re the strongest and largest creatures in the world. Titans are mostly composed of muscles, as shown in the cartoon, and make them quite weighty.

Why Do Wall Titans Need Sunlight?

In the “Attack on Titan” series, the idea is it is believed that Wall Titans need sunlight to work. The reason behind this isn’t explained in detail; however, there are a variety of theories.

Another theory suggests that Wall Titans are made of the material known as “Hardening,” developed by Titans who can change. This extremely long-lasting material can build structures similar to the walls that protect human civilization.

But, it’s recommended that the material be degraded in direct sunlight. This is due to sunlight triggering a chemical reaction in the material used to harden it, which enhances its strength and makes it stronger. Without sunlight, The Hardening material will weaken and eventually fall apart, which causes the Wall Titans to crumble.

A different theory suggests that Wall Titans themselves are alive and require sunlight to sustain. The theory suggests Wall Titans are not just structures constructed of hardening material they are living organisms with unique biochemistry. Like all living creatures, they require sunlight for energy production through photosynthesis. They use this energy to power their bodily functions.

This theory is partly disputed because the Wall Titans appear completely unresponsive and inactive, suggesting they aren’t alive in the traditional sense.

Ultimately, the precise reason why Wall Titans need sunlight is not explained fully within the “Attack on Titan” series. However, it is believed to consider that the Hardening material they’re composed of could break down in the absence of sunlight, and there is the possibility that they require sunlight for their existence as living things.

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Difference Between Colossal Titan And Wall Titan

The Colossal Titan is a huge, almost 60-meter-tall humanoid Titan. It is noted for its immense size and powerful explosion. Massive volumes of steam can be produced and released by the Titan from its body, which it can employ to cause explosions and destroy structures. Because the Colossal Titan can regenerate its body, it is challenging to defeat.

The Wall Titan, on the other hand, is a particular kind of Titan that lives inside Paradis Island’s fortifications. They are much bigger than the Colossal Titan; some of them reach heights of 120 metres.

Until someone with the powers of the Founding Titan commands the Wall Titans to awaken and move, they are motionless and inactive. They are made of “hardened Titan skin,” a substance that is practically unbreakable.

In essence, the Wall Titan is a stationary, dormant Titan that is embedded inside the walls and made of a material that is virtually impenetrable, as opposed to the Colossal Titan, which is a mobile, destructive Titan with explosive powers.

Why Are Wall Titans So Strong?

The Wall Titans are a strange and mysterious element within the Attack on Titan universe. They’ve been around for a long time, yet their existence is unanswered.

Their first appearance is in Season 2, Episode 1, “Beast Titan.” In this episode Survey Corps members Survey Corps find a Titan within the walls. They are shocked by the discovery. The Titans are extremely tall and are covered in muscles rather than skin.

The Titans are also a bit larger than Colossal Titans. However, despite these differences, they appear like that of Colossal Titan and make up the three walls surrounding Paradis Island.

But, they’re not as impressive or powerful as the huge Titans. The reason is due to the fact that wall Titans are sunk into a solid, and they are not able to move.

They are not equipped with the capability to move or escape from the wall. However, they could generate a lot of heat as they change. This could be hazardous for those in the vicinity enclosed by the wall.

They are also difficult to combat. They’re too hot for an average Eldian to manage as well as they could cause harm to the body temperature.

Additionally, the muscles of their bodies are robust and long-lasting. This makes them a great protection against any adversary who tries to tear down the wall.

King Fritz invented the Wall Titans to protect himself from the world outside. King Fritz used millions of his citizens and Titans, reminiscent of those of the Colossal Titan, to create these walls.

In the end, King Fritz eventually shifted his Eldian royal family and many members of the subjects to Paradis Island, where they were safe from the ravages of war. The King believed that Eldian Empire was a threat to the peace of Paradis Island. Eldian Empire had done much harm, and he did not wish to be a part of the conflict anymore.

He was concerned about the Founder’s influence over the other giants and had to find ways to remain protected. So he arranged tens of millions of Titans inside the walls to defend Paradis Island from the outside world.

He was able to create the wall Titans with the Founding Titan capability. He could make them stronger and invincible to Marley and other giants that were in danger.

Are Wall Titans Pure Titans?

Wall titans are the kind of Titans that form one of the walls on Paradis Island. They are smaller than colossal titans and defend the island from attacks. But, they are capable of breaking through walls and striking.

This is why they could pose a threat to humans. They can attack anyone and release steam hot enough to burn human flesh.

At first, they’re sealed within the wall and can only move with the assistance of the other Titans. But, if Hange Zoe and her crew find one, they’re urged by Minister Nick, the leader of the Wall Cult, to cover it with sheets to ensure it isn’t disturbed by sunlight.

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It’s later discovered that all Pure Titans in the Wall Rose world are transformed humans. The one difference between the Pure Titans and ordinary Titans is that they can see the light and appear stronger.

They are managed by the Founder, similar to Zeke’s Ragako Titans. However, the control of the Founder is less powerful than Zeke’s. Therefore it takes longer to change them to Titan form.

The Titans also can harden as they did with the War Hammer Titan. This means they could have created those three walls on Paradis Island using millions of Titans.

But they can’t completely harden their body as the War Hammer Titan can. They instead have the most slender face while their body is designed slightly differently from the other Titans.

Additionally, it is not apparent that they have spines or skeletons within their bodies. This is due to them being created by the Paths to Subjects of Ymir.

