How Far Is The Cancun Resort From The Las Vegas Strip?

How Far Is The Cancun Resort From The Las Vegas Strip?

How Far Is The Cancun Resort From The Las Vegas Strip?

Cancun Resort Las Vegas by Diamond Resorts

If you’re in search of accommodation located in Las Vegas, then the Cancun Resort could be right for you. The hotel is close to the Strip and has several wonderful guest facilities.

It is a two-bedroom and one-bedroom villa-style apartment that is constructed to resemble cottages on the beach. They are equipped with fully-stocked kitchens and jetted tubs in the living spaces.

The Distance From Las Vegas Strip

A quick drive to the south from Las Vegas Strip can take you to Cancun Resort, a Diamond Resorts International timeshare resort. The hotel is among the biggest hotels of its kind in Las Vegas, offering plenty of amenities at a low cost.

The hotel also serves as a good spot to relax after a day out in the sun. The rooms are nicely appointed with flat-screen TVs, private bathrooms, and other amenities. If you want to spend a bit more, upgrade to one of the lavish suites.

For a truly immersive experience, enjoy the views from the balcony of your suite. The skyline is stunning, and the surrounding mountains enhance the experience.

If you’re looking for a respite from the excitement and spills, you can relax in your private Jacuzzi or splash around at the swimming pool. The resort offers an all-inclusive spa that will surely relax the muscles and relax your mind.

The hotel also houses a casino and a unique skyline that is as breathtaking as it is stunning. There’s an incredible array of eateries within the region that include some of the city’s finest Mexican food.

The resort is a winner. The hotel features a pool that has a stylish retractable roof, an expansive spa both indoors and outdoors, as well as a fitness center. Other amenities at the hotel include a lounge for guests in the lobby and free internet access. It’s possible to grab some drinks in the bar, or there’s an elegant restaurant and bar with a pool. The hotel is only a short distance from Las Vegas Boulevard and McCarran International Airport.

The distance from McCarran International AirportThe distance from McCarran International Airport

If you’re looking for a shuttle service to or from McCarran International Airport Cancun Resort Las Vegas by Diamond Resorts, you can arrange it through My transfers in just 60 minutes. Our driver will meet you at the airport with a welcoming signal and drive you directly to your villa, hotel, or flat at Cancun Resort Las Vegas by Diamond Resorts.

The distance between McCarran International Airport and Cancun Resort Las Vegas by Diamond Resorts is 7.81 km. Private transfers from McCarran International Airport to Cancun resort take around 90 minutes.

Cancun Resort is a family resort that is located just 3 miles to the south of the Las Vegas Strip. The Diamond Resorts timeshare property offers a casino and many restaurants.

This hotel is a great option for visitors due to its proximity to the McCarran International Airport and several other places to visit in Las Vegas. The hotel also has an indoor pool and spa.

There are plenty of restaurants in the hotel, such as Caribe Lounge, where you can enjoy Mexican dishes. Another option is a buffeted and an outdoor bar and restaurant.

Visitors can also play at the casino on-site. The nearby hotels include Palms Casino Resort, Stratosphere, and Wynn Las Vegas.

The flight times from LAS to Cancun from LAS are not the same, and the length of your trip can be dependent on conditions in the weather, your flight route, and air traffic congestion. On average, the flights that take you from LAS to Cancun from LAS last 4 hours and 5 minutes.

If you’re looking to cut costs on your travel, then you can check the prices of flights between LAS to Cancun on the internet and book reservations online. Various travel money options will fit your budgets, such as prepaid credit cards and money transfers.

When you’re looking to transfer money, it is essential to select an exchange provider that offers competitive rates with no transfer fee. Use our international money transfer comparison tool to examine a wide range of companies to get the most value on international money transfers.

The flight from Cancun to LAS is priced between $820 to $1,100, based on your chosen destination and the airline. Additionally, you might have to pay for tax and other charges. Also, make use of our currency converter tool to find the total amount of your travel expenses will be.

The distance from Downtown Las VegasThe distance from Downtown Las Vegas

If you’re looking to escape for a weekend that’s a little quieter in comparison to the hustle and bustle on Las Vegas Strip, there are a variety of options. The most well-known is the Cancun Resort & Spa, with spacious, beach-villa-style suites ideal for families. The hotel is 15 minutes from the Strip and offers many family-friendly amenities to keep the kids entertained without going into the city for shows or casinos.

The property provides guests with access to a vast pool and an exercise facility, and Wi-Fi access for free. The hotel is within walking distance of Greyhound Bus Station. It also has a 24-hour reception, as well as a fast check-in and checkout.

Rooms at Cancun Resort are large and cozy, and many have flat-screen TVs and fully-equipped kitchens. They also have jetted tubs, as well as separate living areas.

