What Happens If You Take A U-Haul Out Of State?

What Happens If You Take A U-Haul Out Of State?

What Happens If You Take A U-Haul Out Of State?

U-Haul is a business that provides rental trailers, trucks, and other equipment for self-moving and storage. It was founded in 1945 and had its head office in Phoenix, Arizona. U-Haul is a company that operates throughout its operations in the United States, Canada, and other countries. It has a range of trailers, trucks, and other automobiles that can be rented out to companies or individuals for storage, moving, and other transportation requirements.

The possibility of bringing a U-Haul across the border between Canada and the United States and out of state is possible. However, it requires pre-planning and planning. Make sure you read the rental agreement, get all the necessary papers, register your items and be aware of items that are not allowed, plan your route, be prepared for customs inspections, and consider additional charges.

What Happens If You Take A U-Haul Out Of State?

What Happens If You Take A U-Haul Out Of State?


If you’re planning to use an u-haul outside of your state, there are a few things you need to be aware of regarding the insurance coverage available. The general rule is that an individual auto insurance policy or a house or renters insurance policy cannot protect you from damage to your moving equipment or the personal belongings you carry when it’s on the move. Therefore, it’s best to buy one of U-Haul’s insurance programs.

The standard U-Haul assurance policy Safe move covers damage waiver for most accident damage to rented equipment and medical and life insurance. The policy also provides cargo protection and supplemental liability insurance, covering $1 million of personal liability cases without any deductibles being due.

U-Haul also provides towed property protection that covers your possessions while they’re inside the vehicle’s trailer vehicle. The protection covers your belongings over $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000, based on the kind you’re leasing and the limits of coverage you choose.

Taking out the insurance is recommended, even though you are still determining if you’ll need it, since you are never sure when a sudden disaster could happen. If you’re planning to travel long distances, this insurance could increase quickly, but it’s affordable to pay to have security.

As well as the standard insurance plan, U-Haul also offers Safe move Plus. The option is more, but it comes with all the Safe move insurance coverages and an additional liability insurance policy. This protection could be helpful if you are planning to travel in an area with severe weather or if you own expensive possessions that a collision may damage.

There are several alternatives to insurance you could look into, such as liability coverage as well as medical expense protection. These kinds of insurance can be more costly than Safe move. However, they’re worth considering when you have valuable possessions you wish to safeguard.

Whether you’re planning to purchase U-Haul’s supplemental insurance, it’s best to talk with an insurance professional before making a final decision. It’s possible to utilize your current insurance or purchase a single insurance policy to protect the cost of renting.

Pickup And Delivery

If you’re planning to move from state to state or ship things from one place to another, plenty of delivery and pickup choices are available. These options help you save cost on shipping costs and make moving simple.

The courier service may be the best choice if your package is oversized or heavy. They offer a vast network of couriers across the country and can help you quickly get your items to their destination. They also provide a range of package sizes, so you’ll be able to pick the most appropriate size for your requirements.

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For instance, if you’re shipping an expensive piece of furniture or kitchen appliance, you’ll require an expert courier who can transport it securely and safely. Some of these companies specialize in the transportation of things that weigh more than 150 lbs, so you can be sure that they will ensure that your belongings are safe and secure traveling to your new office or home.

Many businesses provide these services, and you’ll be able to select the one that meets your needs most. In addition, some are less expensive than others, and you can evaluate the prices to ensure you’re getting the best price possible.

Consider using U-Box containers to transport your possessions. They are available to rent or purchase for a reasonable price and are free to pick up and deliver services.

The great thing is that you can store the containers whenever you need them. They are available in a range of sizes and sizes. They are straightforward to transport. You can also purchase one with a trailer for extra storage space.

Once you’ve received your container, you’ll bring it to one of our regional stores and fill it with the things you’d like to move. Then, you can return it any time if you still need to be ready to move it.

You’ll have to take care of some things before you’re ready to start offering the services to your customers. The first step is registering with the government and getting the required licenses. After you’ve obtained these licenses, you’ll need to establish a company account, pay taxes and ensure your driver.


U-Haul offers a variety of security measures in place to make sure your belongings are safe and sound. There are alarms and cameras to ensure that you and your belongings are safe, and a team of well-trained employees is ready for an immediate pickup or drop-off.

The company also has some unique features to assist you in making your move more convenient. For example, they offer several additional rental items, such as moving boxes and blankets, that assist in loading your items in the truck more accessible and visually appealing. Furthermore, you could even install an air conditioner in your vehicle’s cabin.

For a modest cost, U-Haul will also throw in a few gadgets, including a GPS device for the car and a green alternative to cut down on fuel expenses on the way. They’re also among the few companies to offer insurance coverage for some vehicles, which is crucial for many customers who have jobs and family obligations while moving. The great thing is that if you cannot pay for insurance, they’ll offer you the option of paying the amount with cash right on the spot. This allows for smooth transitions and easier settling into your new house or office.

Can I Take A U-Haul Across The US And Canada Border?

Can I Take A U-Haul Across The US And Canada Border?

