How Far Is The One-Piece Dub?

How Far Is The One-Piece Dub?

How Far Is The One-Piece Dub?

If you love anime, you probably know that One Piece is one of the longest-running series ever. And it’s also one of the most popular ones, with a huge fan base globally.

While there are tons of anime fans worldwide, not everyone can watch it in English – and that’s where the One Piece dub comes into play. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for you to watch the dubbed episodes online.

War For Wano Arc

The War for Wano Arc is one of the most important arcs of One Piece as it focuses on the battle against Kurozumi Orochi and Kaido of the Yonko. This arc will see the Straw Hat Pirates, Heart Pirates, Mink Tribe, and Kozuki Family join forces to liberate Wano Country from the evil shogun.

The arc will feature new characters like Nami, Buggy, and Usopp. Luffy will even have his first devil fruit opponent in this arc.

Many fans consider the Wano Country arc the greatest arc in the series. It already has 110+ chapters in the manga but is still far from reaching its end. It will take at least 50 more chapters in the anime.

Whole Cake Island Arc

Whole Cake Island is one of the longest arcs in the series. First, Luffy and his mercenaries head to the island, where Big Mom of the Four Emperors hires them to rescue Sanji from an arranged marriage.

As they land on Whole Cake Island, they get stuck in a sea of mizuame and are helped by Pedro to escape. Unfortunately, the Sanji Retrieval Team is confronted by a talking crocodile that nearly eats them.

Despite the hiccups, the team makes it to Whole Cake Island and finds Big Mom. But, unfortunately, she is obsessed with croquembouche and begins leaving destruction in her wake as she searches for it.

Punk Hazard Arc

Punk Hazard is the first island that Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates travel to in the New World. It is a mysterious island that splits into half ice and half fire.

While on this island, Luffy and the crew intercept a distress signal from a Wano samurai who had lost his son. The distress signal leads them to the base of Caesar Clown, a former Navy scientist who is experimenting on children.

As Luffy and the prisoners make their way through the island, they encounter a hazmat subordinate who tries to capture them. Fortunately, they can get away.

Meanwhile, the G-5 marines attempt to reach the frozen side of Punk Hazard by shooting ice blocks with cannons. But unfortunately, they also meet Brownbeard, who tries to kill Luffy and Zoro.

Punk Hazard 2 Arc

The Punk Hazard 2 Arc, a part of the Dressrosa Saga, takes Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates to a dangerous island engulfed in fire. The arc is full of danger but also features some great fight scenes.

The arc also involves a lot of fighting between the Straw Hats and a vengeful samurai who will stop at nothing to get back what he believes is rightfully his. Despite the samurai’s threats, the Straw Hats manage to overcome him and make their way to the frozen side of Punk Hazard.

The arc ends with a climactic battle between Luffy and Caesar Clown, but before that happens, Funimation has announced that a new set of English-dub episodes is available to buy now. Fans can purchase all 13 episodes from digital content platforms like PlayStation Video and Microsoft Movies & TV starting October 27.

War For Wano 3 Arc

The War for Wano arc is one of Eiichiro Oda’s most meticulously written arcs in the entire series. The arc focuses on the Land of Wano and sets up the biggest conflict in One Piece’s history.

It also introduces fans to new characters and lore, such as Ryuma, Shusui, and Kaido. It is a massive step in the world-building process and is an important part of how Oda wants to tell the story.

The Wano Country arc is divided into three acts, and with each act, the plot gets closer to its resolution. The first act focuses on the Land of Wano, the second act tackles the main conflict, and the third act covers the resolution.

War For Wano 4 Arc

The War for Wano arc is one of the longest story arcs in One Piece’s history. It’s also one of the most complex.

The story starts hundreds of chapters ago in the Punk Hazard arc and ends with Luffy, Zoro, Hawkins, and allies clashing with one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. Kaido is a foreigner who has come to power with Kurozumi Orochi, Wano’s former shogun.

