Is TAP Portugal Airlines Good, Safe, And Reliable? Review 2023

Is TAP Portugal Airlines Good, Safe, And Reliable

Is TAP Portugal Airlines Good, Safe, And Reliable

TAP Portugal is a widely recognized airline in Europe and beyond. This article seeks to provide an extensive review of TAP Portugal’s safety standards, customer feedback, fleet, routes, cabin classes, on-time performance, loyalty program, customer service standards, baggage policy sustainability efforts, COVID-19 protocols, partnership with Star Alliance plans, and FAQs.

TAP Portugal Safety Standards

TAP Portugal boasts an impressive safety record, boasting certifications and affiliations from organizations like the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Furthermore, TAP Portugal implements emergency procedures and adheres to stringent maintenance standards to guarantee passenger safety during flights.

TAP Portugal Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are integral to the airline industry, and TAP Portugal has received mixed responses. While some customers lauded its cabin crew and in-flight amenities, others raised issues about delays, cancellations, and customer service problems. Overall, TAP Portugal has earned an average rating based on customer reviews and ratings.

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TAP Portugal’s Fleet

TAP Portugal operates a modern aircraft fleet, including Airbus A320, A321, A330, A340, and A330neo models. The airline prioritizes maintenance and safety standards to guarantee the dependability of its aircraft.

TAP Portugal’s Routes

TAP Portugal operates flights to over 90 destinations throughout Europe, Africa, and North and South America – including popular locations like New York, Miami, Lisbon, Paris, Madrid, and Rio de Janeiro. TAP Portugal has a substantial presence in Portugal, offering daily flights to cities such as Porto, Faro, and Funchal. 

Furthermore, their alliance with Star Alliance has allowed them to expand their route network and give passengers more travel choices. TAP Portugal customers have access to over 1,300 destinations across 190 countries through the Star Alliance network, making them an excellent choice for travelers seeking global connectivity. Furthermore, TAP Portugal recently announced plans to expand its route network by adding new destinations in the United States, South America, and Africa – further reinforcing its position as a top airline in these regions.

Code Shares

TAP Portugal has codeshare agreements with several airlines, enabling customers to book flights across multiple carriers under one reservation for seamless travel and more accessible connections between different airlines. It makes booking flights with TAP Portugal even simpler!

TAP Portugal’s codeshare partners include airlines such as Air Canada, United Airlines, Lufthansa, and Emirates. Customers can access additional routes and destinations not directly served by TAP Portugal through these affiliations. Code sharing also gives customers access to TAP Portugal’s Miles&Go program on partner airlines, making it more straightforward for customers to accumulate frequent flyer miles and redeem rewards for their travels. Code sharing is a widely-used practice within the airline industry that gives travelers more choices and flexibility when planning their trips.

TAP Portugal’s Cabin Classes

TAP Portugal offers three cabin classes: Economy, Business, and First. In-flight entertainment options, meals, and beverages may differ based on your class. However, passengers can expect comfortable seating and a smooth flying experience regardless of which cabin they select.

TAP Portugal’s On-Time Performance

TAP Portugal’s on-time performance is average compared to other airlines due to weather conditions or air traffic disrupting flight plans. However, the airline has procedures for delays and cancellations so passengers are informed and cared for during such events.

TAP Portugal’s Loyalty Program

TAP Portugal’s Miles&Go loyalty program offers members benefits such as earning and redeeming miles, priority check-in, and lounge access. The program especially appeals to TAP Portugal or Star Alliance airlines’ frequent travelers.

TAP Portugal’s Customer Service

TAP Portugal’s customer service has received mixed reviews, with some customers reporting communication and problem-resolution issues. Nonetheless, the airline provides multiple channels for customers to contact support. In addition, it has dedicated teams dedicated to addressing customer service inquiries.

TAP Portugal’s Baggage Policy

TAP Portugal’s baggage policy details carry-on and checked baggage allowances, excess baggage fees, and restricted items. They suggest reviewing this document before traveling to avoid any surprises or extra fees upon check-out.

TAP Portugal’s Sustainability Initiatives

TAP Portugal has made significant efforts to become more sustainable with eco-friendly initiatives and a carbon offset program. The airline also prioritized corporate social responsibility while striving to reduce its environmental impact.

TAP Portugal’s Price Competitiveness

TAP Portugal’s pricing strategy is competitive compared to other airlines, with seasonality and travel demand affecting ticket prices. TAP Portugal offers promotions and deals to help customers find the best prices on flights.

TAP Portugal’s COVID-19 Protocols

TAP Portugal has implemented stringent health and safety protocols to safeguard passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the airline offers flexible rebooking and refund policies for customers affected by travel restrictions or cancellations.

TAP Portugal’s Partnership with Star Alliance

TAP Portugal’s affiliation with Star Alliance gives passengers more travel options and advantages, such as earning frequent flyer miles on TAP Portugal and partner airlines, access to airport lounges, and priority check-in.

TAP Portugal’s Future Plans

TAP Portugal has big plans for the future, including expanding their route network, upgrading their fleet, and improving customer service. They aim to become a leading European airline by offering passengers an enjoyable, secure, and dependable flying experience.


