Hollow Knight Where To Go After Greenpath?

Hollow Knight Where To Go After Greenpath?

Hollow Knight Where To Go After Greenpath?

Remove the wooden support near the end of the shaft to unlock an exit back to the remainder of Greenpath and then turn towards the south, and then take it to take the Stagway towards The Forgotten Crossroads.

Hollow Knight: A Quick Recap

Hollow Knight is a critically acclaimed indie created by Team Cherry that was launched in 2017. It follows the adventures of a solitary, small knight who is a part of the underground realm of Hallownest. The game is a challenging battle with stunning hand-drawn graphics and a hypnotic soundtrack. This game soon became a fan favorite and is frequently regarded as one of the top indie games ever made. We will give a thorough review of the game, explaining the plot, gameplay mechanics, and much more.


The Hollow Knight is a story that is told through the setting and the characters. The player assumes the role of a tiny knight who explores the underworld Kingdom of Hallownest. The kingdom is destroyed,  and the player is required to discover the truth behind its fall. It is documented by different NPCs as well as by descriptions of the world and lore tables scattered across the game’s world.

The player begins the game in The Forgotten Crossroads, a hub that leads to different routes. The aim of the player is to acquire various upgrades, abilities, and weapons to progress into the realm. On their way, they’ll meet a variety of mini-bosses and boss-bosses, each with their own set of moves and weaknesses.

As they progress, they’ll discover that Hallownest once was a thriving kingdom, ruled by the Pale King, a mysterious person who was the creator of the Knight and other powerful creatures. It was also home to many powerful factions, which included the bugs, the Pale King’s acolytes, and the mysterious ancient civilization referred to by the name of “Elderbug.”

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay of Hollow Knight is not difficult. The game is characterized by precise controls, an agile ombat, and a web of interconnected areas that are fucrets and secluded zones. The player’s objective is to explore the world, beat enemies, and acquire various abilities and upgrades in order to improve their game.

The combat of the game is built around the player’s nail, which is a weapon resembling a sword that can be used throughout the course of play. The player is able to choose from a variety of options for attacking, such as the basic slash and a downward and There are also a number of spells, each with its own instinctive properties and applications.

Mobility is important to play Hollow Knight. The game has a variety of capabilities for movement, such as sprints, wall jumps, and double jumps. These features allow players to move through the game’s grueling platforming areas and get to previously unobtainable areas.

It also comes with a distinctive death mechanism. If a player dies, they are unable to use their Geo for that game’s money. However, they do have the opportunity to retrieve the missing Geo when they return to the spot in which they died. If they die before getting their geo, the Geo is lost forever.

Art Style and Soundtrack

The art style and music are frequently cited as its most notable features. The game has stunning hand-drawn illustrations that bring the hallowed worlds of Hallownest to life. The worlds are diverse, from dark caves that look foreboding and dark to bright and vibrant gardens.

The game’s soundtrack is outstanding, with hypnotic and atmospheric tracks that work perfectly with the story and visuals of the game. The music is composed by Christopher Larkin, who created more than 40 tracks in the course of making music for this game.

Greenpath: What You Need To Know?

Greenpath is among the first places players will come across in Hollow Knight. It’s a lush, vibrant woodland filled with dangers and challenging platforms. We will give you a thorough guide to Greenpath by breaking down the game’s story, gameplay mechanics, enemies, and much more.

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Greenpath is the lush and vibrant greenery located in the eastern portion of Hallownest. It is home to a variety of formidable factions, such as the bugs as well as their followers, the Pale Kings’ followers, and the mysterious ancient civilization referred to in the “Elderbug.” The area is full of mysteries and hidden places, and players must look into every corner in order to progress.

The player’s journey on Greenpath starts in the Forgotten Crossroads, the game’s central hub zone. The player has to navigate various paths before they reach the gate to Greenpath. Once inside, they’ll meet a variety of NPCs, such as an Elderbug. He will give useful information on the area and the secrets it holds.

When a player moves through Greenpath, they will come across various mini-bosses and bosses, which include Hornet, the False Knight, and the Hornet. It is crucial to defeat these bosses to progress through the game, as they grant access to more areas as well as upgrades.

Gameplay Mechanics

Greenpath’s gameplay mechanics are comparable to other aspects of the game’s gameplay mechanics. The player is required to move through the terrain, fight off enemies, and gather improvements and new abilities to advance. The zone is filled with challenging sections of platforming, including sections that require precise timing and movements.

