How Much Does It Cost To See The Peabody Ducks?

How Much Does It Cost To See The Peabody Ducks?

How Much Does It Cost To See The Peabody Ducks?

Famous Peabody Hotel in Downtown Memphis is much more than an excellent accommodation. It is also home to one of the city’s most famous and peculiar attractions.

Every morning at 11 am, the parade with five mallard ducks with an official Duckmaster makes its way down from the roof of the Hotel and down towards the main lobby. The red carpet is laid out of the elevator, and John Philip Sousa’s King Cotton March begins to play. The ducks can walk into the fountain in Peabody’s Grand Lobby, where they are able to swim in a relaxed manner all day long while guests relax at the bar in the lobby. 5. p.m. The ceremony will be reversed as they return home on the roof.

How To See The Peabody Ducks?

If you’re planning to visit Memphis, one of the top things you can do is visit Memphis’ Peabody Hotel and see their famous ducks! The ducks reside on the top of the Peabody and walk daily towards their home in the Grand Lobby, where they perform an annual march every day.

It’s a must to see the Peabody Ducks aren’t just a hotel attraction, but they’re also a landmark that attracts crowds from across the city and the globe. It is important to get to the Hotel before closing to find the best location to view the ducks.

Each day begins at 11:00 am. An authorized Duckmaster will lead five mallard ducks from their residence on the rooftop towards the entrance. The red carpet rolls out of the elevator, and the King of John Philip Sousa’s Cotton March plays as they walk into the fountain.

When they get inside at the water fountain, ducks swim around, splash, and play in the water as guests relax at the bar in the lobby. After the show, the ducks return to the Royal Duck Palace on the Hotel’s roof to enjoy a peaceful evening of fun.

After visiting the ducks, don’t forget to go to their mezzanine museum, which houses objects from the past 150 years of the hotel’s history. The Hotel was host to snarky duck hunters and big band performers, along with Elvis Presley, so you’ll be able to learn more about the Hotel’s rich history.

Do You Have To Pay To See The Peabody Ducks?

The Peabody Ducks have been seen in Memphis for over 100 years and are an essential attraction for anyone visiting Memphis. The mallard ducks walk from the Hotel’s rooftop and the fountain in the Grand Lobby twice a day and are something you must admire!

The ducks are a recognizable element in Peabody Hotel. Peabody Hotel and have been featured on TV shows, in magazines, and even in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The ducks are escorted by a professional Duckmaster who takes them down from their residence on the top, down a red carpet, and then to the hotel lobby.

They are only in Peabody for three months. Peabody during three months, after which they go back to their home farm and spend the remainder of their days in the wild as ducks. New ducks will be introduced into the Peabody every three months to replace retired ducks.

It is not necessary to be a guest at the Hotel to view the ducks. You can observe them from the Peabody as well! Enjoying a day with your family in Memphis is a great opportunity.

It is believed that the Peabody Ducks are a unique feature of Peabody Hotel. Peabody Hotel and have an interesting story to tell. You can also tour the Peabody and view the ducks while traveling throughout the Hotel!

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Can You Visit The Peabody Ducks?

The Hotel is located in the middle of downtown Memphis, in the heart of downtown Memphis; the Peabody hotel is renowned for its beautiful architectural style. The Hotel was originally built on Main and Monroe. Main and Monroe in 1869, the Hotel quickly became one of the city’s main social spots. The famous establishment is a popular destination for visitors from across the nation, with lavish accommodations, gourmet food, and entertainment.

It is believed that the Peabody ducks are among the most well-known guests at the Hotel, and you can watch them playing inside the hotel lobby throughout the Duck March each day at 11 am. It is also possible to go to the “Royal Duck Palace” at the top of the Hotel. The pen is estimated to cost around $250,000 and is constructed from glass and marble.

If they aren’t playing in the fountain or swimming in the water, the Peabody ducks are on the top of the Hotel, where they can escape everything for a bit. The ducks have their water feature and a replica hotel where they can huddle and play!

You could also take an excursion to discover the background and the history of Peabody ducks. It will give you an understanding of how they became so well-known.

