How Far Is Westminster Abbey From Buckingham Palace?

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How Far Is Westminster Abbey From Buckingham Palace?

Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey are among the most famous landmarks in London. These iconic landmarks must be visited by everyone people who are in London.

Westminster Abbey is the final burial place of several of the queens and kings of England. It also contains the graves of the greatest historians and philosophers.

How Far Is Westminster Abbey From Buckingham Palace?How Far Is Westminster Abbey From Buckingham Palace?


West in the Houses of Parliament. Westminster Abbey is a church with a long history that has been the venue for coronations and funerals of monarchs since 1066. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the location of The Coronation Chair, the monarchy where reigning British monarchs sit and where they receive their crowns.

The Abbey was initially constructed in the Romanesque design by Benedictine monks. It was later remodeled to a Gothic style to commemorate the Coronation of the monarch Edward the Confessor. The first time it was officially dedicated was in the year 1065.

Since that time, Westminster Abbey has become the place for coronations and is utilized by English, as well as British monarchs. It’s also a well-known wedding venue and the burial place of numerous famous people, such as William Shakespeare and Geoffrey Chaucer.

Since it is a UNESCO World Heritage site, Westminster Abbey is one of the most important places in England and is visited by thousands of tourists each year. It’s a great location to learn about the long-standing heritage of the city and also the British monarchy and to see some of the most beautiful buildings in the nation.

There are many methods to reach Westminster Abbey, though the most effective option is to use public transportation. The buses travel between Airport to Westminster and buses that go from the London center to reach Westminster Abbey. Abbey website. Trains are also accessible and are in trains that travel through trains along lines like the Circle, District, and Jubilee lines.

If you’re searching for a more relaxing version of a scenic walk, walking is the best alternative. It’s easy and takes about twenty minutes. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable way to enjoy the most famous London places and to exercise while you travel.

Apart from Westminster Abbey, there are several other sights worth taking the time to see in the vicinity. They are Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament.

Westminster Abbey is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. She is the location for funerals for the royal family as well as coronations dating back to 1066, which was the year of the coronation celebration that was held by William the Conqueror. It also is the place in which the remains of numerous British sovereigns are buried and has been an increasingly popular destination for tourists visiting London. It also serves as the site to find St. Edward’s Chair, the throne where reigning monarchs of the Royal Family are crowned during coronation ceremonies.


Westminster Abbey is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is where the final resting place for many famous people. It is also the venue for many significant events in British history. The Abbey was the location for every Coronation, starting with William the Conqueror’s Coronation in 1066. The Abbey is known for its magnificent architecture.

A visit to Westminster Abbey is an experience worth a visit, and you must be sure to make time to visit. It’s also an excellent spot to witness how the Guard changes. The Guard’s changing is among many memorable occasions, so ensure you’re there as quickly as possible to get the greatest chance to be there for the moment.

You can take the opportunity to go on an organized visit to Westminster Abbey from various companies. The most popular options include Take Walks, which offers tours that start at a particular time for a walk of the Abbey and include admission. They offer diverse options, such as a scheduled tour of the Abbey or one which takes visitors to the top of the hill.

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Another business that has high reviews includes The Abbey Guides. They provide tours at night and throughout the day for the Abbey, and can be booked through their website. They also provide access to the Changing of the Guard.

The Abbey is located in the middle of London and is accessible to those visiting the Abbey for walking. It’s only a mile from Parliament Square, and trains that travel routes such as those of the Circle, District, and Jubilee routes can travel to the Abbey.

If you’re considering visiting Abbey, It’s great to schedule at least two hours to travel into the Abbey. Abbey is an amazing location to visit. The grounds and gardens are enormous.

It’s also a great opportunity to learn about the history of the region and discover the history of England. There are many interesting things to see in the Abbey as well as graveyards of kings and queens and the monuments to famous individuals in the past of Britain.

It’s not difficult to understand the reason Westminster Abbey is such a famous tourist attraction. It’s an impressive structure that’s existed for quite a while and is the location of The Crown Jewels. It’s also the site of numerous of the most important major events of British time, including the coronation ceremony and weddings for the royalty.


Westminster Abbey is one of the most renowned sites for religious worship in London. It’s where the king has been crowned for over 700 years. It’s the ideal place to learn more about British history and historical celebrations. The palace also plays host to many royal weddings. One of them is the royal wedding ceremony during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011.

It’s situated on the west bank of the River Thames near the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. It’s also within walking distance of many important landmarks in the city, including St. James Park Horse Guards Parade and the Houses of Parliament.

The distance from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey is 30 minutes, so you’ll have time to take in the sights while taking in the atmosphere. It’s worth walking to visit these iconic London landmarks and discover the sights while walking.

If you’re there during your week time hours, be able to find the church open between 7.30 am and between 12 pm and 7.30 am. Several services are available throughout the daytime. This includes daily prayers and the morning service, which starts around 11 am.

It is also possible to arrange guided tours around the Abbey for further information on the church’s history and the reasons for its existence. The guided tour will explain all important areas of the church and also an explanation of the various chapels, tombs, and memorials.

The most notable attractions within The Abbey include The Great West Door, the High Altar, and the Chapter House. The Chapter House is a stunning location that has numerous artworks dating to the middle age period, depicting scenes inspired by the Bible. The Chapter House also contains the Cosmati pavement that was constructed in 1268. It is one of the most stunning examples of marble and glass designs in Northern Europe.

The Chapel that is Chapel of Edward the Confessor’s Chapel, located in the North Ambulatory, is another worth a visit. It is a sacred place built in the middle of the ages. It was rebuilt throughout the centuries and is situated among other historical places and intricate tombs and monuments.

In addition, you should visit the grave of Mary, the queen of Scots. The title is “Bloody Mary for her persecution of Protestants and unjust treatment of her religious beliefs. This tomb is an amazing attraction that is worth a visit.