The combat in the area is focused around the player’s nail, which is a weapon resembling a sword that is able to be upgraded over the course of the game. The player is able to choose from a variety of options for attacking, such as a basic slash, a downward strike, and an attack that is charged. There are also a number of spells, each with its own distinct properties and functions.

Mobility is important in Greenpath. The game features a range of motion capabilities, such as the ability to dash, a wall jump, and a double leap. These capabilities allow players to traverse the game’s difficult platforming areas and get to previously unobtainable areas.


Greenpath has many dangerous enemies who will attempt to stop the player’s progress. They range from small insects to formidable bosses. The region’s enemies comprise:

  • Mosscreeps are small green insects that leap around and shoot projectiles at people.
  • Vengeflies are flying insects that shoot projectiles at the player.
  • Aspid Hunters: Insects of a large size (green) that shoot projectiles and then shoot at the player.
  • Fungoons are like mushrooms that shoot projectiles at players.
  • Husk Bullies: They are large insects with armor that charge on the victim.
  • Mantis Petra: Powerful enemies that employ spears and swords to attack players.
  • False Knight: A mini-boss who acts as the first major threat.
  • Hornet: A boss who guards the entry point to the next zone.

Art Style and Soundtrack

Greenpath’s aesthetic and sound are outstanding and perfectly complement the region’s stunning and vibrant surroundings. The region is characterized by vibrant and vivid visuals, surrounded by gorgeous waterfalls and lush greenery. The game’s soundtrack includes a range of tracks that capture the mood of the area and its beauty, from the hauntingly gorgeous “Greenpath” to the intense “Hornet.”

Where To Go After Greenpath?: A Guide

After a thrilling and difficult forest adventure in Greenpath, Players may be thinking about what to do the next time they play Hollow Knight. The game’s sprawling, interconnected world can be overwhelming, with numerous ways to go and hidden places to explore. We’ll provide a comprehensive description of the places players can explore following Greenpath by breaking down their stories, game mechanics, enemies, and much more.

Fungal Wastes

The Fungal Wastes is the next place that players will come across after following Greenpath. It’s a damp, dark cave system that is brimming with fungal growths and a variety of dangerous enemies. The cave is home to a variety of NPCs, including the quirky mushroom seller, who is willing to sell important items to players.

The Fungal Wastes features several new enemies, such as Fungal animals that fire spores towards the player as well as massive armored beetles that shoot at players. The area also has a number of bosses, such as Mantis Lords, Mantis Lords, and the massive fungal beast known as The Mantis Traitor Lord.

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The gameplay mechanics of the area are identical to Greenpath, featuring difficult platforming areas and an intense battle. The zone also comes with new abilities for movement, such as the ability to sprint through opponents and a devastating ground-pounding attack.

City of Tears

The City of Tears is one of the biggest and most difficult areas in Hollow Knight. The city sprawls on the cliff’s side, with a myriad of dangerous enemies and difficult areas for platforming. It is home to a variety of strong factions, including The Pale King’s followers as well as the mysterious ancient civilization referred to by the name of “Elderbug.”

The City of Tears includes a variety of new enemies, such as powerful knights who use spears and swords to take on the player. There are also a variety of enemies, including The Soul Master and the massive armored creature referred to as The Crystal Guardian.

The gameplay mechanics of the area are like Greenpath or the Fungal Wastes, which include difficult platforming areas and fierce combat. The area also comes with new movements, like swimming in water, as well as a strong downward strike.

Crystal Peak

Crystal Peak is a beautiful and dangerous place that is filled with crystal formations as well as challenging platforms. Crystal Peak is home to numerous influential factions, such as The Pale King’s followers as well as the mysterious ancient civilization referred to in “Elderbug.”

Crystal Peak features several new enemies, including crystals that shoot laser beams at the player as well as massive armored beetles that shoot at players. The area also has a number of bosses, such as the huge crystal creature dubbed the Crystal Guardian and the huge armored beetle known by the title of The Traitor Lord.

The game’s mechanics of play are like Greenpath and the Fungal Wastes as well as The City of Tears, with difficult platforming areas and intense battle. The area also has new moves, like the ability to stick to walls, as well as a strong ground-pounding attack.