Despite their distinctions, they’re still classified as Titans and can devastate the world. They’re just not as big as the Colossal Titan, and they aren’t able to move their bodies fast. However, they can effectively deter adversaries and are utilized as weapons when unleashed in massive quantities.

Who Created The Walls?

In the world of “Attack on Titan,” the Walls were constructed by the Eldian Empire using the abilities of the Founding Titan over 100 years ago. The Founding Titan, which is also known as the Progenitor Titan, possesses the power to command and control other Titans, as well as manipulate the genetic structure of matter.

The Eldian King, Karl Fritz, employed the abilities of the Founding Titan to create the Walls surrounding Paradis Island to safeguard his people and shield them from the outside world.

The Walls are made up of three concentric rings and are identified as Sina, Rose, and Maria. Each Wall stands 50 meters high and consists of a substance called “hardened Titan skin,” which is believed to be extremely resilient. The Survey Corps, a military organization, guards the Walls against the Titans that are present outside of them.

The Walls and the enigmatic force that created them remain a significant plot point throughout the “Attack on Titan” story, with many characters endeavoring to uncover the reality behind their origin and the nature of the Titans that jeopardize humanity’s survival.

Who Created Wall Titans?

In Attack on Titan, Walls exist to guard towns from Titan attacks. The walls aren’t made of stone but the hundreds of thousands of massive Titans who have bonded their skins, forming massive structures.

In the second season in Season 2, the Survey Corps makes an unsettling discovery: A huge Titan lives within the walls. The Titan bears a striking resemblance to Colossal Titan. Colossal Titan, but it is smaller and doesn’t extend to the ceiling as Colossal Titan does. Colossal Titan can.

The wall titan is one of the Pure Titans, meaning it has no thoughts or willpower. It’s similar to an unmindful Titan shifter, but it has no capability to think on its own It is, therefore, unable to use its willpower to control others.

There are only two Titans who are pure: the Titan, the Founding Titan, who inherited the powers of Ymir Fritz, and Rod Reiss, who was transformed into the Pure Titan after Bertolt killed him during the Battle of Shiganshina. The two Titans are the only pure Titans capable of transforming into the Wall Titans, but we do not know who made them or why they got to be this way.

We learn in Season 3 that Wall Titans were made by King Karl Fritz, who used his founding Titan capability to make tens and millions of abnormal Titans to guard the final Eldian territory of Paradis Island. Knowing that King Fritz did not plan to allow the Wall Titans to release is crucial. He feared they could end up being destroyed if they were attacked.

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Since he’s had them the time, he’s kept them on the island and used them to guard the residents within his realm. It’s unknown what motivated him to do this, but it’s possible that he was motivated by the desire to prevent the Titans from devouring his people and taking control of his kingdom.

Then, he realized the most effective way to accomplish this was to turn his people into Pure Titans. The idea was that, if he can convince his subjects to do this, he’d be able to defeat the Titans and stop their invasion of the planet.

How Many Titans Exist Within The Walls?

In the “Attack on Titan” series, the story reveals that the walls around human civilization are made of Titans. The precise amount of Titans inside the walls isn’t explicitly mentioned, but there are hints throughout the series.

According to his estimations, there were around 573,084 Wall Titans in the Rumbling.

One of the earliest pieces of evidence that there are Titans in the walls comes through the story of Hange Zoe who finds that the wall she’s studying is a secret chamber filled with Titan bodies. It is thought this isn’t the only wall to have such an area, and many other Titans are in the walls.

In the next episode, later on, we learn that the walls comprise Titans that are transformed into a crystalline substance called “Hardening.” This indicates that the walls aren’t only a facade that conceals the chamber from view. Instead, they comprise thousands, or even millions of Titans bonded into a huge structure.

Although the precise amount of Titans in the walls is not stated in any detail, it is apparent that there are a lot of them. The dimensions of the walls as well as the fact that they’ve been in place for more than 100 years without deteriorating, indicates that there are sufficient Titans in them to provide structural support. There is also a possibility that the amount of Titans inside the walls might be deliberately kept secret by the government to avoid panic in the general population.


The Wall Titan: What is it?

In the anime and manga series Attack on Titan, The Wall Titan is a massive humanoid creature. It is a Titan that appears in the series and is renowned for its enormous size and power.

What happens if the Wall Titan is exposed to sunlight?

The Wall Titan will transform back into a human if sunlight hits it, according to the mythology of the Attack on Titan television series. The reason for this is that the Wall Titan can only be converted back into a human by sunlight after having been transformed into a Titan.

Why does sunshine transform the Wall Titan into a person once more?

The series omits a detailed explanation of the precise mechanism through which sunlight initiates the transition. Simply put, sunlight has the ability to reverse the metamorphosis and restore the Wall Titan to its original human form.

Who is the individual within the Titan Wall?

Later in the series, the identity of the person who is trapped inside the Wall Titan is revealed. Eventually, it is made clear that the individual who is the Wall Titan is one of the main players in the narrative and that their metamorphosis into the Wall Titan is an important aspect of the plot.

Is the modification enduring?

No, a person’s metamorphosis into a Titan does not last forever. In fact, the entire series demonstrates that Titans may be defeated and that some of them can even be changed back into regular people.

What function does the Wall Titan serve in the narrative?

The Wall Titan is a crucial component of the mystery surrounding the Titans and their origin, and as such, it plays a big part in the plot of Attack on Titan. The Wall Titan’s existence also has a big impact on the storyline since different groups employ it as a weapon and a representation of their dominance.