How Far Is Assateague Island From Ocean City, Maryland?

How Far Is Assateague Island From Ocean City, Maryland?

How Far Is Assateague Island From Ocean City, Maryland?

An island of rustic beauty with 37 miles of sandy beaches, salt marshes, coastal bays, and maritime forests, Assateague is a refuge for wildlife. It is the most extensive ecological barrier island in all Middle Atlantic states.

The 37-mile-long Island is in a National and State Park, offering swimming, camping, canoeing, kayaking, and surfing opportunities. It’s located off the coasts of Maryland along with Virginia.

How Far Is Assateague Island From Ocean City, Maryland?

How to Get There

There are many options to travel to Assateague Island from Ocean City. The most efficient method is via flight and train, but taxis and buses are other alternatives.

Assateague is a gorgeous area located between Maryland and Virginia and Virginia, featuring wind-swept shores, salt marshes as well as maritime forests. It’s a wonderful area for exploring on foot or via bicycle. You can also go on the kayak or paddleboard tour on the entire Island.

This Island has become a sought-after place to fish, and you can take a whale-watching cruise. In summer there is a chance to see dolphins playing in the sea.

A visit through Assateague is an experience for all the family members, especially if you’re traveling with children. There are miles of beaches as well as bike trails, and acres of natural habitats.

When you’re there, do not forget to look out for horses roaming free. The two herds comprise horses that reside on Assateague Island. The Chincoteague Herd is situated on the Virginia side of the park. On the other hand, its Assateague herd is located on the Maryland side of the park.

The herds are administered through the National Park Service. There’s a fence between two herds, and you’ll be wary of wandering too close to them or letting them traverse your path.

It’s recommended to go to Assateague at the beginning of the day to get good parking and avoid gridlock. Also, you should take plenty of time to enjoy watching the stars at night.

When you’re done enjoying the Island, it’s a great idea to visit The Brant to pick up souvenirs and gifts. The Brant has a variety of driftwood and pearl items to take home to keep a memory of your visit to Assateague.


Assateague Island is a great spot to experience the beauty of nature in Maryland and Virginia. There are many outdoor activities, such as beach-combing and swimming, surf kayaking, crabbing, horseback riding, fishing, and more.

In the course of its mandate As part of its mandate, as part of its mission, the National Park Service strives to maintain the ecosystem in Assateague Island as naturally as feasible. In reality, Assateague Island is considered one of the least developed within the United States.

Camping is a favorite activity on Assateague Island, and there are numerous campgrounds you can choose from. Campers can stay at beaches or within the forest, or even backcountry camping sites for those looking to enjoy a more private Assateague Island camping experience!

Bayside Drive-In Camping Ground is an ideal choice for tent or RV campers. The campground is located on the beach and provides tent camping sites with no hook-ups; however, it does offer vault toilets as well as access to water, as well as the dump station. There’s also a picnic table and a fire ring on each site. The cost is $30 per night to camp, right next to the beach.

Oceanside Walking-in Campsites are a different possibility in Assateague Island camping. The campsites are tent-only and are about 100-200 feet from the parking lot and include a fire pit as well as tables for picnics. Camping sites for groups are available for larger parties.

Apart from camping, Assateague Island National Seashore provides over sand vehicles (OSV) licenses that permit the driver to drive along the beach. This permit can be obtained through registration online or at the park.

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If you plan to hike, bike, or take a swim on Assateague Island, make sure that you’ve got the necessary equipment and supplies. The Island’s climate, as well as its habitat, can be rough at times, which is why it’s best to plan so that you are on a pleasant and safe trip.


Just south of Ocean City, Maryland, Assateague Island is a gorgeous and well-preserved piece of land that allows visitors to visit beaches with sandy shores, salt marshes, coastal forests, and coastal bays. It also houses wild dolphins, ponies, and birds, as well as a wide variety of marine creatures.

If you’re in search of an adventure in the outdoors, taking a canoe trip to Assateague Island is the perfect option to pass the time. You can go on a paddle through tranquil streams in search of wild ponies and eagles or take an excursion to observe the Island’s native animals in their natural surroundings.

There is also the option of kayaking along Assateague Island to explore its private coves. It’s a fantastic opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of the Island as well as its rich and fascinating historical past.

