Sky Zone How Much Does It Cost?

Sky Zone How Much Does It Cost?

Sky Zone How Much Does It Cost?

The first SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park, at the time known under the title SkyMania Fun Center, opened its doors in Las Vegas, and in 2009, the company began franchising.

Sky Zone created and built the first-ever all-trampoline three-dimensional walled playing field with the help of highly skilled engineers, construction workers, builders, welders, and carpenters. The team of experts began to create the first SkyZone playing field, creating what has evolved into one of the unique playing surfaces ever invented: the Sky Zone court. Sky Zone court. It is a field that is so unique and unique that it has been awarded a United States patent.

Each location is equipped with a trampoline playing field where guests can join in for”walk-in “open-jump” sessions as well as fitness classes, parties, dodgeball tournaments as well as other activities.

Today, they’ve created thirty parks across the United States and Canada.

Sky Zone Prices Per Person

Sky Zone is a fantastic area for children of all ages to be active and have fun. It’s also a fantastic option for keeping fit and healthy. You can do various activities in Sky Zone, including an obstacle course and dodgeball, slam-dunking, and many more.

They’re accessible to those who want to come in. However, it’s best to reserve your time online before going. So you can avoid waiting in queues when you arrive, and you won’t have to pay for your time.

It is also possible to purchase a membership for fewer costs. The membership allows you to visit the Park whenever you’d like. You can choose from several different plans, such as the family membership at just $25 per month.

A different option would be to purchase the Sunday family fun pack for just $60 for four jump passes for one hour and a pizza. It’s a great bargain for families that want to play together and is an ideal way to ensure maximum enjoyment from your visit to Sky Zone.

Sky Zone has a strict set of rules for guests to be able to follow. This includes:

  • Not jumping over others.
  • Landing only on two feet.
  • Never jumping on airbags or foams.

Also, they’re careful not to allow too many people to jump simultaneously. They’ll guide you through a safety session before your jump so that you know what to expect.

How Much Is The Sky Zone Per Child?How Much Is The Sky Zone Per Child?

Sky Zone is one of the most well-known indoor trampoline parks worldwide, and it’s surely a place you will not be able to pass up. Sky-high jumps, basketball courts, foam pit, and 3D dodgeball create a memorable experience for children of all ages.

The best method to make the most value from a visit is to book your tickets online prior. In the summer and during weekends, it’s quite packed in Sky Zone, so it’s essential to book your time for jumping at least a month in advance.

When you make your reservation, ensure you select your “kids” price option. This includes two pads per child (adults are not allowed to leap).

In addition to jumping, there are a variety of other activities that are fun and will delight any age and level of skill. They range from jumping and flipping across the open areas of the jump to dunking in a basketball on SkySlam courts.

There’s also the Ultimate DodgeBall area, where you can participate in various games. In contrast to the traditional dodgeball games that you may remember from your middle school days, they were designed to be more challenging and thrilling for young children.

If you’re searching for a fun and safe location to host an event for your child, Look at Sky Zone! There are party packages available, including 60-120 minutes of jumping time, grippy sky socks for all guests, and a separate room.

Sky Zone Hours

An enjoyable method to keep children and adults engaged, Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park with numerous things to do. They have air courts, miniature American Ninja warrior courses, rock climbing walls, and much more. The Park also has various private rooms to host events and parties.

If you’re in search of a fantastic location to host your next birthday celebration, Sky Zone is the most suitable option! Your guests will enjoy one hour of fun in the air and party space for an additional hour and a T-shirt for guest pizza and beverages.

It is possible to book your tickets online and ensure you receive specific dates, times, and hours that you prefer. But, keep in mind that the evenings and weekends are usually packed. Therefore it is crucial to reserve your dates in advance.

For kids under 5, the program is a one-time Toddler Time that takes place on Mondays and Fridays from 10:00 am until 11:00 am. This is the ideal time for toddlers to jump and is a great opportunity to help them improve their balance and coordination.

In addition to the primary jumping area, they also have an area for dodgeball and a foam pit, similar to an indoor pool stuffed with foam cubes. There are also three-lane warp walls and a wipeout zone. It’s a great spot for a family to enjoy fun, and it’s also cheaper than other trampoline parks around the region!

20 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Off To The Sky Zone20 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Off To The Sky Zone

