How Far Is Lake Arrowhead?

How Far Is Lake Arrowhead?

How Far Is Lake Arrowhead?

Lake Arrowhead is a stunning piece of paradise in the San Bernardino Mountains, offering travelers a true escape from everyday life. With plenty of activities, including camping and wildlife sightings, this Southern California gem will make your trip memorable.

While many visitors visit the area for a day trip, some stay in Arrowhead. This is a great option, as plenty of charming hotels and resorts exist.


Lake Arrowhead is a charming alpine town located in the San Bernardino Mountains that offers a true escape from busy urban life. It’s less than two hours from Los Angeles and is a popular destination for locals and tourists.

The town is home to several hiking trails with different difficulty levels. They are all surrounded by beautiful scenery and a variety of plants.

Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Lake Arrowhead, with trout, bass, and carp all inhabiting the lake. You can also rent a boat and cruise on the lake to view the beautiful homes around the area.

When fishing, it’s important to position yourself at an angle that won’t spook the trout. This means positioning yourself 45-90 degrees from the fish and letting your fly land on the water without going over the top or floating through the drift.

In addition to fishing, Lake Arrowhead is a popular place for water skiing. Several places to rent a boat, such as McKenzie Water Ski School. The lake is a great place to bring the family and enjoy a day of fun in the sun.


Lake Arrowhead offers many hiking opportunities for visitors to experience the area’s breathtaking natural beauty. You can choose from easy trails for beginners to longer hikes for more experienced trekkers.

Hiking is a great way to exercise muscles, boost energy levels, and improve mood. It also increases your exposure to sunlight, which is good for your immune system and bone health.

In addition to the fitness benefits, hiking is a great way to get in touch with nature. When you hike, you become more aware of your surroundings and the environment, which can help you better manage stress and anxiety.

When you hike on more challenging terrain, it will increase your heart rate and strengthen your muscles. It will also improve your balance and coordination, which can help you avoid falls.

The trails in Lake Arrowhead are beautiful and offer various scenery depending on the time of year. For example, you might see waterfalls, wildflowers, or fall foliage.

Another popular trail is the Heart Rock Trail, a one-mile hike leading to a large rock indentation resembling a heart symbol. This is a fun and family-friendly hike you can do during any season.


For those who love the outdoors, camping is a great way to experience all Lake Arrowhead offers. The San Bernardino National Forest is home to many scenic campsites, most of which feature a view of the nearby mountains.

The campgrounds near Lake Arrowhead are also popular with visitors in the summer and fall, especially 3 Day weekends and holidays like the Fourth of July. During these times, campgrounds fill up quickly, so reserve your spot early.

Among the most popular campsites around Lake Arrowhead are those at Lake Arrowhead State Park. This Texas state park offers 67 RV sites with electric and water hookups, a paved boat ramp, and restrooms.

These campsites are ideal for families with children. Each site has a fire ring and picnic table.

Aside from the RV campgrounds, Lake Arrowhead has several other options for those looking to spend some time away from the noise and crowds of city life. Some of the best camping spots in the area include Cedar Glen, Skypark, and Rimforest.

There are plenty of things to do in Lake Arrowhead throughout the year, but winter is particularly special. You can visit the local skate rink if you’re a skating fan. If you’re not a skating fan, there are several winter activities to choose from, including skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, and snowshoeing.


If you’re looking for a destination that offers beautiful mountain scenery, wildlife, and a peaceful vacation vibe, Lake Arrowhead is the perfect place to go. It’s also a popular vacation spot for those who love nature and outdoor activities, like hiking, skiing, and fishing.

A great way to see the beauty of Lake Arrowhead is by hiking the surrounding trails. There are plenty of options, from easy walks to difficult hikes, accessible year-round.

Hiking is an ideal way to enjoy the natural environment of Lake Arrowhead and is a fantastic activity for families with children. Many family-friendly hikes offer different difficulty levels, with scenic views and seasonal treats like wildflowers, fall foliage, or snow.

Another great trail is Heaps Peak Arboretum, which features educational displays about the local flora and fauna. This 1-mile loop is ideal for families with young kids and is especially appealing in spring, summer, and autumn when it’s full of colorful blooms.

Another option is to try water skiing, a great family activity. There are several water ski schools in the area, and you can even tour the lake on a paddle-wheel boat called the Queen.


If you’re looking for a unique gift or something to wear, there are plenty of great shops around Lake Arrowhead. From a 1940s art deco gas station at Cedar Glen to an exquisite shop called Timberline in the Glen, you’ll find one-of-a-kind treasures that everyone on your list will love.

You can also stock up on gourmet essentials at The Lake House and grab some original art or cabin-style antiques at Split Rock. Plenty of stores carry local items, too, including evergreen in Crestline and Littlebear Bottleshop in Cedar Glen.

Shopping is a major part of the experience in Lake Arrowhead, with over 50 specialty shops, outlet stores, and restaurants lining the main street. It’s an ideal destination for a day trip, especially on weekends when you can enjoy free entertainment from musicians and children entertainers.

Snow Valley Mountain Resort in Running Springs is the perfect place to ski in the winter. Other activities include hiking, biking, and fishing, so you can keep the fun going no matter what time of year you visit. In addition, you can visit the astronomy village at Mountain Skies Astronomical Society for a fun night out.


A trip to Lake Arrowhead isn’t complete without a tasty meal. Whether with family, friends or on a first date, eating out can be fun to socialize and enjoy your surroundings.

Restaurants offer a wide range of meals that can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. They’re also a great place to get together and celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays or holidays.