Yes, you can take U-Hauls across the US-Canada border, but it takes some preparation and planning. These are the most important things to consider:

  1. Verify the U-Haul rental contract: Before planning your trip, check your rental contract to confirm that the U-Haul vehicle or trailer is licensed for use in international locations. Some U-Haul facilities may need to allow their equipment to be transported across borders. It’s crucial to verify this before reserving your rental.
  2. Find the necessary documents: You’ll require certain documents before crossing the border, which includes valid passports or other acceptable identification documents and possibly the visa or any other type of travel document based on your country of residence and the reason for your travel. It is also vital to ensure that you have all essential registration and insurance documents, which includes U-Haul’s international insurance.
  3. Declare your possessions: when traveling across the country, you’ll be required to declare all items you bring along, such as the U-Haul truck or trailer and the objects you’re transporting. Be sure to keep an inventory of all the items inside the U-Haul and all receipts and other documents to prove your declaration.
  4. Take note of prohibited items: Certain items are not allowed to be shipped across the border between Canada and the United States, including firearms, certain kinds of food items, and certain agricultural products. Check out your Canadian Border Services Agency and US Customs and Border Protection websites for more detailed information on prohibited items before loading your U-Haul.
  5. Make a plan for your journey: Plan your route with care, considering the possibility of delays at border crossings or tolls and other elements that may impact your travel time. Be aware that certain border crossings are only accessible at certain times or on particular days. Therefore you must plan your route accordingly.
  6. Prepare yourself for customs inspections: Expect to undergo customs inspections when you leave the US when entering Canada in the future and after returning to the US. This could involve an extensive examination of your U-Haul and your personal belongings and be interrogated by customs officers. Be open and honest, and ensure your declarations and documents are prepared to hand over.
  7. Be aware of additional costs: Additional charges could be associated with crossing borders, including tolls or customs charges. You should add these to your budget when you plan your travel plans.
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Can You Pick Up And Drop Off U-Haul At Different Locations?

It is possible to drop off and pick up the U-Haul rental in different locations. This is referred to as a “one-way” rental, and it permits you to lease the U-Haul trailer, truck, or towing equipment from one location and then drop it off at another U-Haul location and not have to return it to your initial pickup location.

How To Arrange A One-Way Rental?

You can book reservations online or by phone using U-Haul for a one-way rental. When you make your reservation, you’ll need to provide both drop-off and pickup places and the dates and times for each. U-Haul will send you an estimate for the rental, including any one-way charges or mileage costs.

One-Way Fees

One-way charges can differ based on the distance that separates drop-off and pickup locations and how much rental equipment is available within every area. In reality, U-Haul often offers one-way promotions, so visit their website or reach out to U-Haul’s customer care department to find out what discounts are available.

Mileage Charges

U-Haul charges for the miles used throughout your rental and the one-way charge. The mileage cost can differ depending on the kind of rental equipment; distance traveled, and any additional charges that might be charged. When making your reservation, you can request an estimate of the mileage cost determined by the distance between pickup and drop-off locations.


One-way rentals are subject to availability, so it’s best to make your reservation as much in advance as possible. In addition, U-Haul offers a wide range of branches throughout the United States and Canada. Therefore there are a lot of choices for rentals that are one-way.

Return Requirements

If you are dropping off the U-Haul hire at an alternative location, there are a few points to remember. First, you must take the vehicle back to the drop-off point by the designated deadline and date. You could be charged additional charges if you do not return to the location.

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The second thing to do is make sure the rental is spotless and free of damage. U-Haul inspects each rental thoroughly of each rental after it’s returned. Any issues with cleanliness or damage can result in additional costs.

Then, take the vehicle back with an empty tank of gasoline. U-Haul will charge a fee if your rental returns without the required fuel, so make sure you top up your tank before taking the rental off.

What’s The Longest You Can Keep A U-Haul?

What's The Longest You Can Keep A U-Haul?

The length of time you’re allowed to keep a U-Haul rental is contingent upon the rental agreement you select and the company’s policies and availability. In general, some variables determine how long you can keep your U-Haul depending on the type of rental agreements you select, your location for your U-Haul center, and how much equipment is available to you require.

Rental Agreements Of Different Types

U-Haul provides various rental contracts that vary from one-way rentals to local rentals. A one-way rental permits users to pick up the U-Haul from one location and then drop it back off in another, whereas local rentals require you to return the UHaul to the location where you took it. One-way rentals generally permit longer rental times, and local rentals tend to be limited to shorter durations.

Location Of The U-Haul Center

The availability of UHaul rentals differs by location. Therefore the amount of time you can lease a UHaul could depend on the location of the UHaul center. Specific centers might have more equipment to rent for extended periods, while other centers may be limited due to the high demand.

Equipment Is Available

The time you can rent the U-Haul is also contingent on the availability of the particular type of equipment you require. For example, bigger trailers and trucks may be prevalent during specific periods during the year, for instance, in the summer, and this could restrict the time you can lease them.


Can you pick up and drop off U-Haul at different locations?

Where do I leave my U-Haul items? Refer to your contract, please. In-Town Rental contracts must be returned to the location where they were picked up, if applicable. A return destination address or a phone number to set up a drop-off location will be included in every one-way contract.

Can I take a U-Haul across US Canada border?

U-Haul® You can drive a U-Haul truck across the U.S.-Canadian border since the company has locations there.

What happens if I don’t put gas in U-Haul?

If this truck is returned with more gasoline than when it was dispatched, U-Haul will not compensate you. In essence, this implies that if you rent a van with a half-tank of gas, you must return it with the same amount. You will suffer the consequences if it is any less.

What’s the longest you can keep a U-Haul?

You may book the 8′ Pickup truck or cargo van for up to 90 days with our extended days/miles rental option.

How do you skip a U-Haul line?

The newest and fastest method to purchase moving and packing items in person at a U-Haul store is through U-Haul Self-Checkout. You may bypass the wait and obtain the packing and moving items you need to finish your move as quickly as possible with U-Haul Self-Checkout.