Deepnest is a sombre and frightening area with a myriad of dangerous enemies as well as challenging platforms. This area is home to a variety of strong factions, such as the bugs and the mysterious ancient civilization referred to in “Elderbug.”

Deepnest includes a variety of new enemies, such as giant spiders and creatures that shoot webs at the player. It also contains a number of bosses, including the gigantic spider known as The Nosk and the enigmatic creature dubbed The Broken Vessel.

The game’s mechanics for gameplay are like Greenpath, the Fungal Wastes,The City of Tears, and Crystal Peak, with challenging areas of platforming and intense combat. The area also has new abilities for movement, such as being able to glide across small gaps and an effective down-strike attack.

How To Decide Where To Go Next?

Hollow Knight is a vast and interconnected universe that is filled with mysteries and hidden locations. After a trip through the lush forest of Greenpath, players might be looking for the next adventure. We will give a comprehensive guide to help you decide what to do next after Greenpath is completed, analyzing the story of the game, its gameplay mechanics, enemies, and much more.

Story progression is

One of the most effective methods to determine what to do next after following the narrative progression is to follow the narrative progression. The story of the game is told through its setting as well as its characters, and players will be able to unravel the truth behind Hallownest’s demise through exploring new regions and battling bosses.

After overcoming the False Knight on Greenpath, the players are able to explore a variety of new zones, which include areas like the Fungal Wastes, the City of Tears, Crystal Peak, and Deepnest. Each of the areas has new enemies, bosses, and upgrades. Players can discover more information about the story of the game by exploring these locations.

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One of the most effective ways to follow the progress of the game’s story is to speak to NPCs and take a look at lore tablets. NPCs can give valuable details regarding the game’s story as well as the various factions that play, and the lore tablets will give insight into the game’s history and backstory.

Upgrade Progression

Another method to determine what to do next following Greenpath is to track the game’s progress in upgrading. The game has a number of enhancements and capabilities that are required to advance through specific areas. Players can decide to explore new areas depending on the upgrades they’ve accumulated.

For instance, players will require the Mothwing Cloak ability to explore the City of Tears, which lets the player fly across the sky. They’ll need to have the Crystal Heart ability to explore Crystal Peak, which allows players to execute an impressive ground-pound attack. Following the progression of the game’s upgrades can help players identify what areas they could explore and what upgrades they’ll need to obtain.

Enemy Difficulty

Another thing to think about when deciding where to go after following Greenpath is the level of difficulty of the enemies in each zone. The game has a variety of difficult bosses and enemies, and players might want to explore areas suitable for their current level of proficiency.

For instance For instance, the Fungal Wastes is an excellent location to explore after Greenpath because it has tough enemies and bosses that can be played by players who are new to the game. Deepest, On the other hand, is a more difficult area that could be too challenging for players who aren’t yet familiar with how to play the game’s rules.

Exploration and Secrets

In the end, players might want to determine where they want to go from now on according to their need to discover and explore. Hollow Knight is full of secret areas and secrets that players could desire to explore in order to find these hidden secrets and discover new upgrades and capabilities.

For instance, players may be interested in exploring Crystal Peak simply because it is a hidden location that leads to a significant new upgrade. You may also want to investigate the City of Tears simply because it has a secret location that can lead to a new NPC.


Where should I go after defeating the Greenpath boss?

After defeat, she’ll resign. Take the Mothwing Cloak, which grants the ability to dash. Take the path to the left, then to the left until you reach The Lake of Unn. There’s a small house with a bench inside, as well as an animal called Quirrel.

How do I move beyond Greenpath?

Continue along the corridor all the way to your left until you are able to descend back into the green, leafy area of Greenpath and repeat the process. Continue to the shaft, and then turn left and cut the vine to open the shortcut. Head to the left, and you’ll come across an entrance to the Greenpath Stagway station to your left.

Where will Zote go? Where does Zote go after following Greenpath?

If the players save Zote from the Greenpath and beat his Dream variant after finding Bretta’s secret space, Prince Zote will return as a part of the Pantheon of the Sage.

What is the location of Greenpath?

The second entryway for Howling Cliffs is located at the northernmost apex on Greenpath (circled in the picture above). If you’re traveling from The Stag Station (next to where you battled Hornet), It’s an easy walk east-northeast from there. However, it should not be difficult, even if you start somewhere else.