During this time, the country of Wano suffered from environmental devastation as weapons factories were prioritized over farming. Much of Japan’s industrialization during this period was geared towards imperialism, reflected in Kaido’s plans for Wano.

As the arc concludes, Zoro can take on Killer in an incredible battle. This fight is arguably the most epic of all time in One Piece and is a great example of why Zoro is one of the series’ greatest characters.

War For Wano 5 Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates, Heart Pirates, Mink Tribe, and Kozuki Family work together to liberate Wano Country from the corrupt shogun Kurozumi Orochi. But they face a formidable foe when Kaido of the Yonko and his Beast Pirates arrive.

Luffy and his crew are forced to choose sides when they discover Kaido plans to collect the Ancient Weapons and ally with Big Mom. This arc ties into the One Piece Movie: Stampede.

In the meantime, Hordy Jones, an Arlong admirer, sets out to seize Fish-Man Island. But, unfortunately, he’s as vicious as Arlong and wants to wreak havoc on humanity.

The one-piece dub is set to run for three hours and 20 minutes. It will premiere in August on Funimation. It will also include an original story arc called Cidre Guild, a tie-in to the One Piece Movie: Stampede.

War For Wano 6 Arc

The Straw Hats and their allies are gearing up for a major attack on Kurozumi Orochi and his crew, the Beast Pirates. They plan to steal the Ancient Weapons and ally with Big Mom.

Sanji is entangled in his past commitments and personal issues that threaten to pull him away from the Straw Hats. He worries about his teammate and tries to find a way out of his current situation.

Zoro and Sanji fight against the Beast Pirates’ All-Stars, King and Queen, while Hyogoro and Kawamatsu remember someone from their past who helped them defeat their enemies.

Marco uses his phoenix flames to slow the spread of the Ice Oni’s poison. He also restores more victims with the help of Chopper and X Drake.

War For Wano 7 Arc

Luffy, Zoro, and the rest of the crew make their way to Wano Country, where Kaido of the Yonko and Kurozumi Orochi is in charge. They ally with the Heart Pirates, Mink Tribe, and Kozuki Family to liberate the land from the tyrannical grip of their enemies.

Marco uses his phoenix flames to slow down the spread of the Ice Oni while Chopper and X Drake prepare a cure for the deadly disease. Finally, Yamato and Momonosuke are reunited as they remember how Ace helped them save Wano years ago.

As a surprise, a member of the Worst Generation is placed in Luffy’s custody. The team soon learns that Kaido’s plans to collect the Ancient Weapons and ally with Big Mom are not what they thought they were. The Straw Hats take action and defeat Kaido, but will it be enough?

War For Wano 8 Arc

While the Wano arc is nearing its end, it has still delivered some major moments that will change the grand line forever. The arc is full of surprises and has much to offer, but one fight stands out as the best so far.

In this chapter, Oden’s Vassals join Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in a quest to destroy the Beast Pirates’ leader, Kaido. They’re willing to sacrifice themselves to do so.

The Wano country arc is One Piece’s most Japanese arc yet, with its shogun-like society and samurai aesthetic borrowing heavily from isolationist-era Edo Japan. It also has a lot of environmental devastation that mirrors Japan’s past breakneck forays into industrialization.

How Far Is The One-Piece Dub? Better Guide

The One Piece anime is a popular Japanese animated television series that has captured the hearts of many fans worldwide. As a result, the series has been dubbed in several languages, including English, to make it accessible to a wider audience. This guide will discuss how far the One Piece dub has progressed as of 2023.

As of March 2023, the One Piece anime dub has completed up to episode 706. This means that the English dub has covered a significant portion of the series, as there are currently over 1,000 episodes of the anime. The One Piece dub began airing in 2004 and has been an ongoing project ever since.

Let’s look at some of the major story arcs covered in the series so far to give some perspective on how far the One Piece dub has progressed.

