How Far is Seattle From the Canadian Border?

How Far is Seattle From the Canadian Border?

How Far is Seattle From the Canadian Border?

If you’re planning to travel between Seattle to Vancouver, BC, you might be wondering what distance you’ll need to travel. There are numerous border crossings within Washington state that you can travel across between the U.S. into Canada. The most popular crossing will be the Peace Arch. Peace Arch.

The trip between Seattle to Vancouver takes around an hour, and 28 mins, as well Interstate-5 North is the most convenient route. If you want to explore further, the beautiful Chuckanut Drive is a half hour from I-5 and provides stunning perspectives from Puget Sound.

How Far is Seattle From the Canadian Border?

Peace Arch State Park

Peace Arch Peace Arch is a 67-foot monument that spans the boundary that separates Washington as well as Canada. It was created by railroad engineer Sam Hill and was completed in September 1921. It was built to commemorate the agreements between Ghent and Rush-Bagot, signed in 1814 and 1817 by the King of England and the president of the United States, Monroe.

This park was the site of numerous peaceful protests, for instance, a protest in May 1970. hundreds of Canadians were gathered in the park to remove U.S. flags and vandalize Blaine buildings before the police as well as Blaine citizens, returned them across the border in a flurry of fists and nightsticks.

For most, it’s an amazing place with beautiful flowers and lush lawns, but there’s something more to Peace Arch State Park that makes it unique. It’s a place for those looking to reconnect with their loved ones across the border and without a passport.

In the wake of the COVID-19 shutdowns along with travel limitations, a little bit of normalcy has been uncovered in this park that is unique in the sense that residents from across the country can be reunited and share their experiences. It’s a blessing for Bill Zuidmeer, who lives 7 miles to the South of this park; it’s an opportunity to see his son Peter and visit his wife Denise and their kids.

He and his family have been to the park numerous times since December’s diagnosis of terminal kidney cancer. The last time they visited that he took, his fellow Mounties in Canada blocked his attempts to take his son to the park. However, Bill was allowed in his father’s lap and enjoyed one brief moment of affection.

There are a lot of activities at Peace Arch State Park, and it can be challenging to navigate through during peak periods. We suggest you check out our website for real-time weather conditions, traffic, traffic, and waiting times at the border to make sure that you’re able to get there in time.

While it’s a favorite location to get together with relatives, it can become crowded. In the summertime, when the crowds are high, it is common to see more than 3,500 cars passing by Peace Arch at any given moment. This can lead to long waiting times for people entering the United States or Canada.

Peace Arch Border Crossing

It’s the Peace Arch Border Crossing, situated at the intersection of Highway 99 along with Interstate 5, is the main link between Blaine, Washington, and the Canadian town of Surrey. It’s the third-busiest border crossing in the U.S. and Canada, with as many as 4800 vehicles crossing the border daily at peak times.

The main highway that runs along the coast of the West straddles the international border here. Northbound Highway 99 to Vancouver, 20 miles away, and Southbound Interstate 5 to Seattle and Los Angeles. While commercial traffic isn’t allowed (trucks use the Pacific Highway crossing to the east), This is one of the busiest crossings along the border, and wait times can run up to four hours during high traffic.

At the junction with this sprawling road as well as the highway is The Peace Arch, a marble monument that commemorates one hundred years of peaceful relations between the U.S. as well as Canada. It was constructed around 1921 by the late Samuel “Sam” Hill, a wealthy railroad executive who considered that the United States and Canada should be friends.

A green lawn that covers the area between the Ports of Entry and the separated lanes of traffic going to the North and South, the unique international parking area is a part of Peace Arch State Park. It offers visitors the opportunity to play, kick the ball around, go to toilets for public use on the Canadian side, or just explore the attractions.

This is where the U.S. and Canada officially meet on the Pacific Coast, as the border abuts railroad tracks within Boundary Bay. Five range towers mark the boundary across the water, which protrude from the shore. They are there until the border is re-established 12.5 miles further away from Point Roberts.

Although Peace Arch Peace Arch provides the easiest way to enter British Columbia along the entire state of Washington, It is also often blocked because of the high number of visitors and the necessity for border officers to carry out inspections and other duties. That’s why border officials suggest that travelers go through different entry points.

If you’re in the area, consider taking a ferry ride from Port Angeles to Seattle or Vancouver. This is a well-known option as it’s a cost-effective option to visit both countries and gain a better understanding of the life of these two incredible cities. There are many things to enjoy and experience in these cities, such as hiking and swimming.

Pacific Highway CrossingPacific Highway Crossing

It is the Pacific Highway Crossing is a border crossing that connects Blaine, Washington, and Surrey, British Columbia, on the Canada-US border. The crossing is situated on the Pacific Highway, which runs from San Diego to Vancouver, and is among the most popular commercial routes connecting both the United States and Canada.

Border crossings are open all day, with plenty of services available for travelers. There are many duty-free shops, and you can take up to $200 worth of merchandise across the border in an all-day trip.

It is also possible to purchase the NEXUS card at $50 and use it to avoid the lines. It’s recommended to verify the weather forecast before your trip and call Washington’s 511 hotlines for the most up-to-date travel information.

Another option for tourists is to drive one of the Sea-to-Sky Highways, a scenic route along the coastline from Seattle to Vancouver. The drive is breathtaking, and it takes approximately an hour to reach the Canadian border.

When traveling to Canada is important to prepare for additional time in the event of delays in traffic or unexpected issues. Fortunately, Canada Border Services Agency provides an efficient, regularly updated border tracker that identifies delays and waiting times.