There are also a variety of bars and restaurants within the hotel, meaning you can enjoy a meal while you relax at Cancun Resort & Spa. Cancun Resort & Spa. Additionally, there’s an exercise room and spa that will help you relax and relax after a long day of exploring Las Vegas.

Another option worth considering Another option is The Westin Lake Las Vegas. The resort offers large rooms that have stunning views of the surrounding mountains or the lake. The hotel also has an all-inclusive spa and a top-of-the-line golf course.

The hotel is situated on Lake Las Vegas and is only a short drive away from Downtown Las Vegas. The rooftop pool is the perfect spot to soak in the view from the mountain ranges or of Lake Las Vegas, and it’s a tranquil getaway from the bustle and noise in the city.

Suppose you’re seeking something different; visit the Mercado 28 (Market 28) in Cancun to shop and enjoy eating. It’s a great location to purchase Mexican souvenirs and also attempts to bargain with vendors to save some money.

If you want to experience more excitement, take a trip to The Cancun Scenic Tower for a 360-degree panorama of the region. Additionally, you can take in the views and listen to the local expert explain the background of Cancun.

Distinction from The Strip

If you’re planning to stay in Cancun, there are plenty of choices for accommodation. There is a myriad of hotels catering to any type of traveler, and many of them offer excellent facilities. Some hotels are more relaxed.

One of the ideal hotels for a stay in Cancun is a hotel in an amazing area. These hotels are located near the bustling Strip and are situated near places to eat, bars, and restaurants.

The Hilton Vacation Club Cancun Resort Las Vegas is one of these hotels. It is a hotel that has spacious rooms that come equipped with outdoor kitchens. It is situated in the heart of the city’s busy Strip. The hotel also provides shuttle services to various top tourist attractions in the region, such as McCarran International Airport.

A hotel is a great option for couples or families who want to be close to the action but also enjoy an enjoyable getaway. The pool is the ideal location to unwind, and there are plenty of restaurants located on the property.

Another option is to reserve rooms within Paradisus Cancun. Paradisus Cancun resort. The family-friendly resort includes 14 bars and restaurants serving Italian, Asian fusion, Mediterranean, and Mexican food options. There are plenty of luxurious cocktails, too, as well as rooms that are nicely appointed with polished floors and brightly colored walls, and ceiling-to-ceiling glass windows.

You can also choose the Nikte room with prior reservations and an in-room video gaming system. In addition, you’ll have access to the hotel’s exclusive pool and the beach.

If you’re in search of an oasis of peace or a partying spot, There are plenty of inclusive resorts located in Cancun that can meet your requirements. They are generally more expensive than the other hotel options in Cancun. However, they typically offer top-of-the-line amenities, including high-end dining options, liquor, and 24-hour room service.

If you’re looking for a less relaxed atmosphere, consider accommodation within the Lake Side area. These hotels are located on more than 3000 acres of lakeside property and provide all kinds of spa treatments, from golfing.

Modes of transport to visit Cancun resort from the las vegas strip.Modes of transport to visit Cancun resort from the las vegas strip.

If you’re planning to travel towards Cancun Resort from Las Vegas, Cancun Resort from Las Vegas, There are alternatives for transportation. Each type of transport comes with its advantages and disadvantages, and you should consider your budget as well as travel time and your comfort level before making a choice. These are the most commonly used ways to travel to Cancun Resort. Cancun Resort from the Las Vegas Strip:

Car Rental

Car rental is a popular choice for tourists visiting Las Vegas who want the freedom to explore the region at their own pace. Numerous car rental firms have their offices in McCarran International Airport which makes it simple to rent cars as soon as the moment you land in Las Vegas. The drive to Cancun Resort from the Strip is about 4-5 hours long, dependent on the traffic conditions and the road.


  • Allows you to explore the surrounding areas according to your timetable
  • Costs less than other transportation options when traveling in a group.


  • You must have a valid driver’s license and credit card
  • It can be costly, particularly when you have to rent an automobile for several days
  • It is possible to see a lot of traffic on the I-15, particularly during peak travel times.

Shuttle Service

Numerous companies provide shuttle service between Las Vegas to the Cancun Resort. These shuttles typically leave either from an airport or at a designated pickup point at the Strip. Prices differ depending on the company. However, you should expect to pay between $50 and $60 per person for an all-round ticket.


  • Pickup locations are easy to find, such as the airport, as well as the Strip
  • Costs are less than hiring a car you are traveling on your own or with smaller groups
  • It eliminates the need to travel on unfamiliar roads or manage congestion


  • Shuttle schedules aren’t as flexible as car rental schedules.
  • Sharing in a shuttle with passengers can result in more travel time or smaller legroom.

Private Car Service

If you’re looking for an extra luxurious method of transport, a private car service could be the right choice. Numerous companies provide private cars between Las Vegas to the Cancun Resort and the Cancun Resort at prices that range between $200 and $300 per way.


