Passport Book Number For Indian Passport

Passport Book Number For Indian Passport

Passport Book Number For Indian Passport

The Indian passport is a key for travelers around the globe and allows travelers to travel internationally. While we’re all familiar with the essential information on our travel documents, including our names and dates of birth, There’s a lesser-known but vital identification number that plays a critical importance in our international adventures: the passport book number.

In this complete guide, we’ll decode the mystery of the number of your passport book in your Indian passport.

We’ll examine its significance and position within the passport and dispel the myths surrounding it, giving you the information you need to have a seamless and stress-free travel abroad.

If you’re an experienced globetrotter or are a newbie to travel, knowing this distinctive identification number is essential to having a great trip. Let’s begin this informative journey through the world of Indian traveler’s passport numbers.

Understanding the Passport Book Number:

A passport number can be an exclusive and crucial element in your Indian passport. It is a unique identifier that distinguishes the travel documents from other keys.

Its primary function is to verify and track your identity as well as travel history, which makes it an essential document for airline companies, immigration authorities, as well as other travel-related processes.

The alphanumeric code, often neglected, is vital in ensuring it can travel across international borders quickly and confidently.

When you’re on the lookout for an adventure, going on a trip on business, or visiting relatives overseas, your card number on the passport is the crucial information that will allow you to begin your international travels.

Where to Find Your Passport Book Number?

Finding your passport book number in the contents of your Indian passport is vital since it’s the most essential element needed to complete various travel-related procedures.

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It’s not tucked from view, and it’s possible to find it quickly. Here’s exactly where to go:

1. Data Page:

The number of your passport book is prominently visible on the information page on the Indian passport. The data page is usually the second page you access.

It contains essential personal information like your photo, name, date of birth, and the expiry date for your passport.

2. Top Right Corner:

Notably, the passport book’s number is in the page’s top-right corner. It’s usually displayed in the form of an alphanumeric code, which is a combination of numbers and letters.

The unique code distinguishes your passport from others that are issued, assuring its authenticity and allowing authorities to confirm your identity as well as the history of your travel.

3. Consistency:

The number of the passport book is always placed on this spot in every Indian passport so that you can trust the presence of this familiar location.

Passport Book Number vs. Passport Number

It’s not unusual for people to mistake the passport book number and an actual passport’s number; however, it’s essential to recognize that both identifiers have different functions. Let’s discuss the differences between them:

Passport Book Number:

  • Location: The passport book number can be found on the information webpage of the Indian passport, usually on the right side of the page.
  • Goal: The principal purpose of the number on your passport book is to trace and verify your identity and travel background. It differentiates your passport from others and helps in various travel-related procedures.
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Passport Number:

  • Location: The passport number is also on your passport’s information page. Usually, it is at the top of the page.
  • Goal: The purpose of the passport number is the only identifier you will have for the entire passport document. It contains information regarding the country of issue and could include additional information regarding your citizenship and the date of issue. The number is used for border control, immigration, and official identification.

Common Misconceptions

Despite the importance of a passport book number for travel abroad, several misconceptions and misperceptions remain. Let’s take a look at a few common misconceptions:

1. The Passport Book Number and Passport Number Are the Same:

Truth: It is a significant mistake. The passport book number and the passport number are distinct identifiers. The passport book number can help keep track of your travel history, and the passport number has details regarding your passport and the country that issued it.

2. It Reveals Personal Information:

The truth: Some people think the passport book’s number can reveal personal information like birth date or nationality. In reality, it’s an unrelated code. These details.

3. It’s a Registration or Tax Number:

Reality: The passport book number is not a registration, personal, or tax identification number. It serves solely as an identifier for your passport document.

4. It’s Present in All Passports:

Realities: Although the number on the passport book is a standard feature on Indian passports, it might not be present in all national tickets. The presence of the number can differ based on the passport’s design and security features.

5. Changing It Is Possible:

The truth is that your passport book number is the same for the duration of the validity period the validity of your passport.

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It is not able to be altered or altered. Any modifications to your passport’s information or needing an additional passport result in a new passport number.


In the end, the passport book number on your Indian passport, although often ignored, is a tiny but essential element that plays a vital aspect in your international journey.

It acts as a unique identifier that helps authorities track and verify the authenticity of your name and travel history, ultimately ensuring an enjoyable and secure trip when you travel around the globe.

Through this guide, we’ve decoded the book number on your passport and clarified its function, its precise location in your ticket, and its role in different travel scenarios.

We’ve also dispelled the most common myths and ensured you are armed with a complete understanding of this crucial identification for travelers.

Being a knowledgeable traveler, knowing the application for the number on your passport is essential for navigating the intricate world of traveling internationally.

Suppose you’re going through the immigration system, applying for visas, booking flights, or negotiating the replacement of your passport.

In that case, this unique code helps you with these tasks, improving your travels’ overall security and efficiency.

With this knowledge about the number of your passport book, You’ll be better equipped to go on the next trip, whether for business, pleasure, or personal motives.

Make sure you keep this number safe and use it throughout your travels to ensure that your international adventures are as easy as they are rewarding. Happy travels and safe travels!