  1. Sky Zone offers an indoor trampoline playground with activities like open jump basketball, dodgeball fitness classes, and more.
  2. You must sign a waiver before engaging in any activity in Sky Zone. If you’re not yet 18, an adult or legal guardian must sign on your behalf.
  3. Wear comfortable and appropriate clothes to jump in, like sportswear and closed-toe shoes. Beware of wearing items that may be caught on trampolines, like jewelry or loose clothing.
  4. Be early so you can park, check in, and tidy up all personal items.
  5. Lockers can be rented to store your belongings during your stay.
  6. Sky Zone has height requirements for certain activities, including the foam pit. Be sure to check before your visit to determine if you comply with the height standards.
  7. When there are open jump times, Sky Zone may reach the maximum capacity, and you could be placed on a waiting list.
  8. Sky Zone has designated jump times for various age groups, like an infant time for smaller children or a glow-in-the-dark jump time.
  9. Sky Zone offers a variety of beverages and food options to purchase, such as pizza drinks, snacks, and pizza.
  10. Sky Zone has a spectator area where families and friends can enjoy watching the jumpers.
  11. Sky Zone offers private party packages for birthdays and other events, and other occasions.
  12. Certain events in Sky Zone, such as the foam pit, require an additional charge.
  13. Sky Zone has safety rules in place; for instance, no flipping or double-bouncing, and personnel are present to ensure compliance with these rules.
  14. Sky Zone provides jump socks for all jumpers. However, you can also use your own.
  15. Sky Zone has a no outside food or beverage policy except for water bottles.
  16. Sky Zone offers discounts for groups, military personnel, and first responders.
  17. Sky Zone has a refund policy on cancellations, but it is different for each location. Call your nearest Sky Zone for more information.
  18. Sky Zone is not recommended for those suffering from certain medical conditions, like pregnancy or heart issues.
  19. Sky Zone has a lost and found policy, so be sure to go through the policies in the event that you lose personal belongings.
  20. Have fun and be secure while you jump at Sky Zone!

You can find the most recent news at Sky Zone Plainfield through this short video:

What Is The Cost Of A Sky Zone For 3 Hours?

There are many different packages available from Sky Zone. The most popular is the jump pass of three hours which gives you plenty of jumping time for less than $1 per person. Also, there are annual passes, which allow you unlimited jumping for one year or more for a reduced cost.

To make the most of your experience, make an effort to book at least ten or more. This is the best method to ensure that you get a good jump time as well as the most convenient method of getting to travel.

If you’re traveling with younger children, you can also purchase an annual family membership that allows up to six persons to use Park at a given time at a reduced cost. This allows you to everyone jump together and spend the day with your family.

Sky Zone’s newest addition to Sky Zone is its patented freestyle court with many interesting features. This includes a free climb as well as foam pits, and much more!

It’s not easy initially, but once you realize that, you are able to bounce around in a variety of zones. There are different trampolines within each zone, and they are great for toddlers and for adults.

The greatest thing regarding Sky Zone is that it’s very secure. Sky Zone has a group of security guards who will be in place to enforce safety guidelines. For example, one person can play on one square of the trampoline at a time, and they will also divide the people by height to ensure that children do not jump up on teenagers.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Out The Sky Zone?How Much Does It Cost To Rent Out The Sky Zone?

Sky Zone is an ideal venue for birthday celebrations and family outings, as well as other events that are fun. Sky Zone offers a range of activities that are fun for children of all ages and skill levels. Through open jump sessions that are walk-in as well as dodgeball courts and basketball, the rims suit all to enjoy in the Sky Zone. Sky Zone.

Depending on where you are, Sky zone costs vary from $18 for a half hour to $22 for 90 minutes. The cost can go up to $ 24 for 2 hours. At peak times, the sky zone can be crowded, and you should make reservations on the internet or get there early to avoid standing in line.

The cost of renting an area for skyscrapers can be calculated based on the number of people as well as the space and whether it is a venue for special occasions. The price of the rental includes the trampoline court, an event space for 1 hour, and a host who will assist in keeping the party running smoothly. The rental also includes an official T-shirt for the person who is honored as a guest, as well as pizza. It is possible to add additional guests for an additional charge. It is also necessary to purchase an additional pair of Sky Socks, which are priced at $4 for a pair. They come with special grippers to safeguard the feet of jumpers.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To A Glow Night At Skyline?

Glow night is among the most popular events in the sky zone. It involves lasers, blacklights, and music that transform the indoor Park into a massive jump party. It’s also an excellent opportunity to entertain your kids on a Saturday evening.

The cost of a glowing night is different between locations. However, it is expected to cost between 70 and $100. It includes jumping time, party space for an additional hour as well as food and drinks as well as a T-shirt for the birthday boy or girl, and the Sky Zone Host to help to organize the party.

If you’re trying to find the most affordable price for a jump session, you should book your jump as soon as you can. The facility is generally busy on weeknights and weekends. It’s essential to make reservations in advance to avoid waiting in long lines. There are also special offers on Sundays, which include an all-inclusive family fun pack of $60. It includes four one-hour jumps and a huge pizza. This is an excellent alternative for families with multiple jumpers. There is even an Elite membership that gives you more time to jump and benefits like the ability to go on Friday or Saturday nights for light jumps.


Why did Sky Zone shut down?

The company said that it has sadly decided to close the two locations due to industry-wide trends of quickly rising prices and the drastically decreased availability of insurance for trampoline parks.

What is the youngest age for Sky Zone?

All ages are welcome, and each jumper must sign a Sky Zone liability waiver (those under 18 must have their waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian).

What is trampoline park?

Large rooms with wall-to-wall trampolines can be found in trampoline parks, tempting you to join in the fun by softly whispering “Jump on me!” in your ear. It’s like moving about on a huge, springy patchwork quilt with padded borders lining each square.

Does Sky Zone support Apple Pay?

For mobile checkout, you can also use Visa or Mastercard, Apple Pay, Android Pay, or other payment methods. The free software programme will also provide SMS text notifications when an item has been won or lost in an auction, as well as information on purchases.