If you’re going to Canada with your family members, it’s suggested to plan a minimum of a full week to complete the drive and add a day in the event of delays or roadblocks. You’ll need time to travel to every stop you’d like to visit, including national parks.

Also, ensure you are stocked with water and food. Additionally, you must have the required travel documents, like a NEXUS card and a Free or Secure Trade (FAST) card. If you’re planning to take animals to the border, ensure that you have all the required paperwork and permits in hand.

If you’re traveling in an automobile rental, It is best to choose the nearest border crossing to your destination. Utilizing the ArriveCAN app is an excellent method to ensure that you have all of your travel documents and details in order before crossing the border. The app lets you upload all your documents to easily be recognized once you enter the Canadian customs zone.

Lynden/Aldergrove Crossing

The Lynden/Aldergrove crossing is an entry point connecting the city of Lynden, Washington, and the city of Aldergrove, British Columbia. It is a great alternative for those visiting the area who have to traverse a border between the U.S. and Canada crossing.

The entry point is run by United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in collaboration with Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). It is located on Highway 13/0 Avenue in Lynden, BC, about 15 km east of downtown Lynden.

Although the crossing is mostly utilized to transport trucks, a substantial number of passenger vehicles traverse this entry point. The crossing is among the most frequent ones in the Lower Mainland.

As the volume of traffic in Lynden/Aldergrove rise, so do the length of time needed to complete an entire journey. In peak times, waiting times at this border can run for three hours or more.

To increase capacity and facilitate travel across the Lynden/Aldergrove bridge, The Canadian, as well as American governments have financed the $25.5-million broadening project for Highway 13. The project has already benefited local traffic as well as commercial vehicles, as well as international travelers. Will benefit when the restrictions currently in place are lifted.

In addition to improving transportation, new lanes can also help drivers reduce congestion on major roads within the region. The southbound truck lane will be capable of handling more traffic, while those traveling northbound will be equipped with an extra lane reserved for vehicles with slower speeds.

The Lynden/Aldergrove border crossing is an option that is popular in comparison to the Peace Arch and Blaine border crossings for commercial and general traffic. It’s just not as efficient as other alternatives, and it’s a good idea to choose an alternative route that gets you there in a shorter time.

For instance, if you plan to travel across the border through Bellingham, WA, the best route is to travel via Pacific Highway. This will help you save time and money since it’s a much more direct method of getting between Bellingham and the point of crossing.

Another option is taking an Uber or cab from Bellingham toward Lynden/Aldergrove. There are a variety of companies that provide this service, and you can purchase tickets on the internet if you’d rather use an app or website called Moovit App or website to find directions as well as schedules for buses and trains that go to The Lynden/Aldergrove Border crossing Assessment.

How many miles will it take from Seattle to the Canadian border?How many miles will it take from Seattle to the Canadian border?

Seattle is within the State of Washington and has the frontier to Canada towards the North. The distance from Seattle to the United States-Canada State border depends on the crossing point you choose, and the most well-known and convenient cross-border crossing spot is Peace Arch Border Crossing in Blaine, Washington. This article will help you know about the distance that runs from Seattle up to the Canadian border.

Distances between Seattle to Peace Arch Border Crossing

Distance from the city of Seattle up to the Peace Arch Border Crossing is approximately 103 miles (166 kilometers). The distance is covered in about two hours in a car, dependent on the conditions of the road. If you intend to travel during peak traffic times, it is advised that you allow extra time for your journey.

Other Border Crossings

Other than the Peace Arch Border Crossing, numerous border crossings connect Washington State and Canada. They include those at the Sumas Border Crossing, located about 100 miles (161 km) east of Seattle, and The Point Roberts Border Crossing, located about forty miles (64 km) south of Vancouver, Canada. The distances between Seattle to these border crossings could vary, but they are typically similar to those towards those crossings at the Peace Arch Border Crossing.

Travel Times

The time it takes to travel between Seattle up to Canada border can differ greatly according to various factors such as traffic, the timing of the day, and the season. When there is a high demand for travel, like holidays or weekend weekends in summer, travel times are often extended because of the increased flow of people at border crossings. Furthermore, the winter weather, like snow, ice, or snow, could impact travel times and make travel difficult.

Modes of Transportation

There are many ways of transport available to travel between Seattle and the Canada border. The most well-known method of transportation is to travel by car because it gives the greatest flexibility and ease of use. Renting cars is readily available in Seattle. Many individuals choose to drive themselves toward the borders. Public transportation is also accessible, such as trains and buses that take you to border crossing points. However, these alternatives may require more planning and not be the same as driving.

Crossing the Border

If you are crossing the Canada-United States border, it’s important to carry the proper documentation, such as a valid passport or other acceptable identification documents.


How close is Seattle to the border with Canada?

About 100 miles (161 kilometers) south of the Canadian border is Seattle.

How much time does driving from Seattle to the Canadian border take?

Depending on traffic and border crossing wait times, driving time from Seattle to the Canadian border is approximately two hours.

The crossing between Seattle and Canada is known by what name?

The Peace Arch Border Crossing is the primary crossing point between Seattle and Canada. It is situated in Surrey, British Columbia, and Blaine, Washington.

From Seattle, what kinds of documents are necessary to cross the Canadian border?

You will need a valid passport or a passport card to cross the Canadian border from Seattle. Depending on your nationality, you may also require a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

What popular Canadian cities are accessible from Seattle?

Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, and Banff National Park are a few popular Canadian destinations from Seattle.

From Seattle, are there any fees or tolls required to cross the Canadian border?

To cross the Canadian border from Seattle, there are no fees or tolls. However, you might be required to pay a fee to enter a Canadian national park or use some services or facilities.