How To Not Look Like A Tourist In Puerto Rico

How To Not Look Like A Tourist In Puerto Rico

How To Not Look Like A Tourist In Puerto Rico

Imagine yourself walking through the lively avenues of Puerto Rico, the warm sun slapping your skin and the pulsing sounds of salsa music filling the air. While you soak up its culture as you discover the island’s hidden treasures, there’s one thing you’ll want to avoid: being tourists.

Being a local in Puerto Rico will not only help you feel more at ease but also let you get closer to the rich culture, traditions, and experiences Puerto Rico has to offer. This guide will provide useful tips for how to dress like a tourist when you visit Puerto Rico.

The choices of clothing that are appropriate for the tropical climate, advice about packing essentials, and embracing the local culture. We’ll guide you to become an expert traveler and enjoy the real essence of this beautiful island like the locals do. Let’s discover the secrets to the most genuine Puerto Rican adventure.

Dressing Like a Local:

When you are trying to dress like locals in Puerto Rico, the key is to find an equilibrium between style and comfort while being able to adapt to the climate of the Caribbean. Here are some strategies to easily blend in:

1. Embrace Lightweight Fabrics:

The climate in Puerto Rico is always sunny and warm. It’s therefore essential to select clothing made of light, breathable materials. Silk, cotton, and linen are your top allies in this climate. These fabrics let you let your skin breathe and help keep you cool even during the hottest of days.

2. Versatile Travel Jacket:

Take into consideration packing a versatile travel jacket, like the SCOTTeVEST, with more than 23 pockets as well as sleeves that can be removed. The jacket will not only shield you from cold evening temperatures; it will keep your belongings well-organized and safe while moving around.

3. Daytime Essentials:

As the majority of your time spent in Puerto Rico will likely be spent at the beach or at the pool, make sure you have clothing for the day, like t-shirts, camisoles, sarongs, and shorts. These casual outfits are great for soaking up the sun and exploring the beauty of the island.

4. Sun Protection:

The sun in Puerto Rico is intense, So don’t forget to wear a broad-brimmed hat as well as sunglasses and sunscreen with a high SPF. Opt for a reputable brand, such as the Riemann P20 range, known for its 10-hour sun protection.

5. Mosquito Defense:

Mosquitoes are a nuisance, especially in the evening hours. Prepare yourself by carrying insect/mosquito repellent along with longer sleeves, pants, and long sleeves out in the open. Avoid wearing scent-laden products since they could draw mosquitoes.

Footwear Choices:

Choosing the appropriate footwear for your Puerto Rico adventure is essential to ensure comfort and blend with the people. Here’s what you should be aware of about the various footwear options:

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1. Flat Sandals for the Beach:

For your beach days, opt for flat sandals. They’re ideal for strolling along the beach’s sand shores, and it’s easy to take them off if you go swimming in the crystal clear waters.

Think about brands such as Lindsay Phillips Switch Flops, which offer interchangeable shoes and flip-flop bases with snap-on embellishments. This flexibility lets you switch your outfit from day to night without packing too much.

2. Lightweight Comfy Shoes for Walking:

If you’re planning to discover the island’s varied landscapes along with charming villages, comfy walking shoes are essential.

Consider Hotter shoes, known for their mix of fashion and ease of use. These shoes are sure to keep your feet happy when you travel through the rainforest, hike to waterfalls, and discover historical places.

Dressing Tips for Women:

Women can easily adopt the style of locals when visiting Puerto Rico while staying comfortable and stylish. Here are some tips for dressing for you to blend with the island’s lively vibe:

1. Swimwear Etiquette:

When wearing a swimsuit at the pool or beach is normal, you should consider wearing the sarong or kaftan as a cover-up for walking in public areas. It is a considerate manner that conforms to the local culture.

2. Casual Evening Attire:

The dress code for an evening in Puerto Rico tends to be casual. Women often opt for short summer sundresses to go to a restaurant or a stroll through the nightlife. These dresses aren’t just elegant, but they also provide comfort for hot summer evenings.

3. Accessorize with costume jewelry:

Change the look of any outfit by adding the right selection of costume jewelry. Simple accessories can improve your appearance and make you feel more comfortable within the local scene.

4. Versatile Pashmina:

A pashmina can be a versatile piece of clothing that serves many uses. It can provide a touch of sophistication to your look, offer protection from sun rays, and help keep you warm when the evening air begins to blow. Take a look at bringing one, particularly if you intend to go for a walk after sunset.

Dressing Tips for Men

The men can get a fashionable and practical style on the streets of Puerto Rico by following these style tips that match the fashion of the island:

1. Versatile Beachwear:

If you’re looking for clothing for the beach, you should look for trendy and fashionable choices. Brands such as Madda Fella offer a range of shorts, shirts, swimmingwear, and polos that are stylish and comfortable. These items are ideal for those days at the pool or at the beach.