Kayaking can be a wonderful opportunity to be in touch with nature while enjoying time with friends or family. It’s also a great option to keep healthy.

Assateague Island is a popular place to canoe because it has a wealth of natural resources and a variety of wildlife species. It is possible to start your canoe at the boat ramp or go on the guided eco-tour.

The Island is split into two sections: the northern part of which is located in Maryland as well as the southern portion located in Virginia. The Maryland section is the home of Assateague State Park, and the Virginia section is the site of Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and Assateague Island National Seashore. Both areas offer similar amenities, like trails for hiking along with wild horses and access to beaches.


Assateague Island is one short drive from ocean city, Maryland, and is ideal for an afternoon trip or a weekend getaway. With its beaches, salt marshes, and maritime forest, Assateague is one of the most beautiful areas of Maryland.

Opportunities to fish available on Assateague Island are plentiful and diverse. From a simple walk along the beach to the thrilling adrenaline of catching the catch that will last a lifetime, surf fishing is a popular sport in Assateague Island.

The Virginia saltwater fishing permit is required for beach fishing. Additionally, you’ll require an after-hours permit to fish at the Toms Cove Visitor Center.

The spring and summer months are the ideal times to go fishing on Assateague Island. Flounder, striped bass, the Croaker, and kingfish are all prevalent in the surf and bay these months. Bull red drum can be caught off the beach if you’re willing to work hard at your fishing.

The fall season is also a great time to fish on Assateague Island. In the autumn, striped bass and Croaker are plentiful on the beaches, as are the red and black drum. In this season, you may also spot speckled sea trout and pompano.

Another exciting and fun way to fish Assateague Island is by kayak. Kayak tours are offered across both islands. Naturalists guide kayak trips as well as campfire talks and demonstrations on clamming daily from mid-June until Labor Day.

There are also a variety of hiking trails and a lifeguarded beach, and the Barrier Island Visitor Center. Barrier Island Tourist Center has located on each Virginia as well as the Maryland portion of Assateague Island. The Maryland district has a manned all day. The Virginia District has hours from all day, from dawn until dusk.

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If you’re looking for accommodation, Assateague Island is not without choices. There are everything from charming cottages to penthouses in the center of Ocean City and its famous boardwalk and numerous rental properties close to Chincoteague Island.

There is also the option of camping at beaches like the National Seashore or State Park. Both are open throughout the year or in Chincoteague’s charming town, where you can find a variety of vacation rentals. The summer brings the high season to Chincoteague, where the warm weather and calm waters are ideal for leisurely beaches.

If you’re seeking a relaxed vacation, you might want to choose the beachfront vacation rental that comes with an area for fishing or even tying up your boat. If you’re seeking adventure, you might want to consider an alternative that is more rustic, such as a private condominium on the beach.

If you’re a family or a couple, or even a bunch of buddies, Hotwire can help you to find the perfect hotel for your visit to Assateague Island National Seashore. Utilize the filters at the beginning of this webpage to narrow your search results and locate hotels that fit your style of travel and budget.

There’s plenty to do in Assateague Island National Seashore, including hikes and talks with rangers, to the possibility of kayaking and horseback riding (on the side of sound). The park offers three trails for nature, as well as a lifeguarded beach and a park headquarters where you can find out more about the background, wildlife, and environmental significance that is Assateague Island.

The journey To Assateague Island is simple; you can drive there or use the ferry. It’s a little less than three hours away from Washington, D.C. Head east through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and follow the road. 50 for the whole route. The route isn’t as crowded, and it takes you across the Harry Kelley Bridge instead of going through Ocean City.

How Long Will It Take To Travel To The Assateague Island From Ocean City, Maryland?How Long Will It Take To Travel To The Assateague Island From Ocean City, Maryland?

Assateague Island, located off the coast of Maryland and Virginia, is a favored spot for nature lovers, beach-goers, beach-goers, and outdoor fans. If you’re located in Ocean City, Maryland, you might wonder what it will take to travel there to Assateague Island and what transportation alternatives are available. We’ll go over an in-depth look at numerous ways to travel to Assateague Island from Ocean City and the time each one takes.