One of the best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead is Stone Creek Bistro, a cozy American/French restaurant that offers an excellent meal. This family-owned and operated restaurant is a staple for those in the area.

Another great restaurant is Jetties Waterfront Kitchen + Drink, which serves American comfort food with a twist. They have a delicious menu of signature dishes like nachos, mac and cheese, and more.

You can even order drinks with a spectacular view of the lake! If you’re a wine lover, you can head to The Grapevine, which has an extensive selection of wines.

The restaurant is also a good spot to watch the game, especially if you’re traveling with kids. There’s a big outdoor patio with plenty of seating. There’s even live music on weekends!


In addition to year-round outdoor recreation and a healthy lifestyle, Lake Arrowhead offers a wide range of cultural activities. From astronomical exploration to live music performances, there is something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a night out, Lake Arrowhead Village hosts a free summer concert series on Friday and Saturday nights. The shows feature tribute bands and are super fun!

Besides concerts, the Tudor House has a dinner theater that showcases comedy nights, jazz, and a variety of other events. They also offer a champagne brunch on Sundays.

Other options for entertainment include the Mountain History Museum, which is dedicated to exploring the history of California. The museum has exhibits and galleries explaining the different events that have occurred over time.

Another popular attraction is the Sky Park at Santa’s Village, an adventure park with many exciting outdoor activities. It is a must-visit for people who want to have a great time with their family and friends.

In addition to all the great outdoor recreation, Lake Arrowhead offers a wide range of shopping and dining options. Some options are in Lake Arrowhead Village, while others are in Blue Jay, Cedar Glen, Sky Forest, and Twin Peaks.

How Far Is Lake Arrowhead? A Better Guide To Know

Lake Arrowhead is a popular resort town in the San Bernardino Mountains of California. It is a picturesque location known for its stunning lake, forested areas, and outdoor recreation opportunities. If you are planning a trip to Lake Arrowhead, you may wonder how far it is from your current location or how long it will take you to get there. This guide will explore the distance to Lake Arrowhead from various cities and provide information on travel times, routes, and transportation options.

Distance To Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead is located approximately 85 miles east of Los Angeles, California. The exact distance to Lake Arrowhead will depend on your starting location.

Here Is A Breakdown Of The Approximate Distances To Lake Arrowhead From Several Major Cities:

  • San Diego, CA: 130 miles
  • Las Vegas, NV: 220 miles
  • Phoenix, AZ: 370 miles
  • Salt Lake City, UT: 680 miles
  • San Francisco, CA: 480 miles

Travel Times To Lake Arrowhead

Travel times to Lake Arrowhead will depend on several factors, including your starting location, mode of transportation, and traffic conditions.

Here Is A Breakdown Of Approximate Travel Times To Lake Arrowhead From Several Major Cities:

  • Los Angeles, CA: 1.5 – 2 hours
  • San Diego, CA: 2.5 – 3 hours
  • Las Vegas, NV: 4.5 – 5 hours
  • Phoenix, AZ: 6.5 – 7 hours
  • Salt Lake City, UT: 10 – 11 hours
  • San Francisco, CA: 7 – 8 hours

Transportation Options To Lake Arrowhead

The most common mode of transportation to Lake Arrowhead is by car. The town is off State Route 18, accessed from Interstate 15 or 215. If driving from Los Angeles, take the 10 East to the 215 North and 210 East. Exit Waterman Ave and turn left, following the signs for Highway 18 to Lake Arrowhead.

If you are flying into Southern California, the nearest major airport is the Ontario International Airport, which is located approximately 40 miles west of Lake Arrowhead. You can rent a car from the airport and drive to Lake Arrowhead. In addition, shuttle services will take you directly to Lake Arrowhead.

Another transportation option is the Mountain Area Regional Transit Authority (MARTA) bus system. The MARTA bus system provides transportation to and from Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding areas. MARTA operates year-round and offers daily service.


In conclusion, Lake Arrowhead is a beautiful destination worth the trip. Whether you are driving from Los Angeles or flying in from out of state, plenty of transportation options are available to get you to Lake Arrowhead. With its stunning lake, forests, and outdoor recreation opportunities, Lake Arrowhead is a popular destination for travelers from all over.


Is Lake Arrowhead worth visiting?

The water in Lake Arrowhead is one of the main attractions. Powerboating, fishing, and other activities including narrated cruises and water-ski lessons are all available to visitors. These activities are enjoyed by visitors all year long, although summer is when they are most common.

What is better Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead?

Due to its seclusion and slower pace of life, many people refer to Lake Arrowhead as their home away from home. More people and activities are available because Big Bear is a more popular vacation spot.

What is Lake Arrowhead known for?

Lake Arrowhead is a breathtakingly lovely, small, and charming mountain resort paradise with a wide range of outdoor leisure opportunities, including hiking, trekking, bicycling, water and snow skiing, fishing, and much more.

What celebrities live in Lake Arrowhead CA?

Here, even infamous gangster Bugsy Siegel had land. In more recent years, famous people including Roseanne Barr, Pam Dawber, Mark Harmon, Sammy Hagar, and Heather Locklear have opted to spend at least a portion of the year living on the lake.

Do people live in Lake Arrowhead?

There are 9,647 people living in the Californian town of Lake Arrowhead. In the county of San Bernardino is Lake Arrowhead. Residents of Lake Arrowhead enjoy a rural lifestyle, and the majority own their houses. In Lake Arrowhead, where a lot of young professionals reside, the majority of people are conservative.

Can I swim in Lake Arrowhead?

Although Lake Arrowhead is a fantastic swimming spot, you should always use caution. Treatments for Lakeweed – Check the calendar to see when treatments for Lakeweed are planned.