What Happens If You Don’t Pay Rent-A-Center?

What Happens If You Don't Pay Rent-A-Center?

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Rent-A-Center?

Rent-A-Center promises to assist customers who inform them in advance of the possibility of missed or late payments. However, if you fail to notify Rent-A-Center aware of the situation, The company is likely to act as early as one business day following the first payment that is missed. After that, the company will start charging late fees to your account. The company will try to reach you as well as your references.

In extreme cases, the business may have to bring you to court to make the judge require you to make. Please refer to the following for more details about Rent-A-Center’s policies regarding late and missed payments.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay Rent-A-Center?

What Happens If I Don't Pay Rent-A-Center?

  • You Will Be Assessed A Late Fee

If you do not pay the rent in a facility, the business will charge you a late payment. These charges are designed to motivate people to pay in time to save money later on. The fees are stated in your lease agreement and should be disclosed to you before the time of your lease.

If this is your first time renting from Rent-A-Center, you don’t know what you can anticipate. Renting is easy and requires filling out a straightforward form online or in a store near you. If accepted, Rent-A-Center will provide you with a barcode to process your payments. You’ll then be able to go to your closest Rent-A-Center store to pay the cash so that your credit/debit card is credited within a matter of minutes.

If you’re ready to return your item need do is visit the same place and collect it. When you’ve received it, you can stop payment until it’s time. You may also buy a new item at the same price instead.

If you’re sure about the policy on returns, it is recommended to contact Rent-A-Center before making any modifications. So, you’ll be able to be sure you’re covered, and the business won’t face difficulties getting your debt paid.

Specific clients have complained about Rent-A center’s aggressive collection methods. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says that Rent-A-Center has been accused of harassing several individuals due to late payments. Russell Hay, a Columbus, Ohio, resident, was shocked to learn that his elderly parents were receiving calls from the business after renting an item but did not pay back the loan and return the item. The calls continued to come until he reached out to the office of the state’s attorney general.

  • You Will Be Assessed An Amount As A Penalty

Based on the state in which you live and the residence, if there is a lease with Rent-A-Center, You could be in the middle of some illegal snarky snafu. You could, for instance, be required to pay a fee for service or end up with a malfunctioning item that’s not worth your time. And to make matters worse, you’ll be bombarded by numerous annoying emails and phone calls. The positive side is that you can get back the gadget and spare yourself a lot of heartache.

  • It Will Cost You Interest

If you’re looking to buy an apartment to rent, What would happen if you can’t pay rent in time? The good news is that most landlords are incredibly willing to collaborate with you to reach an agreement that is beneficial to everyone. You may even get an entire month of rent for free! If you cannot pay the bill entirely or on time, a payment plan is the best option if you are in a position to pay in installments.

  • Extra Cost

The late charge is the fee imposed on customers who cannot pay on time. The late fee is specified in the contract between the lenders and the customer, and it is designed to encourage the borrower to pay the obligation on time.

Usually, late fees are applied to the balance on a credit card or another loan. However, they may also be charged on other financial agreements, including rental or insurance policies. These late fees are defined in advance of the lender and must be fair and not excessive.

Contact your creditor to request not to charge the late fees in the event of an error that was not intentional or if you’ve been paying on time for a lengthy time. Many creditors will grant this request if you provide your reason for the late payment and request to remove it from your credit record.

If you’re late another time in the following two billing cycles, the fee could rise to as high as $41; however, it’s possible to stay within the minimum amount to pay. This can be a valuable incentive to make payment, says Chane Steiner, the CEO of Crediful.

If you’re considering renting from Rent-A-Center, It is crucial to be aware of what will happen when you fail to pay. This could result in severe consequences, including higher costs and the chance of being sued. This is especially the case if you’ve never previously worked with the rent-to-own service.

How Do You Rent A Center? 

How Do You Rent A Center? 

The process of renting the center is easy. You can apply for the item to have it accepted and take it home the next day.

1. Submit Your Order

You can send your request to the nearest rent center store or their website. To verify your identity, details regarding your address of residence as well as your income could be needed.