The most well-known method to reach Assateague Island from Ocean City is via car. The Island is situated about 8 miles to the south of Ocean City, and the journey takes about 15 minutes, based on traffic conditions and the exact location of Ocean City.


  • Flexibility: Driving allows you the freedom to go and come at your own pace and to explore this Island on your terms.
  • The convenience: When traveling in groups or with small children, driving might be a better option than public transport.
  • The scenic route: The road between Ocean City to Assateague Island is picturesque, offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the coastal marshes.


  • Parking: Parking on Assateague Island can be limited during peak seasons, and you may require arriving early to get a place.
  • Traffic: In peak seasons, the traffic can be a tidal wave along the road that connects Ocean City and Assateague Island. This can increase travel time.


Another method of traveling the Assateague Island from Ocean City is to travel by bicycle. There are numerous bike rental establishments within Ocean City, and the journey to the Island takes around 30-45 minutes, depending on your level of fitness and the route you choose.


  • A scenic ride: The bicycle journey between Ocean City to Assateague Island is beautiful, with views of the marshes and ocean.
  • Fitness: Biking is an ideal way to work out and take in the great outdoors.
  • Parking is not a problem: Parking is an issue cycling eliminates the need to locate a parking space at the end of the road.
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  • Physical exercise: Biking up to Assateague Island requires a certain degree of physical exertion, and it may not be suitable for all people.
  • Weather: Weather that is inclement, like high wind or rain, could make cycling to the Island challenging or risky.

Public Transportation

If you don’t want to take a bike or drive up to Assateague Island, there are many public transportation options in Ocean City.

Assateague Island National Seashore Shuttle:

It is the Assateague Island Seashore Shuttle that runs in the summer and offers transportation between the Assateague Island Visitor Center and various places located on the Island. The shuttle takes passengers from a variety of points located in Ocean City and takes approximately 30 minutes to arrive at the Island.


  • The convenience: The shuttle removes the necessity to drive or cycle to reach the Island.
  • The scenic route: The shuttle service affords stunning perspectives of the islands as well as their wildlife.
  • Parking is not an issue: In the event that parking becomes a problem, The shuttle will eliminate the requirement of finding parking spots in the area.


  • Schedules are limited: It operates on a restricted schedule and is not accessible at certain hours of the day or during the week.
  • The shuttle is crowded: At peak times, the shuttle may be full and not provide as much flexibility as biking or driving.

Ocean City Public Bus:

Ocean City Public Bus Ocean City Public Bus offers transport from Ocean City and several destinations, including the Assateague Islands Visitor Center. The trip takes about 45 minutes.


  • Convenience: The bus service is an easy way to get to the Island without the need for bicycles or a car.
  • Cost-effective: Public transportation is a cheap transport option.


How do you get to Assateague Island from Ocean City?

Road 611 to Assateague Island is reached by turning right a few miles outside of Ocean City. Invoking V.A. Beach Continue on U.S. 13 North after exiting the Bay Bridge Tunnel, then take U.S. 113 North in the direction of Snow Hill/Ocean City. To get to Assateague Island, turn right onto MD 376, then turn right onto MD 611.

How far are the wild horses from Ocean City Maryland?

In the vicinity of Ocean City, Maryland, and Chincoteague, Virginia, wild ponies from Assateague Island roam the seashore. The north entrance of Assateague is eight miles from Ocean City, while its south entrance is 1/4 mile east of Chincoteague.

How long does it take to get to Assateague Island from Ocean City Maryland?

in the heart of Ocean City. By travelling Route 50 West from Ocean City and turning left onto Road 611, which finishes at Assateague Island, one can reach the Maryland portion of Assateague Island. Around a 15-20 minute journey, depending on Route 50 traffic.

Is Assateague Island worth a visit?

It is worthwhile to visit both sides of the park if you have the time. Assateague is renowned for its stunning beaches and ponies. The wildlife refuge, woodlands, and marshes of Chincoteague are well-known.

What is the best month to visit Assateague Island?

September is our preferred month to visit since the weather is warm but not oppressively so and the ocean is still warm enough. On chilly days, being in the water may even be more comfortable than being outside on the beach.

What city is closest to Assateague Island?

The closest town to Assateague Island, Berlin, MD, is seeing an increase in the use of Airbnbs.