They have also been a part of the Peabody hotel’s history since 1933 when the general manager of the Hotel, along with his hunting companion, decided to install live decoy ducks into the Hotel’s fountain for a joke. The reaction was so favorable that the Hotel’s reputation grew, and the ducks were made permanent guests at the Peabody. They are still comprised of 5 North American Mallards and are kept on a farm close to the Hotel. They are then brought into the Hotel and trained for the duck parade.


The unique tradition was born in 1932 when the General Manager of the Hotel and another of his hunting companions returned from a hunt in Arkansas. They decided it would be fun to place live ducks as decoys in the Grand lobby’s fountain. Although it was intended as a joke, the pair had no idea how the ducks would become popular among hotel guests. After the stunt, the live decoys were removed and replaced with five mallards.

It was 1940 when an old bellman named Edward Pembroke offered to help to train the ducks. Pembroke was once an animal trainer in the circus and taught the ducks how to march. He was named an official Duckmaster at Peabody and continued to hold that title until he retired in 1991.

It is believed that baby alligators and turtles briefly sat at the fountain in the 1920s. However, it’s the ducks that have remained.

How Long Does The Peabody Duck March Last?

It is a tradition to watch the Peabody Duck March has become a regular event that has grown into a major tourist attraction for guests at the Hotel. Visitors can enjoy watching the ducks led by a red carpet through the lobby before going into the fountain to splash and play a game. It’s a great opportunity to bond with your kids and take in some of the Memphis cultures.

The ducks reside on the roof of the Royal Duck Palace and perform marches toward the lobby regularly between 11 am and 5 pm. The ducks walk through a red carpet through a sea of fans before entering the magnificent fountain located in the lobby’s middle part.

In the 1930s, Frank Shutt, then-general manager of The Peabody, and his partner Chip Barwick returned from a hunt in Arkansas with live ducks placed in the Hotel’s fountain. It was a time when hunters could legally utilize live ducks as decoys.

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The following same year, Bellman Edward Pembroke volunteered to assist the ducks in their daily parade and was appointed The Peabody Duckmaster. He was in the position for over 50 years until his retirement in 1991.

The Peabody ducks have become famous on TV shows and in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. They’ve appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Sesame Street, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Can You Go On The Roof Of The Peabody?Can You Go On The Roof Of The Peabody?

The Peabody Hotel is an iconic Memphis landmark that is a symbol of Southern tradition and charm. It is just a few blocks from Beale Street The Hotel is steeped in heritage and provides luxurious accommodation and services.

The Hotel is also famous as the home of “Peabody Ducks,” a collection of birds that reside on the top of the building. They walk every day from their roof home up to their lobby. The Hotel also hosts regular Peabody Rooftop Parties, which are among many of the most frequent summer activities in Memphis.

Alongside the rooftop of the Hotel, There are plenty of other locations in Memphis where you can stop to enjoy a drink while taking admiring the view over the city. For instance, Tiger & Peabody is an elegant rooftop bar and patio located on the upper floor at The Memphian hotel located in Overton Square. The lounge has stunning panoramas of the river, and it is a great place to enjoy craft cocktails and enjoy small-sized meals.

Another spot to enjoy an alcoholic drink while taking in the scenery is the Old Dominick Distillery. The distillery is home to an indoor bar that is fully serviced and a gorgeous rooftop which is where you can sip local spirits while admiring the views.

The Peabody Award is an honor conferred by the National Association of Broadcasters on TV and radio programs that conform to certain criteria. The first time it was awarded was in 1938 and named after George Foster Peabody, a wealthy investment banker who gave his cash to the award program.

What’s The Average Amount Peabody Duck Master Pay?

If you’re looking to make a good wage and be employed by a famous hotel located in Memphis, Tennessee, then an opportunity as the Peabody Duck Master could be the right choice for you. It is a highly sought-after position where you’re responsible for the care and training of the five North American mallard ducks, who reside on the roof of the Hotel in the evening while entertaining guests at the front lobby during the daytime.