TAP Portugal is an excellent, secure, dependable airline that prioritizes passenger safety, comfort, and sustainability. While the airline has received mixed customer reviews, it has tried to address issues and enhance services. With its modern fleet, extensive route network, and loyalty program for frequent flyers alike, TAP Portugal makes an excellent option for travelers seeking affordable yet comfortable flights.


What is TAP Portugal’s Policy regarding flight delays and cancellations?

TAP Portugal has procedures to handle delays and cancellations, informing passengers of any changes. Those affected by such events may be eligible for compensation or rebooking options.

Does TAP Portugal Offer Any Special Assistance for Passengers with Disabilities or Special Needs?

TAP Portugal provides special assistance to passengers with disabilities or special requirements, such as wheelchair assistance and help with medical equipment.

What types of in-flight meals are offered on TAP Portugal flights?

The menu for in-flight meals on TAP Portugal flights varies based on cabin class and route. Therefore, customers have the opportunity to review meal options before traveling.

How does TAP Portugal handle lost or damaged baggage?

TAP Portugal has a baggage tracking system in place to locate lost items and inform customers of their whereabouts. In addition, customers may be eligible for compensation in case their luggage is found to have been damaged, lost, or incomplete.

Can passengers bring pets on TAP Portugal flights?

TAP Portugal allows passengers to bring pets onboard with certain restrictions and fees. Customers should review the airline’s pet policy before traveling.

What are the requirements for traveling with infants or children on TAP Portugal flights?

TAP Portugal provides special assistance to customers traveling with infants or children, such as bassinets and child seats. However, before booking their flight, customers should review the airline’s Policy regarding traveling with infants and children.

Does TAP Portugal provide any in-flight amenities or services for long-haul flights?

TAP Portugal provides a selection of amenities and services, such as blankets, pillows, and entertainment options, that can be enjoyed during long-haul flights.

How can passengers check in for TAP Portugal flights?

Customers can check in: online, at a self-service kiosk, or the airport check-in counter.

What is TAP Portugal’s Policy Regarding Flight Changes or Rebooking?

TAP Portugal provides flexible rebooking policies for customers affected by travel restrictions or cancellations. However, customers are encouraged to review the airline’s Policy Before Traveling for further details.

Can passengers earn frequent flyer miles with TAP Portugal’s Miles&Go program on partner airlines within the Star Alliance network?

Yes, customers can earn miles through TAP Portugal’s Miles&Go program on Star Alliance partner airlines.

What is TAP Portugal’s Policy regarding refunds for canceled flights?

TAP Portugal provides refunds for canceled flights, subject to certain conditions and restrictions. Therefore, customers should review the airline’s refund policy before traveling.

Are there any limitations on the type or size of baggage passengers can bring on TAP Portugal flights?

Yes, TAP Portugal has strict policies regarding baggage allowance. Customers should review these details before flying.

What is TAP Portugal’s Policy Regarding Electronic Devices on Flights?

TAP Portugal allows passengers to use electronic devices during flights, with certain restrictions for safety reasons. Customers should review the airline’s Policy regarding electronic devices before traveling.

What is TAP Portugal’s Policy Regarding Alcohol Consumption on Flights?

TAP Portugal permits passengers to consume alcohol during flights. Still, it reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who appears intoxicated or disruptive.

Does TAP Portugal provide any pre-flight or post-flight services for passengers, such as airport lounges or transportation?

TAP Portugal provides airport lounges to eligible customers. In addition, it provides transportation solutions like car rentals and transfers to and from the airport.

How can customers provide feedback or complain about TAP Portugal’s services?

Customers can provide feedback or complain about TAP Portugal’s services via its website, customer service hotline, or social media channels. TAP Portugal strives to address customer issues and enhance its offerings based on customer input.

Is TAP Portugal a Budget Airline?

Although TAP Portugal provides competitive flight prices, it needs to fit the bill of being considered a budget airline. Therefore, the airline offers various cabin classes and services catering to customers’ preferences.

Can customers purchase travel insurance for TAP Portugal flights?

Customers can purchase coverage directly through TAP Portugal’s website or third-party providers.

How can customers find the best deals on TAP Portugal flights?

Customers can access exclusive deals by signing up for the airline’s newsletter, following its social media channels, and using price comparison websites to compare ticket prices.

Does TAP Portugal Have Any COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for Passengers?

TAP Portugal may require proof of vaccination when traveling to specific destinations. Customers should review the airline’s Policy regarding COVID-19 vaccine requirements before booking their flight.

Can customers bring their food and drinks on TAP Portugal flights?

Customers may bring food and non-alcoholic drinks onboard TAP Portugal flights with certain restrictions. Customers should review the airline’s Policy regarding bringing food and drinks before traveling.

Overall, TAP Portugal is a reliable airline that prioritizes passenger comfort, safety, and sustainability. While the airline has received mixed reviews, it has tried to enhance its services and give customers an enjoyable flying experience. Customers can find the best deals on TAP Portugal flights by comparing prices and staying informed of promotions and deals offered by the airline.