2. Payment Plan

You’ll be able to accept the payment schedule. Most often, it’s in installments. It could be either weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. It is necessary to begin by making a down payment of just $10, based on your state.

3. Delivery

Delivery will take place within the next day following the day the order has been approved. Also, you can avail of the free after-sales service. This could include transport, setting up the item, and no-cost repairs after purchase.

Rent-A-Center Policy For Non-Payment

If you cannot pay for your Rent-A-Center lease, the company suggests contacting them first to inquire about the options you might have. The company might be able to discuss with you if they will be late for a single payment or facing a financial crisis. The time you can be late will depend on the store manager and could differ from store to store. If you cannot make regular payments, the most effective option is to return the product. If you don’t do this, it could trigger costs and even legal consequences.

To learn more about how Rent-A-Center manages delayed payments, we contacted the hotline for customer support. The representatives informed us that each situation is unique and will be dealt with according to the specifics of Rent-A-Center. For instance, We were told that if a new client is late in their first payment, Rent-A-Center will make an effort to notify them immediately since missing the first payment is deemed to be suspicious.

Late Fees

Rent-A-Center has late charges on missed payments. Rent-A-Center’s payment processing conditions and terms will outline the late fee amount in your rental contract. The fees vary by location, contract, item type, condition (new and used), and purchase cost. Our customer service representatives informed us that if you speak with the local Rent-A-Center, they can help you eliminate the late fee or even waive it. However, they weren’t willing to divulge the typical late fee amount.

If you do not make a payment, late fees begin to accrue from the very first business day and remain in the process until you make your account current. Rent-A-Center usually does not provide grace periods within its lease agreements. Many customers have reported that within a single week, Rent-A-Center representatives began calling concerning late payments.

Since you cannot finance through credit when you rent from Rent-A-Center, The company will not report missed or late installments to credit reporting bureaus.

Legal Action

If you choose not to pay, Rent-A-Center is primarily based on the state’s law. Most of the time, Rent-A-Center will try to contact customers who need to make payments. If you don’t make the payments due, Rent-A-Center will first try calling you directly. Then, the company might call the references you provided on the lease application. Rent-A-Center could also visit the address you indicated when filling out the lease application.

If Rent-A-Center cannot communicate with you, they could pursue legal action in civil court. The company is entitled to take action when you start not paying your bills. The court will decide the number of damages due or offer a different solution. If Rent-A-Center prevails in the court case and the court’s ruling could be a simple one of damages up to the amount you owe Rent-A-Center. The court could allow wage garnishments to recover the amount due if you cannot afford to pay the bill.

In other instances, the court’s rulings may be accompanied by additional fines, and in the most severe instances, customers could be sentenced to prison. There are laws to stop citizens from being sentenced to prison for not paying civil debts. However, some courts in states have discovered ways to skirt the laws. For example, the court may issue an order to the client to attend a hearing or pay. If the client fails to adhere to the court’s instructions or makes a payment, the court may issue an arrest warrant. After arrest, a bond is set at the same amount as the court order. In addition, the client must pay for release.

This is only possible in some states. Certain states have strict laws for citizens favoring rent-to-own service, making it impossible to go to prison. Contact the Attorney General’s office in your state to learn more about the civil debt laws in your state.

Here Are Some Options If You Are Unhappy With Rent A Center

Here Are Some Options If You Are Unhappy With Rent A Center

Shop On The Internet

There is a myriad of online stores offering discount coupons to purchase furniture and other home appliances. A few include Amazon, Brad’s Deals, Wayfair and Overstock. These websites are the best location to purchase expensive furniture for a reasonable cost.

Holiday Sales

Sales for the holidays, like Black Friday and 4th of July sales, can allow you to save $100-200 dollars for a single purchase. The most generous offers are usually offered during these occasions. So it is advisable to lie down for a few weeks and make savings of hundreds.

Credit Card With 0% APR

There are better options for people with excellent credit scores. It’s a fantastic alternative to renting a store. In addition, it is possible to make an urgent purchase using a 0% rate credit card.

