How Far Is Baytown Wharf From The Beach?

How Far Is Baytown Wharf From The Beach?

How Far Is Baytown Wharf From The Beach?

Baytowne Wharf is the Heart of Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

The location is in Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort; Baytowne Wharf is the central point of the hotel. It’s famous for its eateries, boutiques as well as galleries, and nightlife, in addition to a full calendar of events.

It is easy to walk from your holiday home up to Baytowne Wharf. Also, you can arrange an unrestricted shuttle.

How Far Is Baytowne Wharf From The Beach?How Far Is Baytowne Wharf From The Beach?


Baytowne Wharf is the hub for fun at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. The location is along the picturesque Choctawhatchee Bay; this area is a great place to shop, dine entertainment, and have entertainment! If you’re looking for activities for the children, a romantic date night with your partner, or a peaceful getaway, this area will surely provide what you want.

One of the top places to enjoy food and drinks can be found at Hammerhead’s Dockside Bar & Grill. The restaurant offers stunning water views and amazing seafood, burgers, and cold beer. There are also Fried baskets, steamed seafood buckets, and much more!

There are a variety of other eateries in the Village of Baytowne Wharf, as well. The top options are Acme Oyster House, Marlin Grill as well as Village Door Dockside Restaurant.

Another excellent place to have an evening meal is the Marina Bar and Grill. A restaurant is a popular option due to its stunning ocean views and amazing food!

If you’re looking for a nightclub, There are numerous spots to go to. There is the Fat Tuesday Daiquiri Bar, which is an old-fashioned New Orleans daiquiri bar, as well as Rum Runners, where you can enjoy live pianos, dueling pianos, and live music.

There are a variety of restaurants and bars that provide fireworks displays too. Some are within Baytowne Wharf, but others are located outside.

If you’re looking for a quieter place to stay, you can book a room at Observation Point South #559. This hotel is just a few minutes stroll from Baytowne Village Baytowne Wharf and offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi.

You’ll also find several other excellent properties near Baytowne Wharf in the Miramar Beach district. If you’re searching for an intimate two-bedroom holiday rental, reserve “Beachfront Golf Cart Perfect For Kids Sandestin.” You can also book “Free Shuttlelagoon Poolwalk To Baytowne Wharf” for those seeking a larger property.


The village is situated at Choctawhatchee Bay, the Village of Baytowne Wharf is one of the most sought-after golf and beach resorts. It is awash with shops, restaurants, galleries as well as nightlife, and an extensive calendar of outdoor festivals and special events that are suitable for the entire family.

The close-to-perfect temperature of the water in northwest Florida is what makes water in Choctawhatchee Bay and the Gulf of Mexico ideal for a range of watersports from trimarans, wave runners, boogie boards, kayaks, and even boogie boards. There’s also a wide range of water-based activities like eco-watch cruises and dolphins, including sunset dinner cruises, as well as fishing charter trips.

If you’re a lover of a good time, Baytowne Wharf is the location in the month of Mardi Gras, a fun and celebratory celebration that happens each year during Fat Tuesday. The festivities begin at 6 p.m. and are full of street performers, live music as well as other exciting shows.

Baytowne Marina is right across the boardwalk from The Village of Baytowne Wharf and provides a variety of water-based activities that range from fishing charters or jet ski rentals. There’s an excellent bar and grill in the marina, too.

There are a variety of restaurants within the area, which include local favorites and award-winning high-end dining establishments. There’s anything from a chic sushi bar to a traditional seafood shack, and you’ll not have a shortage of choices for dinner.

Visitors of all ages can enjoy and explore The Baytowne Adventure Zone with zip lines and other games for children and adults, including the laser maze. There is also a range of fun and thrilling attractions, including the carousel and Blast Arcade, for adults to enjoy.

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Shoppers will enjoy browsing the charming shops that line the roads of the Village of Baytowne Wharf, where they’ll discover everything from handmade natural products for bath and skincare to fresh saltwater taffy, as well as candy makers and fudge. Several specialty shops stock local goods, including gifts, souvenirs, and jewelry.


The Village in Baytowne Wharf is one of the best places for shopping on the Emerald Coast. The bustling location is in Choctawhatchee Bay and pieces the elements of the New Orleans marketplace and a fishing village.

The region offers a broad range of options for shopping which include local artwork as well as gifts and clothing. Shoppers will also find an array of amusing and wacky items for kids.

