How Far Is Akumal From Tulum?

How Far Is Akumal From Tulum?

How Far Is Akumal From Tulum?

Tulum And Akumal are 30 kilometers apart on the same stretch along the Caribean coastline, yet they could not be more distinct.

Its laid-back lifestyle with its laid-back lifestyle, authentic Mexican vibe, and spectacular Caribbean beaches, Akumal offers a more laid-back and authentic as compared to its bigger counterpart in Tulum.

If you’re looking for an unwinding getaway from the ever-busy Riviera Maya area, Akumal could be an excellent alternative. The beaches aren’t as busy, and the area is renowned for its efforts to preserve the natural environment and wildlife.

How Far Is Akumal From Tulum?How Far Is Akumal From Tulum?


Tulum And Akumal are situated just sixteen miles (27 km) separated, making them relatively easy to travel from one another. However, the time to travel will vary depending on your choice of mode of transportation and other factors that affect traffic.

The most well-known method to get between them is via automobile. There are various rental companies at the airport, and costs start at USD 30 for a day.

If you’re traveling with a tight budget, you could take an accessible public transport vehicle, a colectivo. The buses operate from Playa del Carmen to Tulum continuously and are the most affordable alternative.

Another alternative to consider is to take a taxi. You can arrange an appointment for a private transfer ahead of time or just take one on the day you arrive. The cost will depend on what route you wish to travel; it could be as low as $117.

If you want a luxury travel experience, it is possible to rent an automobile for yourself and take it on a drive. This is the most efficient way to explore Tulum and Akumal If you wish to discover everything you can in your travel plan.

The towns are home to a variety of hotels; however, If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the traditional culture of the area, your best choice is a private vacation rental. They are typically available at various price ranges, from fully equipped studios to multi-family luxury estates.

Although both towns are famous for their beach, Akumal offers a distinct vibe. It’s smaller and less busy than Tulum, which makes it easy to find a space to sit and relax or relax in a refreshing pool.

The water is cleaner and clearer in Akumal. The bays are protected from crashing waves, and the water is safe to swim in.

Alongside beaches, Akumal also has numerous cenotes, which are underground lakes with rich fish and marine life. These cenotes are generally closed to visitors, which means you can explore them by yourself, without crowds.

In the end, if you’re traveling with kids, Akumal is safer than Tulum. It has more bays, and smaller waves, making it the perfect option for families with children who love to swim.

Travel TimeTravel Time

There are several options to travel between Akumal to Tulum according to your needs and budget. Some travelers prefer taxis, while others travel by van or bus.

The bus ride between Akumal to Tulum is about 30 minutes. A lot of buses stop on Highway 307. It is also possible to catch a colectivo (a shared white van) that travels both ways along Highway 307 for a fraction of the cost of taxis or hiring the car.

Collectivos are a cheap method of getting around Mexico and are continuously running between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. They typically stop every ten minutes and cost about USD 1. They can be a fantastic alternative to taxis and rental vehicles when traveling between two locations.

If you are on a Colectivo, you must inform the driver where you are when they stop and then ask for the price for your destination. It’s easier than shouting from the rear of the vehicle, and they usually can tell where they are If you inquire.

After you’ve left the bus in the center of Tulum and arrived, it will take 30 to 40 minutes to arrive at your hotel. The drivers only take small amounts of money, and you should have some cash on the go.

Suppose you’re looking to explore the Mayan ruin and may book tours right in Tulum. It’s a cheaper option to visit Tulum’s ancient city instead of booking through a tour operator, and it is a great day out from the resort town on the beach.

Although the ruins aren’t the same size as those found in Bacalar, it’s worth a visit. The ruins are stunning, and you’ll feel like you’re walking on the path of the old Mayan culture.

Alongside the ruin, Tulum is a great spot to spend time partying. There are a variety of kinds of nightlife activities to choose from, including spiritual events that attract those who belong to the “natural medicine” crowd. Ayahuasca, marijuana, or toad licking are well-known forms of partying in this region of Mexico.

Getting There

Akumal is situated within the State of Quintana. The town is one of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches. It is located in the Caribbean Sea and sits south of Cancun, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

To reach Akumal, there are several options to travel to Akumal, such as taxis and public transport (ADO busses) or car rentals. Taxi costs aren’t cheap; however, if you make online reservations in advance, you can help you save money.

If you do not have a ton of baggage and are looking for the cheapest option, then taxis could be a good option since they’re cheaper than transfers with private chauffeurs. However, if you’ve got lots of luggage or want the most comfortable method to travel, you must think about renting a vehicle or making a reservation for a shuttle before your trip.

You can hire cars from Cancun airport or, if you reside within the city itself, you can find numerous firms that provide transfer options between Cancun towards Akumal. The most well-known firms are Caribe Shuttle, this company has very reasonable costs and has many vehicles.

Cars are the best method of travel if you’re planning to explore the region and experience the best sights. You can also go on day trips to other parts of the Yucatan Peninsula, like Tulum, Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins, and Valladolid.

If you’ve rented a vehicle, ensure that you follow the directions provided with it. You should also drive along Highway 307 – this is an extremely well-maintained road with four lanes that are located along the coast and are easily navigated in a small car or SUV. Under the weather and traffic conditions, expect to reach the Akumal area in approximately 1.5 hours.

You can also decide to lease an open-top van for $26. This takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. It is possible to book this online, and if you’re traveling with an entire group of relatives or friends, this is the best option!

