What Happens If You Have Extra Guests In A Vrbo?

What Happens If You Have Extra Guests In A Vrbo?

What Happens If You Have Extra Guests In A Vrbo?

If you host guests staying in a Vrbo (Vacation Rental By Owner) property, it could result in a variety of potential repercussions. In the first place, overstepping the occupancy limit that is established by the property owner could be in violation of the conditions of your rental contract as well as the rules imposed on the Vrbo platform. This could result in sanctions, including fines or even expulsion. Furthermore, the presence of extra guests may cause discomfort to others living in the house, which may not have enough facilities or space to fit all guests comfortably.

It could also encroach on resources such as electricity, water, and parking. Additionally, the property owner might have insurance coverage that is based on the number of guests that are staying; therefore, having guests who are not insured could invalidate the coverage. It is crucial to be honest and open with the host, stick to the agreement-to-abide terms, and also consider booking accommodations that are able to accommodate the anticipated number of guests to avoid any inconvenience or problems.

Does Vrbo Charge Guests?

Vrbo stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner. It is an online marketplace that connects property owners and tourists looking for vacation rentals. The platform lets homeowners advertise their properties and allows guests to reserve these rentals directly from the property owners. How does Vrbo earn profits?

Vrbo’s Service Fee

If you make a booking for a vacation home through Vrbo, you could be charged a service charge. The fee is imposed by Vrbo to cover the expenses that are associated with running the platform, offering customer assistance, and providing the safety of your booking experience. The fee for service is usually proportional to the total amount of the booking and can be seen at the time of booking.

It’s important to know that the service charge differs from the rate for rental that is set by the property’s owner. The rental rate is paid directly to the owner. However, the service fee goes to Vrbo. The service fee is a part of the total revenue of Vrbo and supports the platform’s services.

Additional Fees on Vrbo

In addition to the service charge, there could be additional costs you need to be conscious of when booking with Vrbo. The charges can differ based on the property as well as the policies of the owner. Here are some additional charges you could be faced with:

Cleaning Fee

A majority of vacation rental properties offer a cleaning charge to pay for cleaning up the property prior to and after the stay. This is usually only a one-time fee and can vary from property to property.

Damage Deposit

Certain property owners might require a refundable damage deposit in order to guard against damage that could be incurred during your stay. The deposit will be refunded following your stay, provided that no damage is declared.

Taxes and Local Fees

In some jurisdictions where taxes are imposed, there may be local fees imposed on vacation rentals. These fees are generally imposed by local governments and can vary according to the place of residence.

Transparency and Booking Details

Vrbo is a firm believer in transparency and tries to give travelers all of the essential information in one place. If you search for properties on Vrbo, you’ll find extensive listings, which include prices as well as descriptions of the property, pictures of amenities, and reviews by previous guests. This helps you make an informed choice according to your personal preferences and needs.

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During the booking process, Vrbo shows a summary of the costs, including the cost of the rental, the service fee, and any other fees that are associated with the property. This lets you review and verify the total amount prior to confirming your reservation.

The benefits of Booking through Vrbo

We’ve now answered the question of whether Vrbo charges guests for their stay; we’ll look at the advantages of making use of Vrbo to fulfill your vacation rental requirements:

Vrbo has a wide selection of vacation rentals across the globe. From beachfront homes with a cozy atmosphere to lavish city apartments, you’ll find a broad selection of choices to meet your needs and budget.

Contact Directly with the Property Owners

One of the most unique features of Vrbo is the capability to speak directly with property owners. This direct communication lets you inquire about specific needs and gain knowledge regarding the property and surrounding region.

Trust and Security

Vrbo is a company that places a high value on the security and safety of its customers. The property owners are vetted, and Vrbo offers a secure payment platform that protects your personal financial data. In addition, the platform provides an extensive cancellation and refund policy that gives you security in the event that your plans shift.

Enhanced Travel Experience

If you stay in the vacation rental you book via Vrbo, guests can have a more personal as well as authentic experience. These types of accommodations typically provide greater privacy, space, and amenities than traditional hotels, which allows you to completely immerse yourself in the destination you are visiting.

Vrbo’s Extra Guest Fee

When you book accommodations with Vrbo, be sure to be aware of extra guest charges. These are fees charged by certain hosts to pay for guests who are not included in the occupancy limit of the property. By charging guests additional fees, hosts are able to manage any wear and tear that occurs on their properties and make sure they can host larger groups comfortably.

Factors Affecting Additional Guest Fees

There are a variety of factors that affect the amount of Vrbo’s extra guest charges. Hosts take into consideration factors like the size of the property, its location, and the number of guests it will be able to accommodate. Typically, extra guest charges are determined on a per-night basis or as a one-time charge to cover the length of your stay. It is essential to read the cost structure provided by your host in order to stay clear of confusion or surprises.