Many people love visiting the area when staying at the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort. Along with shopping, it hosts numerous unique occasions that people of all ages will enjoy.

When it comes to dining, there are many restaurants to choose from in the vicinity of Baytowne Wharf. There is a great traditional Southern dinner with Acme Oyster House, or head into the docks to enjoy an experience that is more luxurious with the Marlin Grill.

Those looking to be more adventurous may want to explore stand-up paddleboarding. These sports are free to hire at some Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort properties.

If you’re traveling with an entire group, think about renting a large holiday residence within Baytowne Wharf. “Plenty Of Space Gorgeous Home” is an excellent choice, with four bedrooms and ample space for 12 guests to gather and unwind.

Another popular choice is “Free Shuttlelagoon Poolwalk To Baytowne Wharf,” A warm and cozy home approximately 0.1 miles from the central Baytowne Wharf. It has a kitchen, a swimming pool, and other facilities to make your stay more enjoyable.

If you’re considering going to Baytowne Wharf, the Village at Baytowne Wharf during your stay at Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort, Make sure you install Sandestin App. Sandestin App to know details about the activities available and where to locate the activities. It is also possible to utilize the app to monitor your travel route along the Baytowne Tram that will take you to your rental property and all the other locations in Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort.


No matter. If you’re visiting Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort for the first time or returning guests visiting Baytowne Wharf in the Village, Baytowne Wharf should be on your agenda on your list of activities to take in. It’s a thriving destination for family fun with amazing dining and shopping options and a plethora of events, and an active nightlife.

The guests will find everything from basic restaurants to fine dining, From casual eateries to contemporary nightclubs. Additionally, you’ll find a wide variety of retail options, including some exclusive boutiques.

For lunch or breakfast, you can indulge in an amazing burger or fry basket, accompanied by ice-cold drinks, in Hammerhead’s Dockside Bar & Grille, situated in the middle of the Village of Baytowne Wharf! The charming, family-friendly restaurant is located right on Choctawhatchee Bay and is sure to be a favorite with everyone in the family.

The restaurant has a menu of hamburgers, steamed seafood, and fried baskets, which can be enjoyed along with your preferred beverage in one of the numerous outdoor or indoor seating areas. The restaurant also features several large-screen TVs and bars to allow you to relax and take in the meal.

Another fantastic spot to eat at within The Village in Baytowne Wharf is Slick Lips Seafood & Oyster House, serving delicious seafood along with an assortment of oysters. Slick Lips is available from lunch to dinner and is a great spot to eat with your loved ones.

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If you’re looking for a personal and intimate experience at a restaurant, check out The Marlin Grill. The restaurant serves excellent seafood along with live music and cocktails. It’s a favorite place to go for date nights.


If you’re in search of authentic New Orleans-style frozen drinks from Fat Tuesday Daiquiri Bar, the music of the dueling pianos on the stage at Rum Runners, or the dancing actions that John Wehner performs at his Village Door Nightclub, Baytowne Wharf has a range of venues to take in the nightlife at this gorgeous spot. The location is on the shores of Choctawhatchee Bay; Baytowne Wharf is a thrilling waterfront location that will make you leave all worries behind and have fun dancing the night away.

The Village of Baytowne Wharf is one of the most lively spots located in Northwest Florida, with a variety of bars, restaurants, interesting galleries, and thrilling entertainment. The area is also home to many celebrations in the outdoors and other special events.

From delicious seafood to gourmet eating, Baytowne Wharf has a restaurant for everyone. The most well-known restaurants include Acme Oyster House, Hammerhead’s Bar & Grille, Marlin Grill, and Osaka Sushi Rocks.

Shopping is a major aspect of every Emerald Coast vacation, and Baytowne Wharf has some of the finest boutiques in the region. Customers can browse for the latest beach fashions and top-of-the-line products, toys, and other gifts.

Apart from the shopping experience, Baytowne Wharf has many additional activities to keep the family entertained all day long. There’s a kids’ club, a waterpark zip line and the Adventure Land playground, and the carousel.

If you want to view the fireworks from Baytowne Wharf, you can find the perfect location to watch the fireworks from the water by walking along the edge on the terrace in Rum Runners. It’s a great option for watching fireworks since there’s an upper bar, as well as a deck that overlooks the water, so there’s no need to worry about obstructions to your view.