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Getting There

There are numerous ways to travel to Westminster Abbey from Buckingham palace, with the most efficient alternatives like buses and trains. It is highly recommended to visit the Official Transport For London website to get the most up-to-date information on buses that stop at the Abbey. You can also avail of the London Pass to access all bus routes with stops within the area.

The closest underground station happens located in Westminster, which is linked by those on the Jubilee, Circle, and District lines. Numerous tourist buses make stops at Westminster Abbey.

It’s possible to walk from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. It’s an easy and quick walk. The walk takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. It lets you see stunning views of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

If you’re seeking an intimate view of the magnificent Gothic style that is Westminster Abbey, you should take a tour with an expert guide. It gives you a chance to learn more about the past, that’s the tale that is the story of Westminster Abbey, while visiting some of its most famous landmarks.

While most people go to Westminster Abbey to see its most well-known sights, it’s also feasible to go and visit the tombs of some of the most influential thinkers of British history. The opening hours and admission costs differ based on whether or not you’re a tourist or a religious person. Make sure to check their official website to figure out which option is most suitable for you.

It’s always good to prepare for the future and be prepared for your visit to the Abbey to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed. It’s recommended to go at weekends in the evening when the lines aren’t that crowded. However, remember that entry times can change, so it’s recommended that you check the website for the opening times of the Abbey before leaving to go to London.

In addition to the main attraction, Westminster Abbey is also home to several tombs, which are open to those who have the assistance of an official guide. The tombs include The Tomb of St Edward The Confessor and the Tomb of Mary of England. Of England. Tomb of Mary the Queen of England. Mary.

How far is the walk from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace?How far is the walk from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace?

The route between Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey is a fantastic method to take in the most well-known London landmarks. This path is highly regarded by visitors since it takes in some of the most well-known London landmarks. In this article, we’ll take examine the walking path that runs between Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey in detail and also highlights the particular landmarks that need to be visited along the way.

London is one of the cities rich in history and culture. The two most well-known iconic landmarks are Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British monarch and was the backdrop to many ceremonies and formal occasions. Westminster Abbey, on the contrary, is among the most well-known churches in the world. It is also the venue of numerous important royal events like weddings and coronations.

Route Details

The distance that you can walk between Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey is about 1.2 miles (1.9 kilometers) and takes around twenty-five hours to finish. The walk is pretty flat and has numerous pedestrian pathways and crossings to sure your walk is enjoyable and safe. This is a step-by-step guide for the walk:

Start at Buckingham PalaceStart at Buckingham Palace

  • The walk starts with Buckingham Palace, located at the heart of London. It’s one of the most famous structures in this capital city. It’s instantly recognized because of its distinctive style and its prominent position. It is worth taking time to look at the façade of the palace, as well as the surrounding gardens, before going for a stroll.
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The Mall is a walk-down Mall.

  • The palace is located in Buckingham Palace; the route takes you to The Mall, an elegant avenue lined with trees that extends up to Trafalgar Square. It is a popular place to walk. Mall closes on Sundays, which makes it a favorite place for cyclists and walkers.

Admire St. James’s Park

  • If you’re walking through The Mall, you’ll pass St. James’s Park on the left. It’s among the most breathtaking green spaces within London and is the place to see a range of wildlife, including pelicans as well as ducks, egrets, and Swans. Spend a few minutes enjoying the tranquil surroundings before moving on to the next.

Cross Over Horse Guards Parade

  • In the very beginning, near the start of The Mall, at the beginning of The Mall, you’ll reach Horse Guards Parade. It’s a vast open space used to host military gatherings and is also surrounded by an amazing structures, including The Horse Guards building and the Banqueting House.

Continue on to Whitehall

  • Beginning from Horse Guards Parade, the route leads you to Whitehall, which is among the most well-known avenues in London. It is also where you can find many of the most famous government buildings, such as the Houses of Parliament and Downing Street.

See the Cenotaph

  • If you walk through Whitehall, you’ll come across the Cenotaph on your left. It’s a well-known memorial for a war that was built after World War I to commemorate the lost soldiers. It’s a popular destination for visitors and is used as a backdrop for political rallies and protests.

Arrive at Westminster Abbey

  • After an excursion through Whitehall and you’ll arrive at Westminster Abbey, which is one of the most renowned churches in the globe. It plays a significant role in many of the nation’s most important royal occasions, including coronations and weddings. Explore the exterior before heading inside to see.


The walking route that runs between Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey is an excellent chance to see some of London’s most well-known landmarks. It is a walk through some of the most well-known streets in London and also takes in the city’s most impressive structures. If this is your first time visiting London as well as being a frequent walker, it’s bound to make an impression on you. Therefore, why not put on walking shoes and walk around the streets of London this morning?


How far is Westminster Abbey from Buckingham Palace?

Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace are roughly 1.3 miles apart (2.1 kilometers).

What is the distance between Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace?

Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace are 1.3 miles apart (2.1 kilometers).

How long does it take to walk from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace?

Depending on your walking speed, the trek from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace takes about 25-30 minutes.

Is it possible to reach Buckingham Palace from Westminster Abbey by public transport?

Yes, you may take public transportation from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. From Westminster station, take the bus or tube to Green Park station, which is a short walk from Buckingham Palace.

What are the different modes of transportation available to travel from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace?

Walking, public transportation (bus or tube), taxi, or private automobile are all options for getting from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.

Are there any landmarks or attractions on the way from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace that are worth visiting?

Certainly, there are various sites and places worth viewing on the journey from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace, including St. James’s Park, The Mall, and Admiralty Arch. In addition, adjacent attractions include Churchill War Rooms, Horse Guards Parade, and Trafalgar Square.