  • Large, comfortable vehicles that have plenty of legroom
  • Personalized service, including an experienced driver who will assist with luggage and provide suggestions to the surrounding region.
  • It is a great choice for special occasions or groups that desire an exclusive experience.


  • Costlier than other forms of transport
  • The booking may require prior confirmation


If you’re running short of time or don’t want to drive for a long time, taking a flight to Cancun Resort is another option. There are a variety of airlines operating flights directly from Las Vegas to Cancun, with non-stop flights that last about four hours. At the terminal, take an Uber or taxi to the resort.


  • Faster transportation times than taking a shuttle or using an on-demand shuttle
  • A lot more relaxing and less tiring more comfortable than a long drive
  • This is an excellent option for travelers looking to visit other parts of Mexico or the Caribbean


  • Much more expensive than driving or using the shuttle
  • Schedules for airlines may not be quite as adaptable as rentals

Tips for visiting Cancun Resort and what to expect

Cancun is a well-known resort spot on the eastern coastline of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It is awash in stunning blue waters and white-sand beaches, as well as a variety of tourist attractions and activities which make it a top destination for anyone looking for an unwinding vacation. Here are some helpful tips to help you plan your trip to Cancun and what to expect during your visit.

The best moment to go to Cancun

The ideal time to go to Cancun is between November and March when the weather is pleasant and warm. It is also dry and cool. It coincides with the high season, which means large crowds and higher costs. If you’re seeking a more cost-effective time to visit, you should consider visiting between May and November. But this time of year is also storm season, so verify the weather forecast before booking your travel plans.

Moving around Cancun

Cancun offers a reliable and inexpensive public transportation system, which includes taxis, buses, and shared vans known as colectivos. Buses are the least expensive alternative, and travel along the Hotel Zone and into downtown Cancun. Taxis are more expensive; however, they are the most convenient and secure method of transport. Colectivos are a type of shared van which travels on the main road and can be a fantastic alternative for traveling to places beyond Cancun.

Accommodations in Cancun

Cancun provides a variety of accommodation choices, including all-inclusive luxury hotels, budget-friendly accommodations, and vacation rental properties. If you’re seeking a restful and stress-free holiday, an all-inclusive resort could be the best choice for you. If you’d prefer the freedom of exploring Cancun and the surrounding areas by yourself and have a budget, a holiday rental could be more suitable.

Things to do in Cancun.

Cancun is famous for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water; however, it has numerous activities and sights. A few of the most well-known things to do during your stay in Cancun include:

Traveling to Chichen Itza:

This ancient Mayan city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most well-known archeological locations in Mexico.

Discovering Isla Mujeres:

This small island is situated off the coastline of Cancun and is a paradise for beach lovers with snorkeling as well as a relaxed style.

Swim with dolphins:

Cancun is home to several dolphinariums in which you can swim, play with dolphins, and discover more about intelligent marine mammals.

Food and shopping:

Cancun offers a wide range of markets, shopping malls, and restaurants where you can taste traditional Mexican cuisine and pick up souvenirs.

Beaches in Cancun

The beaches of Cancun are among the most stunning beaches in the world and should be visited during your visit. The most famous Beach in Cancun is called the Hotel Zone, which is 14 miles of pure white sand with crystal-clear waters. Other popular beaches within Cancun comprise Playa Delfines, Playa Tortugas Playa Delfines, along with Playa Marlin.

Safety in Cancun

Cancun is generally considered a safe place to visit for tourists. However, it is important to be aware of any problems that could arise. Be aware of the surroundings, particularly in evening, and don’t carry huge sums of cash or expensive things. Make sure you stay in well-lit, frequented areas. Don’t leave your possessions at the beach.


How far is it from the Las Vegas Strip to the Cancun Resort?

The Cancun Resort is approximately 5 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip.

From the Cancun Resort to the Las Vegas Strip, how long does it take to get there?

From the Cancun Resort to the Las Vegas Strip, it can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on traffic.

How can I get from the Cancun Resort to the Las Vegas Strip using public transportation?

Taxis, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, and rental cars are some of the options for getting from the Cancun Resort to the Las Vegas Strip. Additionally, shuttles and buses are available for public transportation.

Is it worthwhile to stop at any landmarks or attractions on the way from the Cancun Resort to the Las Vegas Strip?

On the way from the Cancun Resort to the Las Vegas Strip, you should stop at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, the Bellagio fountains, and the High Roller Observation Wheel, among other attractions and landmarks.

What amount does it cost to go from the Cancun Resort to the Las Vegas Strip through taxi or ride-sharing administrations?

Depending on the time of day and the traffic, taking a taxi or using ride-sharing services to get from the Cancun Resort to the Las Vegas Strip can cost a lot. A one-way trip can run anywhere from $15 to $25 on average.