The Duckmaster is also accountable for the conduct of the Hotel’s history tours, assuring the safety of the ducks and serving as an ambassador for the Peabody. As the Duckmaster, are required to work for a total of six hours every working day (11 am-5 pm) and receive an average salary of 75k+ annually.

In addition to the principal tasks of a Duckmaster, you might also be engaged in other tasks like media interviews or appearances in the community. It can be a thrilling and rewarding aspect of your job and is something you should consider seriously.

In your role as Peabody Duckmaster, you are the Peabody Duckmaster; you are responsible for feeding and training the five North American mallard ducks that reside on the rooftop of the Peabody in the evening as well as entertaining visitors in the lobby during the daytime. These five ducks are referred to together as Peabody Ducks, and they are from a farm family located in Missouri, where each group of ducks is kept for three years. After their stay at the Peabody farm, they go back to the farm with their parents, where they’ll continue to live the rest years as free ducks.

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Ten Fun Facts And Trivia About Peabody DucksTen Fun Facts And Trivia About Peabody Ducks

  1. Ducks were not the initial guests of the lobby fountain. There is a rumor that baby alligators and turtles also briefly walked by the fountain during the 1920s.
  2. Peabody Ducks Peabody Ducks comprise Five North American mallards – one Drake (male) with a white collar and a green head, and four hens (females) who have less vibrant plumage.
  3. Duck isn’t available in The Peabody and hasn’t been listed on menus at the Hotel since its reopening in 1981, perhaps rendering Chez Philippe the only French restaurant around the globe that doesn’t serve duck.
  4. Peabody Ducks Peabody Ducks do not have distinct names. But the first team of ducks was Peabody, Gayoso, and Chisca, named after the three hotels that were owned by the Memphis Hotel Company in 1933.
  5. In the off time, The ducks reside at the Royal Duck Palace on the Hotel’s roof. The structure, which costs $200,000, is constructed of glass and marble and is home to a unique fountain with a bronze duck that spits water. The structure also has a tiny home – which is a recreation of the Hotel where ducks can huddle with a lush, grassy “front yard.”
  6. The Peabody Marching Ducks have been featured as guests on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,” “Sesame Street” in the episode where Bert Ernie and Ernie were celebrating Rubber Ducky Day, “The Oprah Winfrey Show” as well as the pages of People magazine and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.
  7. Peabody Ducks Peabody Ducks have been a topic on the television game program “Jeopardy” and in the board game Trivial Pursuit.
  8. The original Duckmaster, Edward Pembroke, held the position for over 50 years.
  9. A local farmer and a friend from the Hotel. Each group consisting of Peabody Ducks lives at the Hotel for just three months before resigning from work and returning to the farm, which is where they are free to be wild ducks. With the return to the natural world in mind, the Hotel is aware of the waterfowl that live in its ponds as wild animals and doesn’t domesticate them nor treat them as pets.
  10. Peabody Ducks Peabody Ducks are featured in 1999’s Jimmy Buffet song “Math Sucks” in a line that reads “quackin’ like those Peabody ducks.”


Can you see the ducks at the Peabody without staying there?

The ducks’ march can be observed without being a hotel guest. Visitors are actually invited to stop by daily to see this entertaining spectacle. Union Avenue 149

How long does the Peabody duck March last?

After that, the duck march happened surprisingly rapidly. During our visit, the elevator doors opened, and the ducks immediately headed for the fountain. Apparently, they used to retain the ducks in the elevator for a short while before sending them off to the fountain. Thus, the parade lasted roughly 10 seconds.

What time is the duck Walk at the Peabody hotel?

Every day between 11 am and 5 pm, the Grand Hotel of the South hosts the renowned Peabody Duck March. To get a good view and hear the Duckmaster’s presentation, we advise arriving 30 minutes early.

Are ducks at duck park free?

They are also free, but no one takes them because it’s for the enjoyment of others. The ducks in the park are free, but the elites don’t want you to know that. Swimmer they are.

How to get to Peabody Rooftop?

When it’s time for the ducks to march back to their own rooftop castle at 5 o’clock, head up to the roof via the elevators in the lobby. There will be drinks and nibbles there as well.