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2. Casual Evening Attire:

The dress code for the evening in Puerto Rico is usually casual. You can wear long shorts or lightweight pants with short-sleeved shirts to create a casual yet professional appearance for dining out or exploring the nightlife.

3. Comfortable Footwear:

Don’t forget the importance of wearing comfortable shoes. If you’re walking on the streets of old, walking through lush forests, or just enjoying the lively atmosphere, wearing comfortable shoes is essential.

Packing for the Weather:

Knowing the climate of Puerto Rico and planning accordingly is crucial to ensure your comfort and not appear like a tourist. Here’s what you should be aware of when getting ready for the conditions:

1. Rainy Season Awareness:

Puerto Rico experiences a rainy season from May to December, with August and November being the wettest months. Although you can still count on plenty of sunshine throughout this time, it’s important to be ready for the occasionally rainy showers.

2. Light Raincoat and Travel Umbrella:

To make the most of the rainy season in Puerto Rico, you should pack a light raincoat as well as a small travel umbrella. These will help you when rain showers suddenly occur and allow you to remain safe and dry.

3. Quick-Drying Clothing:

In high temperatures, wet clothes are quickly dry when you are in Puerto Rico. Be aware of this when you choose your clothes and choose dry-fast fabrics, which are particularly useful in the event that you are trapped in a short rainstorm.

4. Weather App:

Download an accurate weather app such as Weather+ before your trip. It provides accurate forecasts for six days, both nights and days, to help you plan your itinerary and packing according to your needs. It’s also an ideal way to think about your travels after you have returned to your home.

Additional Items to Pack:

To fully immerse yourself in this Puerto Rican experience while avoiding typical tourist traps, think about adding these other items that will help you enjoy your vacation in a variety of ways:

1. Suitable Footwear for Hiking:

If you are planning to go on a jungle trek or discover the beauty of the island’s natural surroundings, take along the appropriate shoes. Durable walking shoes or sneakers are vital to ensure safety and comfort when walking through various landscapes. Do not wear flip-flops or slip-ons during these kinds of activities.

2. Lightweight Day Sack or Beach Bag:

A small day bag or beach bag is extremely convenient to carry the essentials for your trip. If you’re visiting the historical sites of your city or spending an afternoon at the beach, carrying an easy-to-carry bag that keeps your things organized is a sensible choice.

3. Water Filtration Bottle:

Although the tap water of Puerto Rico is officially safe to drink, some enjoy the taste of bottled water. You should consider taking a LifeStraw Filtration Bottle, which lets you refill from any source and get pure, safe drinking water that doesn’t contribute to garbage made of plastic.

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4. Phone Bungee:

Make sure your mobile phone is protected from theft, loss, or harm by using the phone buckle. It’s a useful accessory that will give peace of mind when traveling to new places.

5. Travel Adapter Plug and Voltage Converter:

Make sure that your electronic devices remain charged and functional by carrying a travel adapter plug. If your device isn’t made to work with the voltage of your local area (120V), think about an upgrade voltage converter.

6. CabinMax Soft-Sided Rucksack:

If you are planning to travel with carry-on luggage only, then the CabinMax soft-sided rucksack makes the ideal choice. It’s light and spacious and has many pockets to organize your belongings throughout your journey.

7. Luggage Scale:

Avoid any unexpected baggage charges and ensure that you stay within the weight limit using a precise luggage scale.

Allowing a little space in your luggage to store souvenirs is a good idea, whether you are planning to take back Puerto Rican coffee or unique local craft items like papier-maché masks.


Congratulations! You’ve learned to dress like tourists on the island of Puerto Rico while enjoying an authentic and unforgettable adventure on this stunning island.

If you follow the tips for dressing carefully, packing smartly, and adhering to the customs of the island, you’re in the process of blending into the lively culture and taking pleasure in the warm welcome of the people who live there.

When you travel through the breathtaking landscapes of Puerto Rico, you savor delicious cuisine as you dance along to the beat of salsa music; keep in mind that adjusting to the local customs of life will enhance your experience.

Choose lightweight fabrics, flexible clothes, and comfortable shoes, and be prepared for the weather that is tropical and occasionally rain showers.

Make sure you have the proper equipment, from water filter bottles to phone bungees, to make your travels easier and more pleasurable. Don’t forget to be mindful and respectful of the local customs and practices.

If you visit Puerto Rico, you can truly be an integral part of Puerto Rico’s rich tapestry and be a part of the beauty and rich culture.

Pack your bags, keeping these tips in mind, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey in which you’ll feel and look like a native. Enjoy your journey, and may the souvenirs of Puerto Rico be filled with warmth as well as genuine memories!