There are also taxi firms within the city that can be contacted and request to take you to the airport. They’re not as inexpensive; however, they can be more convenient when traveling to the terminal to a certain location within the city.

Things to Do

A few kilometers to the south of Playa del Carmen and just across the highway from Tulum, Akumal is a tiny town that has many activities to enjoy. The town is famous for scuba diving, but it also offers some fun attractions and eateries.

In addition, it’s an ideal spot to enjoy swimming alongside sea turtles! The sands of Akumal Beach are soft and white, and the water is clear and warm. The bay is shielded from the ravages of storms through a coral reef; therefore, the waves are calm and shallow.

Rent snorkel equipment and take guided tours to view turtles along the beach. There are a few shacks along the shoreline to purchase snacks and drinks.

If you’re seeking something more thrilling, Vea ATV tours offer a unique taste of the local experience in Akumal. In these excursions, guests will whiz around inefficient vehicles and under the native species of macaques and amid lush, dense local wildlife!

Another intriguing option is visiting Acktun Chen, an underground park with a wide array of Mayan ruins and freshwater pools. The clear water is believed to be sacred to the ancient Mayans. The park’s animals include tall-tail deer, spider monkeys, and the agoutis.

There’s also a Cenote in the park, ideal for splashing around and unwinding. Dos Ojos Cenote Dos Ojos Cenote can be one of the most popular places to swim, and the admission costs are affordable for a cenote.

In the end, you can go to Acktun Chen’s zoo, which is home to a range of animal species. Apart from monkeys, there are various species of tropical birds as well as exotic plant species.

There aren’t many hotels in Akumal. There are an array of affordable accommodations to pick from. There are also luxury lodges that combine local materials with modern touches, such as copper tubs and private pools.

Mode Of Transportation For Akumal From Tulum?Mode Of Transportation For Akumal From Tulum?

If you’re looking to travel between Tulum to Akumal, There are many ways of transport available. Based on your time and budget, and personal preferences, you can select the best option. In the following article, we’ll look at the most popular ways of transportation to Akumal and Tulum.


Taxis are one of the easiest methods of getting between Tulum from Akumal. Taxis are easily found near Tulum’s bus station or the main highway. The trip takes approximately 30 minutes, and the cost is around 300-400 Mexican pesos ($15 to USD 20), dependent on the time of day and taxi service you pick. Taxis are an excellent choice if traveling with a large group or carrying heavy baggage.


The Colectivo can be described as a type of van that runs along fixed roads. They are located near the Tulum bus station or along the main highway. The ride lasts about 30 minutes and costs around 35 Mexican pesos (USD 1.75) per person. Colectivos are an excellent option for those who are on a tight budget and aren’t afraid to share the ride with others. However, they are often noisy and uncomfortable, particularly at peak times.


ADO bus has become a very popular choice for travel from Tulum in Mexico and Akumal. The bus can be accessed at Tulum’s bus station, which takes approximately 45 minutes. The bus operates every hour and costs forty Mexican Pesos (2 dollars) for each person. The ADO bus is an excellent alternative if you are looking for an air-conditioned and comfortable journey. But, you might have to walk a little to get from your bus station to get to your final destination, which is Akumal.

Rental Car

If you’d prefer your own car, then you can hire an automobile from Tulum and drive it to Akumal. There are a variety of car rental firms in Tulum, and the price will vary based on the type of vehicle as well as the rental time. The drive will take approximately 20 minutes, and there’s plenty of parking in Akumal. The rental of a car provides the ability to explore the region at your own pace and explore nearby places.


If you like cycling and want to learn more about it, you can hire bicycles in Tulum and then ride them through Akumal. The ride is about one hour and is a wonderful opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery as you travel. There are many rental stores in Tulum that offer bikes available for rental, and the price varies based on the kind of bike and the duration of the rental. Cycling is a great option for those who want to be active and take advantage of the outdoors.

In the end, there are many options of transportation available for traveling between Tulum to Akumal. Based on your personal preferences, budget, time, and travel plans, you’ll be able to choose the best option. If you decide to use a taxi, colectivo, ADO bus or rental vehicle, or bicycle, you’re sure to appreciate the gorgeous landscape and sights throughout the journey.


How far is it between Akumal and Tulum?

By car, the distance between Akumal and Tulum is around 25 kilometres (15.5 miles).

How long does it take to drive by automobile from Akumal to Tulum?

Depending on traffic and road conditions, the travel from Akumal to Tulum takes around 25 to 30 minutes.

What is the most convenient method to get from Akumal to Tulum?

Traveling by automobile from Akumal to Tulum is the most convenient and popular option, whether hiring a car or using a cab. Buses and colectivos (shared vans) also travel between the two destinations.

Is there anything worth seeing or visiting on the route from Akumal to Tulum?

Indeed, there are a number of tourist sites and attractive locations to explore on the journey from Akumal to Tulum, including Xel-Ha Park, Tulum Mayan Ruins, and the Gran Cenote.

How much does it cost to take a cab from Akumal to Tulum?

Taxis from Akumal to Tulum vary in price based on the time of day and the cab provider. It might cost between 300 and 500 pesos on average (15 to 25 USD).

Is biking from Akumal to Tulum possible?

Indeed, biking from Akumal to Tulum is doable, and it is a favourite activity for fitness fanatics and environment lovers. It is crucial to mention, however, that the route might be difficult owing to the mountainous terrain and frequent traffic, thus it is only suggested for experienced riders.