How Much Is Shakey’s Bunch Of Lunch?

How Much Is Shakey's Bunch Of Lunch?

How Much Is Shakey’s Bunch Of Lunch?

Shakey’s Bunch of Lunch is an option for a meal plan offered by Shakey’s Pizza, a popular pizza chain from the Philippines. The meal package usually includes various food items like pizza, chicken pasta, pasta, and side dishes, which makes it a practical and inexpensive choice for lunch with an assortment of colleagues or friends.

Shakey’s Pizza menu with prices offers a wide selection of pizzas, including rustic garlic-chicken pizza, Shakey’s specialty pizza, firehouse pizza, along with Shakey’s Pizza chicken and mojo.

They also have Fried chicken along with salads, sides, and desserts. Beyond that, the menu prices are affordable and worth a try. Enjoy the delicious Shakey’s assortment of lunches that cost just $10.

The people who frequent Shakey’s Pizza restaurant because of their limited pizza selection with particular toppings. Additionally, the most current prices on the menu at Shakey’s Pizza are affordable and generally better than other eateries. Find contact details, franchise information, nutritional breakdowns, Shakey’s Pizza deals, and Shakey’s menu 2023 prices below.

How Much Is A Bunch Of Lunch?

Shakey’s is a family-friendly chain of restaurants offering innovative family meals, cheese-filled pizzas, and various drinks. Their most requested menu item is the assortment of lunch, and it is worth trying for anyone who wants to spend a large part of their budget on food and beverages.

The lunch buffet is the most convenient opportunity to enjoy the best of Shakey’s without spending a fortune. The buffet-style lunch includes a range of delicious snacks, including the traditional Hawaiian Delight pizza and a variety of fried chicken, mojos, and more. Other options include corn spaghetti and mashed potatoes. In addition, lunch lovers can select from various salads and sides, and some can be ordered for take-out.

The luncheon price will vary based on the particular place, but this lunch will surely be a hit for families with a tight budget. Additionally, this meal is much more enjoyable and exciting for everyone! The greatest thing is that you can eat as much as you like because you can take an order with you and take it home when you are ready to take a bite.

List Of Things Available At Shakey’s Bunch Of LunchList Of Things Available At Shakey's Bunch Of Lunch

Shakey’s Bunch of Lunch typically comprises the following items of food:

  1. Pizza: Shakey’s is famous as a place to eat thin-crust pizza that is part of the Bunch of Lunch. Several pizza options are popular, including Hawaiian, Pepperoni, and Deluxe. Hawaiian, Pepperoni, and Deluxe.
  2. Chicken: The usual meal comes with a portion of Shakey’s famed Mojo potatoes and a crispy fried chicken.
  3. Pasta: Various pasta recipes are offered, like spaghetti with Alfredo sauce, meat sauce, and carbonara.
  4. Additional dishes: The meal may include coleslaw, garlic bread, or mashed potatoes.
  5. Drinks: Drinks like soft drinks, iced tea, or any other drinks are usually included.

Shakey’s Buffet Hours

If you’re looking to eat pizza for lunch, Shakey’s is the place to be! The hours are Monday through Sunday between 11 am and 2 pm.

This buffet comprises pizzas, salads, chicken, pasta, and desserts. There’s plenty to satisfy everybody! The best part is you can eat it all for the price of a meal.

Shakey’s pizza was established in 1954 in Sacramento, California, and today, it has more than 500 locations worldwide. It’s a cult chain serving creative food options for families and pizzas with cheese.

It’s a wonderful location to enjoy time with family or friends and conveniently grab fast food in a hurry. Additionally, it’s a wonderful spot to hang out with your kids!

Alongside the food buffet, Shakey’s has a happy hour menu featuring special drinks and snacks. If you’re looking to find something else to eat, they offer the option of dining until closing.

The menu of Shakey’s is divided into two distinct sections: the lunch and breakfast menus. Breakfast menus are ideal when you need fast food as well as their lunch options are perfect for a leisurely meal with your family or friends.

The Shakey’s Pizza outlet can be located on the major roads and is an ideal spot to go for a quick bite after an exhausting working or school. Their pizzas are particularly delicious, and it’s an ideal restaurant to enjoy with your entire family!

The menu at Shakey’s offers several pizzas, including one called the Manager’s Choice, which is filled with Italian sausage, pepperoni, and beef. Then there’s the Firehouse pizza filled with seasoned ground beef, smoked bacon, and red onions. There are specialty pizzas, too, including one called the Texan BBQ, which is served with grilled chicken and sweet and spicy Texas sauce.

Guide When Eating At Shakey’s Pizza

  1. Be aware of the menu: Be familiar with the menu before your visit to make an informed decision about what you’ll be ordering. The menu is available on Shakey’s website or at the restaurant.
  2. Make a reservation: If you’re dining with large numbers or need to rush, consider making a call ahead to make an order. This will help you save time and ensure food will be ready on arrival.
  3. Select wisely: Consider your party size and the food you’re planning to eat when ordering. Shakey’s provides small, medium, large, and medium pizzas, drinks, and side dishes.
  4. Get suggestions: If you’re unsure what to order, ask staff members for suggestions. They’ll be able to suggest dishes that meet your tastes and diet limitations.
  5. Special offers: Go to Shakey’s website or promotions in the store for discounts or special deals. These could help you save money on food.
  6. Cash or credit card: Shakey’s accepts cards and cash, So be equipped with either upon arrival.
  7. Dine-in or take-out: If you’re in a rush and need to eat fast, you can choose delivery or take-out. If you’d rather dine inside, you can take advantage of the restaurant’s ambiance while watching the game on big screens.
  8. Don’t forget to bring dessert: Shakey’s serves a wide range of tasty dessert choices, such as cakes, ice cream, and pie. Make sure you have some room for dessert!
  9. Take your time enjoying the meal: But most importantly, unwind and enjoy your dinner at Shakey’s!