Tips for Managing Additional Guest Fees

  • Be Prepared: Prior to booking your rental for your next vacation on VRBO, make sure you know the number of your group. Then, make sure that the place you select will comfortably accommodate all of your guests within the limit of occupancy to avoid extra charges.
  • Talk to the host: Contact the host directly with any concerns regarding the additional fees for guests. Communication with the host will assist you in understanding the structure of fees and also negotiating the fee if required.
  • Take a look at alternatives: Take a look at alternatives if the guest charges seem to be too expensive. You can look into alternative lodging options on Vrbo, which offer more affordable pricing or different fees. Do not be afraid to shop for alternatives and look at the various alternatives.
  • Read Reviews: Make sure to read the reviews left by guests who have stayed there before. They can provide valuable insights into the host’s attitude in terms of transparency regarding fees as well as the overall experience of guests. This data will help you make an informed choice.
  • You can bargain: If you believe the extra guest charge is unreasonable or unnegotiable, you can discuss your concerns with the host. Some hosts are likely to alter the price, particularly in the event that you have a valid reason to do so or plan the duration of your stay.
  • Be aware of travel off-peak prices: Costs and charges are generally less expensive during times of off-peak travel. Should your trip dates be flexible, think about making your travel plans during these times in order to cut down on the costs for guests.
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Transparency and Clarity

Vrbo is determined to maintain its openness and transparency, ensuring that guests are aware of any additional charges they could be charged. When looking through listings on the platform, take note of the thorough descriptions and all mentions of extra charges. The platform also asks hosts to provide accurate and complete cost information so that guests are able to make informed choices.

Does Vrbo Charge a Cleaning Fee?

In relation to the question of cleaning costs, Vrbo adopts a flexible method that permits property owners to decide whether to charge an additional charge for cleaning or not. In the end, the cost of cleaning can differ between rental properties. It is important to know that Vrbo is not the only company to charge a fee for cleaning directly, but it’s up to the owners of the properties to determine if they want to include this cost in the listing.

Factors Influencing the Cleaning Fee

A variety of factors could influence the choice of a homeowner or property manager to impose a cost on Vrbo. These could include:

  • Size of Property: Larger homes generally require more effort and time to thoroughly clean, leading to higher cleaning costs.
  • Facilities and Features: Homes that have additional amenities like hot tubs, pools, or expansive outdoor spaces can have higher cleaning costs to cover the maintenance of these areas.
  • Locality: Properties that are located in tourist areas or in areas that have higher living costs might be charged more for cleaning because of the increased demand for cleaning services.
  •  Extended stays can incur greater cleaning charges due to frequent, thorough cleaning needed between guests.
  • Additional Services: Property owners may provide additional services, like mid-stay cleans or linen changes, that can lead to more expensive cleaning costs.

Transparency and Communication

Vrbo is a firm believer in transparency and encourages property owners to give clear details about their cleaning charges when they list their properties. While browsing properties on Vrbo, you’ll be able to view the cleaning fees for every listing. It is essential to carefully examine this information to make sure that it is in line with your financial budget and goals.

In addition, Vrbo provides a messaging system that allows guests to directly communicate with the owners of the property. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding the cleaning cost, It is advised that you contact the owner of the property for clarification. Communication is essential for a pleasant holiday rental experience.

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Tips for Evaluating Cleaning Fees on Vrbo

For you to make an informed decision when making your next vacation home on Vrbo, here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Compare Cleaning Costs: Take time to evaluate the cleaning costs of the various properties that are located in your preferred location. In this way, you can spot any significant differences and assess whether the charges are fair.
  • Read reviews: Reading the comments of previous guests can give important information regarding the overall cleanliness and state of the house. This can assist you in determining whether the cleaning cost is reasonable based on the standard of the accommodation.
  • Cleaning Fee: While the cost of cleaning is an important factor to consider, it is also important to consider the total price of the rental, which includes factors such as location, amenities, and the length of your stay. When you look at things from a larger perspective, you will be able to make an informed choice.


What happens if you have extra guests in a VRBO?

If you have extra guests in a VRBO property, it may lead to several outcomes depending on the specific rental agreement and policies set by the property owner. It’s important to refer to the rental listing and communicate with the owner or property manager to understand their guidelines regarding extra guests.

Will having extra guests affect your stay in the VRBO property?

Having extra guests may affect your stay in the VRBO property if it violates the occupancy limits specified in the rental agreement. The property owner may have restrictions in place to ensure the comfort, safety, and compliance with local regulations. It’s essential to adhere to the occupancy rules to maintain a positive experience.

Can you add additional guests after making a reservation?

Adding additional guests after making a reservation typically requires approval from the property owner or manager. It’s crucial to communicate any changes in the number of guests and seek permission in advance. Some property owners may charge an additional fee for each extra guest or have specific policies for accommodating additional occupants.

Are there penalties for exceeding the maximum occupancy limit?

Exceeding the maximum occupancy limit established by the property owner may result in penalties or consequences outlined in the rental agreement. This can include additional charges, eviction, or cancellation of the reservation. It’s essential to respect the occupancy limits to avoid any negative repercussions.

Can you request a larger VRBO property to accommodate extra guests?

If you anticipate having additional guests, it’s advisable to search for a VRBO property that can comfortably accommodate the total number of guests. It’s generally better to book a larger property upfront rather than attempting to add extra guests to a property that cannot accommodate them within its occupancy limits.

What should you do if you have extra guests?

If you have extra guests or anticipate changes in the number of occupants, it’s crucial to communicate promptly with the property owner or manager. Discuss your situation and seek their guidance on any necessary adjustments to the reservation or potential solutions to accommodate the additional guests.