Resale Shops

You can save hundreds on used and gently used items. You can find these items on sites like the Facebook marketplace and other resale shops. The items are typically in good condition and are a great option to rent the center.

Payment Options In A Rental Center

There are various ways to pay your rent at a rental center.


Although some stores can’t accept cash, you can pay your bills in cash by renting an office.

You’ll need the barcode that is digitally provided to you for making payments. Visit the nearest retailer to scan your bar code, and transfer the money. The account you have opened will get immediately credited.


Contact your local rental center’s customer service. They can assist you in making payments with Visa and MasterCard. A $1.99 cost for convenience could be charged.


You’ll need to visit the original location where you signed your contract to pay in person.


For the first step first, install the rental center application. Then, you need to register an account with an agreement code assigned to you. Once you’re logged in, follow the straightforward instructions to make payments on your rent.

Advantages Of Rent-To-Own Services

Advantages Of Rent-To-Own Services


Because of the lack of a better phrase, Let’s say it is easy. This is what draws many ordinary people. It is possible to purchase expensive products without paying the total amount.

It is all you need to do is be able to prove a source of income, and then make an initial payment. However, it’s not the most convenient option as you’ll be paying more in the end due to the interest cost.

Credit Score Not Available

Many rental businesses boast of their flexibility with credit scores. You don’t need a credit score to purchase an item.

All you need is an income source, references, and residence. Credit information can be used to verify your financial data. The leasing company could or might not report your transactions in credit reports.

You’re Protected

Most rent-to-own stores will ship the products you rent to your home. They will also set them up for you at no cost. Customers are also protected against repair or replacement expenses if the item is damaged during the payment period.

Disadvantages Of Rent-To-Own Services

It Doesn’t Help You Build Your Credit Score.

Some rental stores will make your payment available in credit reports. Others do not. Although this could be an uplifting experience for some, to others, they aren’t. Renting a center is an excellent example of a rental store that will only aid in building the credit rating.

In The Final, This Is Costly.

Everyone agrees that the items you purchase from rental stores are costly. It is due to the high-interest rates they charge on rentals. The repayments are split into installments to appear less expensive; however, it’s not.

Check out the cost of products sold on rental-to-own shops and platforms like Amazon & eBay. The price difference is alarming. Some say that the attractive after-sales support services justify the high prices. However, if you have too many, it’s just too excessive!

Unclear Contract Terms

This is where the problem is. Many customers have complained about being locked into contracts with their leasing retailer because they couldn’t comprehend the bidding contract.

Unfortunately, many companies profit from this. As a result, they come up with challenging-to-comprehend terms or ambiguous guidelines and need to explain them to their customers adequately.

The result is a client with a pile of debt trapped in a lease agreement without a way out. Then, of course, there are leasing companies that make money.


What happens if you don’t pay rent in Dubai?

The landlord may request eviction if the tenant does not pay the rent within 30 days by filing a case with the Special Tribunal in the Rent Committee (for the Settlement of Disputes between Landlords and Tenants), which will issue an order for the tenant to leave the property (if the tenant did not pay there, too).

Can rent a center file theft charges in Texas?

In Texas, service theft is still a felony, but there are fewer circumstances where rent-to-own companies can pursue legal action based on it. The new theft of service legislation only applies to specified goods: heavy machinery, particular tools, and motor vehicles. It does not apply to missing payments on a sofa.

How long can you go without paying rent in California?

When a tenant does not pay the rent, a lease may be terminated according to state-set regulations. Californian landlords are required to offer renters a minimum of three days to move out or pay the rent. The landlord may seek eviction if the renter does neither.

What are the forbidden acts of Rent A Center?

It is completely forbidden to refuse to offer goods or services based on these traits. It is never permissible or permitted to make jokes or comments about a person’s gender, race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, age, handicap, veteran status, or any other protected class.

What happens when you fail to return a rental car?

You are effectively robbing the property owner, the automobile rental agency, of their possessions if you rent a car and don’t return it. You might face charges of auto theft if the owner of the vehicle contacts the police and reports the vehicle stolen.