The first story arc in the series is the East Blue arc, which introduces the series’s main characters and sets up the premise for the rest of the story. This arc covers the first 61 episodes of the anime, including the initial recruitment of the Straw Hat Pirates, their first battle against the notorious pirate Buggy the Clown, and their encounters with several other antagonists.

The second major story arc in the series is the Alabasta arc, which covers episodes 92-130. In this arc, the Straw Hats Pirates travel to the desert kingdom of Alabasta, where they become embroiled in a conflict between the royal family and the rebel army. This arc introduces several important characters, including the Shichibukai Crocodile and the marine captain Smoker.

The third major story arc in the series is the Water Seven arc, which covers episodes 207-325. In this arc, the Straw Hats Pirates arrive at the city of Water Seven, where they encounter a group of shipwrights specializing in building and repairing ships. This arc is notable for introducing several major plot points, including the concept of “Devil Fruits” and the appearance of the mysterious “CP9” organization.

The Dressrosa arc is another major story arc covered in the One Piece dub, spanning episodes 629-746. This arc takes place on the island of Dressrosa, where the Straw Hats Pirates become embroiled in a conflict between the Donquixote Pirates and the citizens of Dressrosa. In addition, this arc introduces several new characters, including the powerful pirate captain Donquixote Doflamingo and the toys that populate Dressrosa.

As you can see, the One Piece dub has covered many of the series, including several major story arcs. However, there is still a long way to go, as the anime releases new episodes weekly in Japan. Nevertheless, fans of the series can look forward to the English dub continuing to progress over the coming years as the series unfolds its epic adventure story on the high seas.

Regarding how far the One Piece dub has progressed in terms of the overall story, it is difficult to provide a precise answer. The anime is based on the manga of the same name, which has been ongoing since 1997 and currently has over 100 tankōbon volumes. The One Piece anime is a faithful adaptation of the manga, and it has covered a significant portion of the story so far. However, much of the story remains to be told, and fans can expect the anime to continue adapting the manga for many years.

In conclusion, the One Piece anime dub has progressed significantly over the years and has covered a large portion of the series so far. As of March 2023, the dub has completed up to episode 706, and fans can look forward to more episodes being dubbed in the future.


What is One Piece, and why do anime fans love it so much?

One Piece is a Japanese manga and anime series that has acquired a gigantic following around the world. Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate with a rubber body, and his crew go on adventures in search of the One Piece, the ultimate treasure in the world. The show is well-known for its exciting action, vibrant characters, and captivating narrative.

How does the dub of One Piece differ from the original Japanese version, and what exactly is it?

The English-language version of the anime series known as the One Piece dub replaces the Japanese voice actors’ dialogue with English ones. Funimation Entertainment produced the One Piece dub, which has been made available on DVD and through streaming services. The name frequently includes confined interpretations, which might contrast somewhat from the first Japanese rendition’s discourse.

How much has the dub of One Piece progressed since the original Japanese release?

Over 900 episodes of the One Piece anime have been made available since 1999. With approximately 600 episodes dubbed to date, the One Piece dub has been produced at a slower pace than the original Japanese version. The dubbed episodes of One Piece go back to the Dressrosa arc and are approximately five years behind the original Japanese version as of 2023.

When can One Piece fans anticipate the release of new dubbed episodes?

On Crunchyroll and Hulu, Funimation has been regularly releasing brand-new One Piece dubbed episodes. The Wano Country arc was the subject of the most recent batch of dubbed episodes, which the company typically releases every few months. However, release dates can change, so fans should keep an eye on Funimation’s website for information on forthcoming dubbed episodes.

Is the One Piece name accessible beyond the US?

Yes, the One Piece dub is available in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, in addition to the United States. However, licensing agreements can vary, and the One Piece dub’s availability in each country may depend on the streaming service or broadcaster.

Can fans watch One Piece with English subtitles in the original Japanese version?

On several streaming services, including Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu, fans can watch the original Japanese One Piece with English subtitles. For fans who would rather watch the anime in its native language, watching the original Japanese version with subtitles can provide a viewing experience that is more authentic.