How To Travel to Baytowne Wharf From The Beach?How To Travel to Baytowne Wharf From The Beach?

Baytowne Wharf is a popular location in the middle of Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in Florida. The village is pedestrian-friendly and provides a variety of leisure activities, such as eating, entertainment, shopping, and dining. If you’re staying in one of the resorts on the beach in the region and you want to go to Baytowne Wharf, there are numerous transportation options available to you. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to get across the ocean toward Baytowne Wharf.


If you’re staying on the beach at a resort close to Baytowne Wharf, walking is an efficient and economical method to reach it. The distance across the ocean to Baytowne Wharf is approximately 2.5 miles, and it will take roughly 45 minutes to half an hour for completion. The path is picturesque and winds along Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and Beach Resort, so you can take in stunning views on the route. Be aware that walking isn’t the most suitable option when you have children or have mobility problems.


If you’re looking for a more active way of getting around, cycling is a fantastic alternative to travel close to the shoreline up to Baytowne Wharf. Numerous beach resorts in this region offer bicycle rentals and some bicycle rental stores are located near the resort. A bike trip from the shore up to Baytowne Wharf takes about 15-20 minutes and is an enjoyable way to discover the region. There are numerous trails and bike trails within the region that you can use to reach Baytowne Wharf.

Shuttle Services

If you do not want to bike or walk, numerous shuttle services transport you from beach access to Baytowne Wharf. Numerous beach resorts in this region provide free shuttle services for Baytowne Wharf for their guests. Contact your resort to determine whether they have this service and the timetable. If the resort you are staying at does not provide a shuttle service, There are a variety of private shuttles that you can arrange in advance. Shuttle services like these are convenient and usually flexible in their schedules, which can meet your requirements.

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Taxi or Uber

Another way to get directly from the beachfront towards Baytowne Wharf is to take taxis or Uber. Taxis, as well as Ubers, are easily available in the vicinity and can get passengers from the beach to Baytowne Wharf in about 10-15 minutes. This is a great option for those who don’t wish to bike or walk and aren’t willing to wait for the shuttle service. Be aware that using taxis or Uber will cost more than other options.

Car Rental

If you are planning to explore the region and would like the freedom of traveling on your terms, hiring a car is a good alternative. There are a variety of rental companies that are located close to the beach resort within the vicinity. You can reserve the car ahead as well as on the day of the trip. The driving distance across the ocean to Baytowne Wharf takes about 10-15 minutes. There’s plenty of parking on Baytowne Wharf.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Contact your resort to find out whether they have shuttle services for Baytowne Wharf. It can be a practical and affordable way to get there.
  • If you are planning on walking or biking, be sure you bring comfortable footwear and clothes. It can be very hot and humid during the summer months, so be sure you have plenty of water.
  • If you are planning to take taxis or Uber, be sure to examine the charges in advance. Some taxi services may charge more during peak tourist season.
  • If you are planning to rent a car, be sure you are aware of the parking charges at Baytowne Wharf. There might be additional fees for parking.


What is the distance between Baytowne Wharf and the nearest beach?

The distance between Baytowne Wharf and the nearest beach is determined by the beach in question. Miramar Beach, which is roughly 1.5 miles distant from Baytowne Wharf, is the nearest public beach.

How long does it take to walk from Baytowne Wharf to the beach?

Walking from Baytowne Wharf to Miramar Beach takes around 30 minutes, depending on your speed and route.

Are there any shuttle services available to transport visitors from Baytowne Wharf to the beach?

Yes, shuttle services are provided to take guests from Baytowne Wharf to the beach. Several area resorts and hotels provide shuttle services, and public shuttle services are available for a charge.

Can visitors rent bicycles or other modes of transportation to get to the beach from Baytowne Wharf?

Absolutely, travellers may hire bicycles or other forms of transportation from Baytowne Wharf to go to the beach. There are various bicycle, scooter, and other means of mobility rental firms in the vicinity.

Is there a specific beach that is closest to Baytowne Wharf?

The nearest beach to Baytowne Wharf is Miramar Beach. However, additional beaches in the region, such as Henderson Beach State Park, Crystal Beach, and Grayton Beach State Park, are only a short drive away.

Are there any public parking lots near the beach that visitors can use if they drive from Baytowne Wharf?

Indeed, guests who drive from Baytowne Wharf can utilise various public parking areas near the beach. Some of these lots are free to use, while others demand a fee according on the time of day and season.