How Many Slices Are In A Shakey’s Pizza?

Shakey’s pizza is the favorite in many homes across the nation. The chain’s national expansion began in 1954 and is believed to be responsible for being the first pizza chain franchise in America.

Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson and Ed Plummer established the first store in Sacramento, California. They launched Shakey’s Pizza, the very first Shakey’s pizza restaurant featuring Dixieland Jazz music in the background and cold beer pitchers on tap.

But it wasn’t only the pizza that attracted family members to Shakey’s. Shakey’s was the original. Shakey’s also had a cheap menu of fried chicken and mojo potatoes. They were regulars at local bars and events throughout the 1960s.

Today, Shakey’s is a local family-friendly establishment with the original taste. The owner Brad Vandeman says he’s had customers visit for birthday celebrations or to eat a meal after a long day at school.

They’ve been returning for many years. This is the primary reason why he established Shakey’s restaurant in Oroville.

As he reminisces about his mom’s first bite of pizza with pepperoni, Dan Harvey stands in the same spot he used to share with her in the past. Today, he’s the proprietor of Shakey’s restaurant and will take his family on similar trips every couple of months to share memories from their childhood over slices of pizza.

A large pizza from Shakey’s typically comes in approximately eight slices, based on the method of cutting it. They offer a broad selection of toppings that include meats such as salami and pepperoni, along with fruits and vegetables such as mushrooms and olives.

If you’re not into meat, they offer a variety of vegetarian options. There’s even a Veggie Supreme pizza available, which isn’t stuffed with cheese. However, it’s packed with vegetables to compensate for it.

Is Shakey’s Considered Fast Food?Is Shakey's Considered Fast Food?

Shakey’s has been a favorite local hangout for many years, famous for its chicken fried and pies. However, it’s the ragtime soundtrack and healthy food that keep patrons coming back. Now, it’s offering an assortment of lunch options, which lets diners who are strapped for a time create their own meals with pizza and chicken Mojo potatoes and salads at only one price.

Established in Sacramento, California, in 1954 by Sherwood Johnson and Ed Plummer, Shakey’s was originally a hamburger restaurant but later added pizza and chicken fried to the menu. Today there are over 307 Shakey’s stores throughout the country, along with within the Philippines.

The Philippines boasts more Shakey’s locations than anywhere else around the globe, with the company owning 189 restaurants and franchised ones serving customers throughout the world. In the year 2020, Euromonitor reported that Shakey’s is the top restaurant operator for fast casual dining in the Philippines, with a focus on family dining.

A revamped Shakey’s has changed the culture of the restaurant’s management as well as its strategy-making and planning procedure, marketing as well as public perception to reflect more casual and family-oriented eating. The transformation started in 2003 when Leo Prieto Jr., at the time director of International Family Food Services Inc. (now Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures Inc.), bought this brand from San Miguel Corporation, a company that was based in the Philippines.

However, the changes haven’t prevented a handful of franchisees from departing the chain. A number of franchisees have been able to file lawsuits against Shakey’s and Shakey’s, including Rochester, Minn., franchisee Marty Canfield.

Canfield’s complaints stem from the ownership in long distances of Inno-Pacific Holding, which has a presence in Thailand but isn’t based in the US. The franchisee’s absence of any direct link to the IPH’s management has left him unhappy with Shakey’s and Shakey’s franchise, according to Canfield.

In the past year, Shakey hired Sean Flynn as its president. The plan is to double the number of stores in the US by the year 2006. Flynn is a veteran restaurant developer from Switzerland’s Movenpick and was previously with Pizza Hut in Singapore; he is focusing on the re-branding of the brand name Shakey’s. His primary goal is to turn the chain into known as a household name by the year 2006.

Is Shakey’s Halal Certified?

Shakey’s is a well-known pizza chain in America. The United States has been growing in popularity with Muslims all over the world. The company recently opened a location in Dubai which is where all food items have been Halal approved in accordance with Dubai’s Islamic tradition. But Shakey’s is offering its original flavor with its marinades, breedings dough blends, and spice mixes. These ingredients originate from the Philippines, the country where Shakey’s began its journey. They also have stores in the world in the works for the near future. They have even joined forces together with Aljeel Capital to open them in the Middle East and Asia. They’re currently the top full-service pizza and restaurant chain in the Philippines. They are located in Lucky Plaza.


How many slices are in a Shakey’s pizza?

Our 12-slice Grand Slam pizza is available.

Is Shakey’s considered fast food?

In the Philippines, Shakey’s is one of the top operators of fast-casual restaurants with a focus on family-friendly dining.

Why is Shakey’s famous?

The first franchised pizza chain in the country, Shakey’s, would go on to become well-known for creating a successful mashup of casual dining and live music at hundreds of locations around the country.

Is 2 slices of pizza a lot?

Think about this The USDA estimates that a slice of cheese pizza has roughly 285 calories on average. Two slices is more than a third of your daily caloric intake if you’re attempting to lose weight and aim to consume roughly 1,500 calories each day.

What are 8 slices of pizza called?

the typical eight-slice pie. Eight slices make up a regular round pizza, which makes two slices per person in a party of four a suitable distribution. But occasionally a pizza pie only has six slices. This pie has six slices.